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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.1.4. Gospodar region

The Gospodar region - for the sake of comprehension , sprymannya, vimiryuvannya and registration of gospodarskih facts, only real, not vigadanih objects (spore, tractor, poor breadth), but real processes (buy and go, I need to see the product). .1.2).

Sutnost gospodarskogo region yak linguistic understanding

Fig. A.1.2. Sutnost gospodarskogo region yak linguistic understanding

The proto gospodar region is not all natural manifestations and suspensions, but rather the gospodar people’s dyalnim, straightened out for extravagance, overtaking and intrusion of the products of nature to the consumption of human suspension. Tsya dіyalnist people and є material material virobnitsvom. Material virobnitstvo - the basis of suspension of life, fragments of the very same protection of suspension. Shchob iznuvati, people on behalf of guilty society, drink, mother live, and shchob mother mother goods, the need for viroblyati, so that you can donate the materiel virobnitstvo. In the process of material distribution of demand in the region of small business, there is a need for business, and on the other hand, there are items that are necessary for the high quality of goods. With the development of material virobnitztva we’ll need to become old region of the world.

The material virobnitsto winded immediately with the appearance of people, ale need in the region fell significantly more.

Ozhe, the state region in the process of material virology, becoming necessary only for singing and cultural development of people’s suspension.

Oskilki processes of material virology of pretense to the types of suspension, then the first state region is recognized in all social and economic formations. On the lowest steps, the development of human suspension (first and second slave), the oblast will be most primitive in terms of technology, so that the oath of oblivion is in the process of virobnitz. As a rule, there were fewer results than people won’t have: the most viral products, the one that looked at the nicks on the trees, the specks on clay planks, the ones on the brown hair and that.

With the development of people’s suspension, the Gosodar region has accelerated and has grown to rest, growing its importance and role in the state life. The region has grown more and more after having overspread the process of material virology and having retuned to the obov'yazkova function of the state-run management of the processes of virobnitz, sharing, sharing and rewarding anyway (for K. Marx’s hanging)

The Gospodar region is committed to speeding up the process of suspension, the process of suspension, the production of raw materials, the cost of the ready-made products, the cost of living Victorian, as well as at rozrahunkovyh and credit lending, scho to blame when tsomu. From now on, there is a large number of state-owned manifestations, of which there is a process of suspension (legalization, distribution, area and living), as well as a separate description of the characteristics of the public. The Gosodar region is on the way for information, for the suspension of the management of business processes.

Ozhe, gospodar region - all the image and image characteristic of the process of suspension through the management of it.

The Gospodarskiy region of the trivial hour didn’t show off in okremi see and not be in the city of science-specific specific signs. The Gospodar region in rosumnya is more careful, sprymannya, vimiryuvannya that fiksuvannya gospodarskih facts, appearances and processes of gospodarskoi dіyalnostі miscalculated at the sight of simple pidrahunkіv і deyakogo unclaimed groups of regions. With the transition of suspension to progressive methods of virobility, the Gospodar region has stopped its consumption of suspension on its own cob-shaped view. The age of market relations was especially noticeable, the period of the handicraft crafts of earthmoving, the winery and the development of the city, the quick increase of the trade and the expansion of the trade links between the countries.

The post-acceleration of the state life was due to the differentiation of the state region. Ninja yogo for the winter signs. Najavlivsimy slіd vvvati filed for the species, which can be quickly and efficiently, statistical and accounting area. Named three views of the gosodar region, you can always save the folding and baggate process of suspension, the region is safe and not expensive, as well as the legal government, and also legal.

For information, consume an uninterrupted - good-for-nothing, good-for-nothing, good-for-all skinny - control, if you need to maneuver a little, constantly regulate, control and evaluate the move - I will keep the operational area safe.

Schob dіstati information about indicators, which characterize the laws and trends of development of statehood, zatosovyu statistical region.

With my joke, there are informal tributes (information) about the camp of that one of the state gratitude, about winter, the year of the year, about the camp of the year of the gratitude of the state thanks for the gratitude of the state donations. Ale the word (termin) "accounting" by itself is not characterized by anything economical. All the word deputy is understood more clearly, and the very word is "the region of the suspension of economic and legal market links." From now on, the word “accounting region” is more distinct than the word “region of economic and legal (suspension) vidnosin”. Perekonaєmosya, so that way, having taken a look at the day-to-day market and the marketplace.

Change your minds to the accounting region of bagato. Rosglyanemo nayistotnіshu (vihidnu). Such a change of mind є rosumіnya termіnіv "rinok" and "rinkovі vіdnosini". Spinіmosya on the whole report.