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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Doba of the 19th century in Ukrainian literature is a whole complex of traditions and innovations in the literary process, the recognition of the unity of natural laws. The qiu dobula has a literary classic with such founders, as I. Kotlyarevsky, G. Kvitka-Osnov'yanenko, T. Shevchenko, P. Kulish, M. Kostomarov, Marko Vovchok, Yu. Fedkovich, I. Nechuy-Levitsky, Panas Mirny, M. Staritsky, I. Franco and I. For example, ХІХ art. From one side, the table ends with the development of new Ukrainian literature, and from the other side there are new pictures, which you need to learn from the 20th century.

Yak i in іnshih єvropeyskih lіteraturah (schopravda of Pevnyi vіdstavannyam in chasі, ale bіlsh priskoreno) in doshevchenkіvsky perіod ukraїnskoї lіteraturi skladaєtsya prosvіtitelsky realіzm, sentimentalіzm, preromantizm i romanticism yak osnovnі lіteraturnі eg i stilі, formuєtsya new Rodova poezії system, Drama nd hudozhnoї prose that її providny genres, literary-aesthetic is born and literary-critical is a little thought, creative ideas are indivisible. Literary process in Persian tenth century of the 19th century rivals can grow in vain with the idea of ​​national-cultural vidrodzhennya, ideological enlightenment and romanticism behind the grasp and artistic forms nabuva sign of new European literature.

Zakhіdnoukrainskі land

National-cultural vidrodzhennya in western lands of the first half of the nineteenth century vidbuvalosya in the minds of the strengthening of the national gnita on the side of the Polish panski and the Austrian adminstration in Scheduled Galichiny, rumunizatsii in Bukovina and Madarizatsii in Transcarpathia. She, who was independent on the ce, lived among the people to guess about B. Khmelnitsky’s slavish campaigns, and about the insurgency of rebellion S. Nalivajka, M.3aliznyak, I. Gontu. The water hours of the Ukrainian season were beaten, sounding, rituals and rites and traditions of the spiritual culture of the people.

In western lands of Ukraine, one hour of flashing of young people will be insignificant. І all the okremі її representatives tsikavilsya to the people’s lives, my, sounding and folklore of the Ukrainian people. In full of ideas, they stumbled on the romanticism of folk creativity, recorded ,ї, showed a lively interest before Ukrainian literature. Representatives of the Greek Catholic clergy acted through such activities as the initiators of such initiatives. M. Grushevsky, having finished, the Greek Catholic Church “has become for Western Ukraine the same national church, such as the Orthodox Church before Tim Bula”.

Among the foremost representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic clergy, we will revise Barto’s ideology of the Lviv Metropolitan (since 1816), and with the help of the Cardinal (First Cardinal-Ukrainian) Mikhail Levitsky. Bin dbav about the organization of the Ukrainian school, seeing the catechism and primer for folk schools. M. Levitsky at once with Canon Ivan Mogilnitsky falling asleep 1816 p. in Premishlya Perche in Galicia cultural and religious “Partnership of the Galician Greek Catholic priests”, in the statute of a certain one, there were books entitled “May be written ... by my people, living in villages”, so that I could not communicate with the big people.

3 by method I. Mogilnitsky publisher 1816 p. Zrozumiloyu for the people of my book "Science of Christians", and 1817 p. - "Primer of Slovenian-Russian language." At 1822 p. let’s write by writing “Slovenian-Russian language grammar”, and in the scientific language “About the Russian language” (1829) bringing self-mutuality to Ukrainian language. Tsya pratsya dvіchі was rendered (1837, 1848) with a circle of brochures. Period of development of Ukrainian culture 1816-1830 rr. І. Franco signifying the name of the Ukrainian national birthdays in Galicia, right now, at first thought, having been “trivial and cold”. Over the course of the past 3 hours there have been over 36 books, brochures and small leaflets, bluffing the Cyrillic alphabet, my church, and far-reaching people’s.

Fundatori of New Ukrainian Literature in Galicia

The mass approval of the Ukrainian movi in ​​the Galicia was sparked by a discussion of the drive to live, rather than the piece of Ukrainian movi, which flared up in the 1830s. The cob Іy has left the Drukuvannya by the Polish Venezuelan Polish alphabet (Latin) of the Ukrainian folk song. The stinks urged me to switch to the Polish alphabet.

Iroti condemned the Polish alphabet to the Ukrainian letter by welcoming Markіyan Shashkevich , having seen a brochure “Alphabet and Absolute” and writing a critical review of Y. Lozinsky’s brochure “Rusko Visible”, I can see how easy it is for people. So the “alphabet of war” flared up in Galichin, right up to the cob of the 20th century.

In detail, the Ukrainian movi, the development of the Ukrainian literature and the involvement of the Ukrainian culture in Galicia on the basis of power, as I imagined the life, the way the people and soul of the Ukrainian people, it is a great merit to lay a plate. One of the founders, Yakiv Golovatsky, wrote: “If they were Galician in the 30s, they took the bullets to polska “abecadlo”, the bi ruska and the indivisible people disappeared, the bi rusky (Ukrainian) spirit disappeared ”.

Literary group “ Ruska triitsya ” Bulo otvorene 1833 p. progressively trained students of the Lviv Spiritual Seminar Markiyan Shashkevich, Ivan Vagilevich and Yakov Golovatsky. Many young patriots of their own patriotism record the help of the national cultural center of Galicia, the moving center of the national Galicia of Ukraine from Peremyshlya to Lviv. Gurtok pushed to the cob of the 1840s rr. and having kicked his dyalnost 1843 p. I die M. Shashkevich.
“Ruska tri_tsya” was overtly engaged in the cultural and educational dyalnistyu, while Vlad Vlad drew attention to it. Zokrema, the head of the Lviv police station, was hung up like this: “You want to resurrect madly ... I’m dead in Russian nationality”.

Whatever the hardships and the lack of flexibility and the “Russian trips” for the additional help of the Serbian vidrodzhenny bulo, the literary almanac “Rusalka Dnistrova” was seen (Budapest, 1837).

"Mermaid Dnistrovu" Tsisarsky squad zaboroniiv. Less than 250 iz 1000 primіrnikіv orderlies got to sell, donate to friends and save for yourself, reshtu bulo confiskovano

The most significant contribution to Ukrainian national birthdays, awakening and development of national bridal russiniv-ukrainian 3 zakarpatі zrobiv Oleksandr Dukhnovich - writer, teacher, historian, ethnographer, folklorist, Greek Catholic. Byn having seen for Ukrainian people my prayer book, primer, grammar, geography, handbook with teachers for lecturers. O.Dukhnovich picking up Ukrainian folklore, having fallen asleep "Literary institution Pryashevskoe" (1850), as a whole, the middle of the population cultivated cultural work. Byn writing my people’s series of patriotic poems, p'os skinny. Naividomu pozіезyu, de sound yogo creed, В "Hand".