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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

11/14. Otsіnka vitrat on direct pay

The analysis of the cost of paying for money is carried out by the method of paying the actual amount of the paid salary by the increasing amount of money for the month (for the month, quarter, number), as a whole, for the whole amount of money, as well as for the employees and the people. P_d hour analysis to come to terms so much:

1) the absolute economy of chi perevitrata is indicated;

2) give an assessment of vikoristannya koshtorisu to pay pracі;

3) factors appear and appear to be rooted in economy to save money for payment;

4) pay money to pay money;

5) come in and come in for reasons of return for paying pracі. On the first regional office and form 1-PV warehouseє table 14.19.

Table 14.19

Otsіnka vitrachannya payroll fund, yew. UAH

Foundation for Payments

For koshtorisom



Pracnivniki basic dyalnostі (AML)




Including Robitniks




Pracivniks of servants and those of state gratitude








The table was given on 14.19 to be paid, but the right of admission allowed me to pay for the amount of 114.0 thousand. UAH, including the number of praxis of the main branch 112,8 thousand. UAH і pracіvnikam servants and those state gratitude 1,2 thousand UAH

On the part of regional information and information, it is really necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the cost of paying money. Urakhovucci, scho fund for payment of basic principles of basic duties and obligations with respect to viral products and productivity, signify, apart from absolute, general economic (perevratu). There you can see how much is actually covered by an actual salary and a fixed (planned) fund, we are coordinated at the actual rate of growth (lower) oath of virobnitsa products and productivity pracі. The rosrahunk is conducted as follows: the basic payroll fund is 1,413 thousand. UAH the average rate of growth of productivity of the plan is 103%, actual - 107%; the norm for the growth of the AML pay fund for leather goods is the growth of the virobnitz products 0.5. From now on, the basic backlog of payroll, scoring at the average rate of growth of productivity, becomes yew. UAH

basic proprietary fund of pay, discounts at average rate of growth of productivity praxis

The growth rate (lower) of the oath of virobniztva products for the first week to become 1.19% [(8500: 8400 • 100) - 100]. The amount to the payroll fund should be paid to the staff of the main branch of activity 1449.9 thousand. UAH

Sum to pay wage fund to staff of basic dyalnosti

The return of the payroll fund is –75.9 thousand. UAH (1525.8 - 1449.9).

Rozrakhunok showing that scholars of pidpriyomstva allowed revit fund AML pay at the amount of 75.9 thousand. UAH і pracіvnikіv servants and those state grants for 1.2 thousand. UAH Sumy perevitrat - 77.1 tys. UAH Let me give you an estimate of the cost of spending, the need to save the economy: the index of inflation, the cancer of the index, the reality of life, remember that life.

In the previous year, the actual paid wages are due to the planned amount for the second quarter and for the categories of employees, the number of employees is the same as the average wage paid. The amount of the increase in the number of employees is determined by the number of retailers and the actual and planned numbers at the tariff rate (average planned wage) of one employee, and the increase in the amount of the average pay is one of the average pay Payment for retail sales, bonuses, payment of civil servants shall be proportionate to cover the obedience of virobility, and weather payment shall be paid and see additional payments - such as the number of staff. For the whole fund, the pay and pay fund is based on the actual liability of the employee and the number of employees.

Dodatkovo to analyze the fund for living with okrimy groups and categories of people who are mostly dyalnost. It should be noted that they matured against the plan of actual payment to the fund for living with different categories of people and reasons for this. Necessarily z'yasuvati stimulating value of premiums, p_drahuvati nevrobnichі otrati and razrobiti come in more quickly. The premium payment system is wrapped up, as a rule, we stimulate the skin practitioner and the team to reach the highest results of the work, and to save the average monthly payment for the one-time free wage.

Analysis of average pay and rate of growth. For the whole temperament of increase in productivity, pay at the rate of increase in pay. Rozshireni vidvorenny pidprimstv transfer, so that the tempera zrostryannya productivity pratsi zavzddi perepredzhali tempi zrostannya zarobitno pay.

Vitrati for wages and salaries in all of the products and services of the one donated one-time article "Vitrati for the payment of pratsi". Proportionally sum of the basic and pre-paid payment. Praci to conduct vidrahuvannya on social come in, see in your own account status.

The analysis of vitrata on the payroll is carried out, even more factual vitrati with planned ones. When you take note of the situation, like a winkle with a big oath, the structure of an assortment of viral products and a range of vitrines with a single product of skin type. The procedure for the preparation of the skin substance with the name of the factors is analogous to the methodology of the analysis of material vitrates.

On the average pay by the owner of one of the individual products, the amount of labor and labor costs and the average annual payment. An increase in these factors in the amount of the multiple of the actual and planned labor costs for the planned mid-year payment, and the increase in the amount of the average annual payment - for the multiple average and the planned average wage.

Vidhilennya vid rules of the hour that rozsіnok group for the types of products, structural pridrozdilami, the causes of winnings and zagagalnuyut at the plants. So, for a pay period for a business - an opportunity analysis, it was allowed to convert the payroll for a grocery store by 0.7, the out-of-date operation, not transferred technology, - 0.2, a change in the supply of retail workers, 0.5 Robot rods - 0.2, through technical non-responsiveness - 0.2, low accessibility to tools - 0.2, not yet due to organizational and technical visits - 0.3, due to 0.2 reasons. Usyogo perevitrat - 2.5 yew. UAH

Vіdhilennya dodatkovoї zarobіtnoї pay robіtnikіv-virobnichnikіv vinikayut in zv'yazku Zi zmіnami standards vіdrahuvan in reserve Pay vіdpustok that osnovnoї zarobіtnoї pay Tsikh robіtnikіv, zmіnoyu pіlg pіdlіtkam, Pererva in robotі materіv-goduvalnits, vikonannya Gromadska i Reigning obov'yazkіv, godinnoї (dennoї) Pay and pay for these factors. The infusion of the cutaneous factor with the need for the help of one із of the concern of the eliminuvannya.

Causes of the norms of the hour, the price and the rules of the rules appear for the first documents and regulated registers. Znіni norms of the hour and rozіnok pіd in vlivnym organizatsіinyh technical and technical visits are made out at a later date, given the kind of pragmatic for the types of products and structural pіdrozdіlamy at the factory (machine programs) znіni norms.

Zakіnchuyuchi analysis, financial reserves for lowering their own products for the wafer of speeding unproductive bills from the payroll fund. Analysis of work orders, requests, provision of permissions and permissions for pranormov, acts and lists of simple days, photographs of the working day and the first documents, for which there are no additional payments, showing a fee of 2, but without payment 8, for work on a very good day - 1.9, for work on a normal hour - 41, for internal simplicity - 5, for valuable simplicity - 21 thousand. UAH The total amount of unproductive salary payments made 73.4 thousand. UAH

The assimilation of unproductive biplates gave a cost of 75.9 thousand yards per month. UAH (73.4 + 2.5).

On the winter day, go to the social wake-up time, the winter time standards and the sum of the main and pre-paid salary. Normally vidrahuvan on the social come in differentiation behind the gallows of the people’s statehood, it’s centralized and supplanted by the constant stretch of the singing hour. In addition to the fact that the factor is more expensive, the number of the actual and the planned norm for the planned sum of the basic and additional pay is paid. Similarly, the price of another factor.

Usunenny perevitrat zarobitnoe pay secured b vmeshchennya miscarriages vidrahuvan on social and come and obov'yazkov medical insurance for the sum of 37.6 thousand. UAH (75.9 • 44.5: 100 = 33.8); (75.9 • 5: 100 = 3.8); (44.5 і 5 - norm vіdrakhuvan).