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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.2. Indicators of self-supporting products

Ownership of products - the price of payment is due to pay for the property, for those who have an interest in it.

We have the right to include goods and services for virobnitstvo. Compliance with sales of products, plus sales of products plus virobility, sales of products sold over the past period.
Dependently of the subject and the familiar sign, see the same sign (Table 14.1).

Table 14.1


Oznaka Classification


Mysce Viniknennya Vitrat

Tsekhova sobvartіst

Virobnicha sobart_st

Povna sobvartіst

Trivial perіodu

Mid-season sobart

Quarterly sobvartіst

Середнорічна собівартість

Method of a rosette

Plan of action

Regulatory compliance

Actual sobart

O'kti Rosrahunka

Self-contained product products

Sobіvartіst porіvnyannoї products

Ownership of non-productive products

Consistency of usable goods (vitrati per one hryvnia of goods)

Tsekhova sobvartіst - tse vitrati specific workshop for virobnitstvo products.

Virobnicha sobvartіst including all statti, creme admin_strativnyh vitrat and vitrat on zbut. Povna sobvartіst including all vitrati. Won Virakhovitsya for oburuntuvannya price, vignozhennya competitiveness and the first rozrahunkіv.

Compliance with the commodity products is denoted as the sum of vitrat for all calculation items, the amount of the products sold, and the compilation of the realized products is the sum of the sum of the products, the amount is not included.

Workshops for vitality in the large number of halls of industry included in the list of products in terms of production through distribution of proportional amounts of pay and pay.

For example, the sum of workshop vitrates for a month was 75 million hryvnias, and the main payroll of robots was 100 million hryvnias. This means that, for the sake of privacy, the type of product is limited to 75% of the total basic wage paid for viral products, insured for other types of products.

The essence of the most important types of self-contained products is even from the name itself.

Oblіk, planuvannya that analysis sobvartostі to spiral on such ugly indicators:

1) individual products;

2) to endorse the plan for lowering the number of self-contained products;

3) vitrati for 1 UAH of commodity products.

Ownership of single products ори Historically, the most important indicator. On industrial enterprises, it is planned to have regional ownership of single products over the main types. For the sake of the whole vitality on the main type of product, to extend the product liability in physical terms. A tribute to the individual identity of the product, the ability to absorb additional structural factors, the ability to report on the assessment of factors, and to integrate them directly. The index of individual characteristics of the product type is indispensable for the analysis of the individual. Take it as the same for the point of view of the functional-virtual analysis (FVA) for the most effective ways to reduce the cost of the part for the design of the technology and the technology.

Most of the products are available in dozens and hundreds of types of products. The plan and the region of vitality for the skin-like appearance of the products require great work and material vitrums, and in order to analyze all kinds of products, there are also more indications.

Repaired since 1932, the districts of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus were introduced with impulse indicators - a picture of the plan for reduced maintenance and other products. The product was respected by the port, yak was prepared at the last period. The plans transferred the idea of ​​lowering the number of individual products in the absolute amount of the bill. On the production, scho was relying on the rest on the whole, the planned commitment to the whole and on the basis of calculation articles was consolidated. At the current and secondary level, the actual release of the products was overwritten for the planned independent production, and at the same time for the planned and the secondary sales of the last rock. In addition to the actual costs and benefits of vitrates that were re-purchased in such a way, the economy of the return appeared. Golovnim boulevard of the Weekend of the Redundant Sobrivostost Porvivanno products.

Prote is accelerated by the increase in industrial products, which has led to a sharp decrease in domestic products. For example, already in 1958, in the period of the production of machine-made products, rock became nearly 30%; In addition, since 1960, on the basis of enterprises, the introduction of (new order) new universal indicator - vitrati by 1 kb. Products for all industry promos. The following indicators were planned for the water hour : vitrati on a unit of a near important type of products, lower prices for private products.

For the minds of marketplace business (fallow to consume), there is one more indicator. Analysis of the specific products for health on the basis of consumer goods, deducing 50% of the waggon fee. There, de-moving new products, for analyzing the dynamics of self-sustained victorious indicators of vitrates per 1 hryvnia of commodity products and self-contained single products.

I am storing koshtoris vitrat on virobnitstvo i rozroblyayuchi zavdannya zi zhenzhennya sobvartostі products, need to spiral on the organizatsionno-tehnichnі come in to lower standards vitrat materials and labor virobіv. Zavdannya znizhennya sobvartostі products otrebіva pov'yazuvati e effektivnіstyu zikh zadіv.