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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Evolution of national cultures

In France, more often than not, the revolutionary, rushinoy style form of artistic development of Bouv classicism . The characteristic of the rice of the most recent representatives is the appreciation of the magnitude of the right of the bourgeois revolution, the appeal to antiquity, and the heroes of the democratic Greek Republic of Rome. From his own atrocious to program-heroic, refurbished by asceticism, the mysterious French classicism rethought the traditions of the enlightened culture of the other half of the 18th century.

In the midst of the numerical manifestations of the hourly spiritual culture, there is more widespread romanticism , which is seen as a great bagatography. In the realm of artistic creativity, I’ve been intimately embracing the vision of literature in literary works, in the formative mystery, museums, and theater. At one time, romanticism was a singing goggle: a romantic straightforwardness developed among the sphere of philosophical and natural ideas, historical science, having penetrated the romantic type of special behavior.

Another straightforward way, having seen the exposing of the European culture of the aforementioned period, having realism . Create artists and scribe-realists for a wide range of social and social issues.

Already in the creativity of the head representative of revolutionary classicism in the creative mystery - Jacques Louis David and French artists on the cob of the nineteenth century. we’ve gotten busy with the deeds, which are characteristic of the culture of the complete product, the same thing, the more complete the world, the more complete artistic coup, which I’ve seen more mysteriously, more than a little in front of the creators of romantic romanticism.