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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Genre painting

An active wanderer, one of the organizers of the Association of Pivdennorossiysk artists M. Kuznetsov has a great role to play in developing Ukrainian genre painting. In the painting “For Zarobitki” (1882), he depicted a typical life scene - a vivid shukannya zarobitku zbіdnіlogo pislya tsarskogo manifesto of settlement.

Broadly, truthfully depicting the life of a Ukrainian village, the main theme is the creativity of a prolific mayor of genre painting, a traveling artist M.K. Pimonenok. Zvernennya to the point of those to meet about the mitzvah of the artist with the traditions of the Ukrainian mystery of the 1860-70s, as well as in the old days until now. At the painting "Vesіllya in the Kiev Province" (1891), the middle part was painted by an artist depicting Svyatkov’s podium. Zhittstverdzhuyuchy character nabuvaє creativity M.Pimonenka from the other half of the 1890-1900-ies. The paintings “Idiliya” (1908), “At Zatinka”, and “Bilia krinitsі” were painted at the time of Bulo. Supernitsі ”(1909). Stink vidnachaetsya wide letter with plastic penzl collapse. Sonyachna svitlo, what to look for reflexes in the guise of people, є an additional ambition to express the beauty of people’s images.

In the sculptures of the genre character of the wanderer L. Posen (secrets, in “Lіrniku with a guide”, 1884), the village theme is virichuєєsya at the vicarious key. Imagine a lot of bugs with details drawn from life.

Odessa School of Painting

The other half of the nineteenth - on the cob of the twentieth century. great significance nabuva есь Odessa school of painting.

Kirіak Kostandі - leader of the Odessa school. Vihovanets, and at the same time academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Mysteries, head and successor of the Partnership of Pivdennorossiyskikh artists, bagato forces and rock of their own life, we’ve been teaching pedagogical art in Odessa art school. Already early create a mitzia, for example, the canvas “Into the People”, brought you success in the old days at the old-time passages. Robots of the Mayor of the mature period are designated with sonic colors and coloristic jokes, which will convey the peculiarities of the illuminated nature of the land.

Petro Nіlus is the author of small miracles and beautiful miracles for painting realistic genre scenes - “Vidpochinok”, “At the Artist's Maister”. These works brought you to the middle of the year. At the age of fate, the artist has seen the pull to symbolic motives and images. Protect yourself with a mature period of criticism is ambiguous, as it is, you don’t recognize the peculiarities of the artistic gift of Nilus.

Генvgen Bukovecki in the picture “At the Court” put in front of himself a complicated task: having seen a show of action, not characterized by the side of the court process, and the more obvious thing about the other is the presence of the reaction. Yak talanovitiy portrait painter, Є.Bukovetsky zrobiv chimaly contribution to develop one genre in Ukraine і at the twentieth century.


The other half of the 19th century - The era of the blissful development of landscape painting in Ukrainian mystery. Bilya Vitokіv standing Volodymyr Orlovsky . The partners took advantage of the year of I. Shishkinim, being more important, in the creativity of one, the greatness of nature was poured into creativity, and the other zoom was not a bit worse than transmitting the dazzling glimpse of nature of pіvdnya. Vikhovanets, Academician and Professor of the St. Petersburg Academy of Mysteries, V.Orlovsky, having spoken to him, at once with M.Klodt, is a class of landscape painting.

One of the most popular schools of V.Orlovskiy Buv Sergiy Vasilkivskiy . The greater part of the life and enormous dyalnost of the whole meeting is bound up with the late Harkov. Zdobuvshi нrontovnuyu academic osvita, S. Vasilkivskyi vidshlіfuvav his mastery of self, praciuci in the lands of Western Europe, secrecy in France, in the partnership of blissful self-taught Ivan Pohit. Pіd vlivom stagnant S. Vasilkivsky initiative to write in the fine manner, scho nagadu minіaturniy painting. The side of the artist’s talent was the beginning - the tendency to epic interpretation of the nature of Ukraine’s steppe Ukraine. The image of the steps of the spaces by zooming in to the historical and historical themes in the distant creations of the artist, in the painting “Kozaki in the steppe”. At the low end, at the back of the canvas “Chumatsky Romodanivskiy Shlyakh”, the painter took a look at the synthetic image of Ukraine in the history and history of Ukraine

Strong and self-possessor of the bull in the Ukrainian landscape painting of the other half of the 19th century - the cob of the 20th century. creativity kiyanina Sergiy Svitoslavsky .

Kharkiv Petr Levchenko Kharkiv’s crippled obsession with D. Bezperchy. Having sold his winnings to the St. Petersburg Academy of Mysteries at V. Orlovsky, he was able to sell his lively life by warming up friendly friends. Tsei mitets superbly subtly saw the nuances of the color and mood, upsetting the landscape and the interior, with intimate, chamber sounding. M. Tkachenko, aka fellow countryman P. Levchenko, having dealt with the next visit from D. Bezperchogo, and then selling him. In addition, having met in the academician of Cormon at France. The artist is constantly in front of Paris, but he has come to Ukraine for a while. Yogo creativity recognized the significant influx of an ordinary French mystery.