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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. Stage of the product suspension

People love products in order to satisfy their needs, to survive. Functional designation of virobnitztva - to secure the rescue. Without virobnitztva, it’s not a coincidence that we can’t get along without living, protean and without living virobitstvo would be lost if there was any kind of meaning, which would appear to be useless. For this reason, wait for the transfer; I’ll probably live, although I want a shelter, but I’ve been intransigently tied to it.

Virobnitstvo i pogozhivannya: zmіst, vzakozmozv'yazok

There’s a number of deposits that can be used to increase the strength of people’s development. Varto rozrіznati a productive specialty living.

Productivity is the process of virobnitztva: factoring virobnitzva survives.

Specialists living, hacking, vidbuvatsya behind the boundaries of virobnitztva, but є living by the people themselves. Tse - izhia, dress, uplifting, lively, etc. The very special person can live in love, if they want to go about those who want to serve their lives virally.

For a productive living product, it’s getting nimble, but for a special one it’s “getting to know”; virobnitsvy can live together for virobnitztva, and people can get help living with things (bread, dress, make-up, etc.).

Aid virobnitztva, as i objects to live, also є the result of virobnitzva. Tse - two see the functionally differentiated economic benefits, waged by people. The subject of living is designated for the seamless satisfaction of the special needs of people. Virobnitzvt augment for the consumer. Violation is not necessary, as is the number of violated objects, fragments without virality are immaterial and inconsequential. If you are a mother on the basis of respect for the assignment of the law, then the law of the law will help the lawyer to understand things (and not inadvertently) and especially for the living.

So what is it that I’ve gotten into a mess between virobnitsv and living?

Virobnitstvo mápriority over living. For the sake of perfection, but primacy, it manifests itself on the one hand, in that I can make real speeches for living, without any remaining immaterial. Potentially, I will consume food products, which have a new impulse for living. For example, consumerism is needed for widespread populations in refrigerators, pral machines, television televisions and other speeches, having given reasons for viral speech.

Virology leads me to my residency, visually by all means an oath and an assortment. The historical development of virology is superconducting with the needs of people. At my cherk, living a little more active beastly infusion on virobnitstvo. All the same, we want to ensure that, right now, it’s not necessary for living, in the future, it’s important to stop the cinnamon product and to stop violating. In addition, there is a need for some kind of product in the future and in the future I will need the same thing, the fragments of the need for them. Until then, the world is satisfied with the “old” needs of people, new ones are developing. Tim himself sponuka living, a new generation of virobenzvo.

The role of virobnosti polyagna is not only significant in that, if virobity, social security, exchange and live in an economic good. Інотот типот:: :н::::::::: тип: social type and character of virobnitz, which is to form the form of moisture, so as to identify social type and character of the most important phases of creation. So, the social indifference of people in virology visibility of indifference in people who are living and living. To this, be utterly є be-yaki try to know the character of virobnitsy as a gentry in pursuit of different reforms in the course of social reforms. At the same hour, within the framework of the virobnitzva tribute given to the camp, rozpodilu obmіnu already nyak not passively vidbivaє zmіni from virobnitstv, but actively poured on nyog.

Virobnitstvo i rozpodil

Rozpodil often come in to the warehouse of virobnitzva at the supermarket rozpodilu virobnichih resources and vіdpovіdno until tsogo - members of the suspension of different types of virobnitzva. Here you can see about the sphere and the galaxy virobnitztva, economic regions, industrial enterprises. At the same time, I confirmed that I had a special stage in the Russian product, parts of the winter classes, social groups, social groups in the integrated product were installed in the same place.

The whole is obvious: it is possible to have less than those that are already prepared. The problem is that the problem is not only in the fact that it is better, but in that, since it is robotic. The principles of independence, of the nature of the nature of the forms of moisture on the mind of the virology. Klas, I’m going to have a free trial, I’m going to have the left part and the product.

The principles, which are almost always clear, are the same as the first organisation, є the stimulus, the spontaneous motive, to infuse virobnosis. As a whole, I’m able to cross-cut the most active laws, which can also be earnestly galmuvati, streamvivati ​​virobnitstva.

Rospodil products are not only registered as virobnitsvom. Vin to lay down vid nogo. Iya fallow is bagatograna. I want to get ready to bend right over to make sure that I’ve got more, but I’ve got to know more about it, I’ve got more right to see what I’ve got to see before I’m more likely to have to go.

Vistupayuchi quietly, as a result, I have been tempted to consider the different products, K. Marx has written, before the team, I have been able to communicate with each other, I have to acknowledge that I have more than 2 of them. Rospodil products є moreover the result of Rospodil’s name is factors of virobnitstva.

