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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.7. Analysis of vitrate per hryvnia of commodity products

Victory point of the indicator is more interesting: first, let’s say that we have to disagree; in a different way, I’ll save the sound of the meeting with a planned move, asserting organically with it; in the third place, win yes I’m able to get a quick pace for the dynamics of the lower part of the competition for a little rock.

Vitrati for one hryvnia of products are identified as a plan of the actual number of vitrines for the production of products up to the price in wholesale prices of consumer goods.

For the analysis of regional data, systematize the tables 14.10.

Table 14.10

Vitrati for 1 UAH of products




Actual product launch


plan standards and plans

in planned prices

official prices for materials and plans for products


The oath of products in wholesale wholesale prices, yew. UAH







Own products, yew. UAH







Vitrati for 1 UAH of products (row. 2: row. 1), cop.






Indicated in the table on 14.10 this show, what for on-the-spot analysis is the total number of products against the plan grew by 362 thousand. UAH (7145 - 6783), but by 5.34%. Vitrati for 1 UAH of products grew by 3.31 kopecks. (84.06 - 80.75), but by 4.10% [(84.06 - - 80.75) 100]: 80.75. Tempi zrostannya vitrat significantly outperformed tempi zrostannya oath of products (5.34% versus 1.19%). All the great unproductive vitrati. The following figures are included in the actual collection of the actual planned items: a) the structure of the assortment of products prepared; b) Zmina Rivnya Vitrat (norms Vitrat) in the community of wrestlers Іїї views; c) winter prices for wholesale prices for living materials, fuel, winter prices for transport tariffs; d) Zmina price for products.

Promislovіpіdprimstva vipusayayut virobi with the highest level of profitability. Pidvyshennya pet vagi virobіv with lower (lower middle) pivnim profitability to bring up pidvizhenny vitrat on the hryvnia of commodity products, and Navpaki. Shchobzniznit and rozmir in vplyu fill of the structure for the assortment of let-in products, it is necessary to see the planned vitrates for the hryvnia of products for the actual structure of the assortment to see the plan. At the beginning of the year, the official will become 0.29 kopecks. (81.04 - 80.75), so that a half of the profitable profitability program called for up to 0.29 kopecks worth of hryvnia of commodity products.

In order to meet the requirements of the norm, the vitrate of materials for leather and leather is required for 1 UAH of products, which have been scrapped for actual vitrates and planned prices, and for planning plans for the actual VIP and assortment of products. Our supply of goods for the full factor has increased vitriety for leather hryvnia products by 1.11 kopecks. (82.15 - 81.04).

In addition to the fact that wholesale prices for materials and tariffs for transportation are shown as actual prices for hryvnia products for prices, they really need to know more about them. For the price tag for wholesale prices for living material prices and tariffs for room transportation, the purchase allowed 2.25 kopecks for vitrification. (84.36 - 82.15).

Reduced vitrate for 1 UAH of products for a bundle of wholesale prices for products of the same value: lower Vitrat for 1 UAH of products, prices for repaired prices, prices for vitamins in repaired prices and planned prices. Food prices decreased vitrati by 1 UAH of products by 0.30 kopecks. (84.06 - 84.36), but by 0.37%.

An analysis showing that consumerism has encouraged the goodwill of products for the statelessness groceries (borrow vitrati) and the price tag on the material. Tsi perevitrati wono often pokrovlya cover for rahunok pidvishchennya price on their products. Otzhe, pіdprimstvo - an object of analysis є with the butt of a filthy state gift.

Nine Bagato Firms in Ukraine. Postponed Post Office Prices. It’s okay to feel like shame, assimilating, how much you can do to dissatisfied with sales, distributors and sales staff. For one of the main reasons for this, there’s an increase in vitality, a sense of interest in inflation. Zrostannya vitrat, I’m overstepping the pace of growth of productivity pracі, to bring to a lower standards a little bit of money and zmushuє firmi regularly zbilshuvati price. Often, before the release of the price, build the posting of the information, the battle of the sovereign control of the price. The real reason for this is the manifestation of supramundane food. If the company can’t satisfy the needs of its deputies, it’s possible to get the price, take the norms away from the product, but at the same time they’re free. The price is practically unforgettable, having cut down the books and having reaped the assortment with more expensive types of goods, but the price can not be masked.

At the on-going stage, the analysis of the skin factor manifests itself in the absolutely complete view of the actual factual performance of all planned products. For the whole absolute vidkhilennya vitrate per hryvnia of the production of skin factor, I multiply by the actual release of products in wholesale prices of food. Treba, odnak, pam'ya-tati, scho on absolutely vіdkhilennya factual sobіvartostі all products of від planned, as well as overshadowed by other factors, to fill in the oath to the overarching products. In addition, you can see yourself as a part of the planned own hryvnia of the hryvnia production and the absolute view of the actual liability of the scheduled issue (table. 14.11).

Table 14.11

Rozrahunok in vpremu okremich factors_v to winter sobvartostі products



Vitrati for 1 UAH of products

Virobnicha sobvartіst products

rosrahunok in the water factor_v

the amount of water, cop.

rosrahunok in the water factor_v

the amount of water, yew. UAH


Zmіna obyazu vipusku products



80.75 • (8500 - 8400)



Zmіna structure to the assortment of products

81.04 - 80.75


0.29 • 8500



Зміна собівартості віробів

82.15 - 81.04


1.11 • 8500



Зміна wholesale prices on materials and tariffs

84.36 - 82.15


2.21 • 8500



Zmіna price for products

84.06 - 84.36


–0.30 • 8500



84.06 - 80.75


7145 - 67833.31 • 8500

+ 362 + 281.3

From now on, the oversplanning of self-supporting products for products has been reflected in an upsurge of positive and negative factors. Yakshcho nadplanova collection virobіv a complete set to lay down unreliable robots, then the amount of wholesale prices on the material and the rate doesn’t lie down in advance. Zrostannya the oath of virobnitztva for all the same minds is effectively leading up to an absolute best of all products, so there is no need to look at them like a robot in the special industry.