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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

15.4. Analysis ruhu of foreign money pennies

Normal function of the subdivision of state gifts cannot be revealed without the ruble of pennies. Groshovi koshti - is the most part of the assets of the company. There is information about the appearance of pennies, jerel of Maybutnian needs and percherlochnyh vikorystannya significant number of signatures of the financial institution, second financial managers of one and a half days,

The importance of this kind of asset is three of the functions of pennies:

a) operational - penniless for the purpose of completing streamlined operations; I’ll need to be sure that I’m at the line of more accurate service and vitality, I’ll need for consumer goods, but I need to have money in the bank, and I need to invest in money from the bank;

b) insurance - at the dyalnosti enterprises, please wait a month for the non-transferring benefits, that’s a penny for the repayment of extraordinary extra vimogs;

c) Investment - more than one hour, more money, more money, more investment, more donations, more money, more information, more info; improvement in the turnover of goods (which is more and more passively accumulated on the flowing coasters of consumer goods), requiring that you look directly at the waste of pennies.

The exchange of foreign currency is important (against the ruble of national currency), deletion, due to legislative regulation of the state, and itself:

a) licensing of foreign exchange transactions;

b) obov'yazkovym private sale of foreign currency security;

c) the new binding declarations of currency values, which will be interchangeable between the borders of Ukraine;

d) separated at the clock for the export-import operations;

e) a fence with a lottery in Ukrainian currency in Ukraine (for a vignette of singing other operations).

To ensure that the exchange of foreign currency is reduced to up to twice as much as possible for such an exchange.

An analysis of the ruble of foreign currency (tab. 15.12) can help me to improve my structure, signify the amount of money I need over the vitrines and how much the boulevards are about the possibility of internal financing.

Dzherelami analysis є magazine-order 3 (for the open journal-order form of the region) or magazine-order 1 (for the fastened journal-order form) a book for the head (for the memorial-order form), notes from foreign currency banks, and also at export-import operations.

The problem of multicurrency nadhodzhen i vitrat, scho p_dlyagayut analysis, you can virishiti in such a way:

a) most of the currency exchange rates are insignificant, and the liabilities and expenses are large, then I put the analitic table 15.12 for skin currency okremo;

b) most currencies are large, but there are a large number of currencies and a small amount of currencies, then completely re-run the crosswalker for cross-rates to the single base currency (hryvnia, euro or US dollar).

The appropriated application has a balance of foreign income and that amount of funds received on the basis of US dollars. This gave the zmog the possibility of eliminating inaccuracies in the rosaries, due to the Ukrainian inflation of the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Russian ruble, and the euro.

Dan, listed in the table. 15.14, to comply with the general requirements for foreign consumption for the flow of accurate sales and export products. There are insignificant pitomas in the foreign currency bank position and currency purchases at the foreign bank market in the foreign currency needs. The balance of superexchange currency incomes and that vitrate was squandered on the basis of business.

Table 15.12


Nadhodzhennya koshtіv (debit rach. 30, 31)


Vitrata koshtіv (credit rakh. 30, 31)


Rock on the cob


1. The need for currency exchange rates:

1. Obov'zovkovy sales of foreign currency

realizatsii products (goods, work, service)


2. Purchases for currency:


Realization of fixed assets, intangible assets, major complexes


main concerns, non-material assets, lane complexes


realizatsii abo repayment of foreign currency financial investments (share, regional)


syrovini, materials, completing virob_v, goods_v


2. Advance and Guaranteed Deposits


valuable folders (aktsіy, oblіgatsіy)


3. Purchase of currency on the mizhbank currency market


3. Advance and Guaranteed Deposits


4. Bank loans:

4. Repayment of loans to banks (to the main borg):

short lines








5. Contributions to the statutory capital of the company (including emisinaries)


5. Wikup of state shares repaid by regional government


6. Nadhodzhennya vіd emіsіі vlasnyh oblіgatsіy (including emіsіyna premium)


6. Wage payment of dividends, income from income for regional banks, loans for bank loans, profit and loss account for conversion operations


7. Dividends, bank accounts and regional deposits and bank deposits


7. Inshit Vitrati (on the other side, on the exhibition and advertising, representative vitrati)


8. Tsіlove fіnansuvannya


8. Supersonic Vitrati (vidshkoduvannya zapodіyanyh zbitkіv, penal sanctions)


9. Inshi nadhodzhennya


10. Over-income (in case of incurred losses, penalties are excluded)


Usoho nadhodhen


Ussoy Vitrat


Kinets Rock


At the presentation of information about the currency of foreign currency transactions, it is possible to cover the number of accurate foreign currency transactions ( To pz):

somefinance of accurate foreign currency goiter’s ,

de m в - surplus of foreign currency costs (non-prepared and ready-made) to the end of rock;

L p - threading crops, nominated in foreign currency.

Most importantly, the item number is set between 0.4-0.5, then, in our opinion, the currency of the goblets of the company may have enough coverage.

Self-service food

1. How can I see a strong shareholder in the business?

2. For the rakhunok yaki out of shape and formulate statutory capital?

3. What factors do you want to take into account the realizatsii export products?

4. How do you absorb the nomenclature of export products for the obligations of realizatsii?

5. What is the meaning of the availability of virologic equipment for foreign hitch workers, syringes, materials, and complementary technologies?

6. For what purpose do you need to analyze the ruble of foreign currency payments?