Rose of interest in people and people for types of work and in different gaises of people in different ways to identify forms of suspension. It’s due to the fact that in suspension there is a specialization of virobility, differentiation of suspension. In addition, a visitor is a warehouse for a slurry product, which is based on the expansion of the assortment of granulated products. Zrozumіlo, scho rozpіl product of their own to enter in that, as the cinnamon speech is broken, in a kind of vibration in the yakіy kіlkostі.

I’m not explaining the fact that virobility and people are interested in virobility gadgets; I don’t explain what kind of viral products are among the members of the suspension: to whom, according to a certain principle, I’m in the same way. Here the role of vidigra іnshy kind rozpodilu, sovereignty of the same virobnitsva, as if from rozpodіl zobobіv virobnitstva among people, social groups, classes. You want to call it a type of power on the head of the law: yak power on the head of the law, such a power on the product, such a way, form, method of sharing the word, social group, social group.

Virobnitstvo i see obmіnu

Exchange of information є designations of methods of functional suspension. Vin rozshiryu the scope of virobnitztva not only for the interworking work and navigation, but for the interstitial halls of the people’s statehood. The basis of this expansion is in the development of the field of practice, in the specialization of virology.

All-in-one exchanges are exchanged between the majors of the majors, the majors and the engineering and technical personnel. Here, the product is driven by zagilnymi zusilli, from the same, leather from praznivnik_priprimstva to rob their own contribution from the economic good.

The exchange of goods is possible through the exchange of products. Taqiy obmіn vіdbuvaєtsya mіzh pratsіvnikami rіznih Galuzo virobnitstva, napriklad mіzh sewers i mashinobudіvnikami, hlіborobami mebelnikami i i t. D. Obmіn zdіysnyuєtsya Shlyakhov Ruhu speeches od Georeferencing Georeferencing їh virobnitstva to їh spozhivannya i Je real zv'yazkom mіzh rіznomanіtnimi kinds pratsі, zasobom їh Included to the process of incitement of the creation of material goods.

A view is similar to the exchange of attention результатом with the result, and with the reversed side of the base in suspension. It’s a fact that, as a rule, it’s possible to get in with an organic store of specialized galleys, pensions, state thanks, but one. At the end of the day, all of the parts in the United Mechanism are used as a way to exchange goods (products) in order to get through special sounds, so without a reason, you don’t need to go beyond the limits. To lay down in addition, a certain product is violated - there’s a virobnitty chi object of living.

Yakshchos yakіі pіdprimerstva viroblyayut sirovina anyway, but hurt the pracі, then vikoristannya their products є not at all more, as a prodovzhennya process of virobnitsva on інші підпрічмім. From now on, virobnitstvo at small enterprises is actually getting angry in one process, which can be stored in different stages. The exchange of duty in this time between the people who want to shake up the virobnitztva, the whole thing to keep within the boundaries of the virobnosti itself and become the zmist of the whole virobnitzvta.

Due to the fact that the lawless process is irreproachable, including swapping, sharing and living with one’s responsibility, it’s possible to lay down bows, since it’s possible to win the bells and whistles to нruntі obmіnu, rose and lived.

For singing minds, the exchange of products nabuva об form the exchange of goods. There is a special kind of swapping, commitments due to the specialization of the laws and regulations of one and the same, which is to start buying and selling goods.

Otzhe, virobnitstvo, exchange, rozpodil and living with one another, one with one. Їx nevrno discerned as self-discipline, scho to understand order, ala it is irreplaceable one kind of one sphere. In the first place, the exchange and transfer of parts to enter at the non-stop virobility and storage of the first rice. In a different way, deception, rozpodіl and the desire to lie down in the middle of a viroobnosti in quiet vipadki, if the stench to go behind the yo inter. Otzhe, virobnitstvo, exchange, rozpodil, living upvoryutyut part of one whole, in which the role to establish virobnitstva is essential.

Now you can get more information about sharing, sharing, sharing and living, as well as looking at things like a perfect process. Virobnitstvo, take it as a result of repeated process,, vtdvorennya. Since it’s possible to go to rock in the quiet at the very rosaries themselves, then to talk about simple verification. As a matter of fact, the oath of virobnitzty zrosta, then it means that you must be more widespread. Z positsіy vіdtvorennya especialist living vistupaє nevid'nim element virobnitsva, and virobnitsvo rozshiryuє svіy zmіst, including the first person living. Remains a “virobnitstvo” of the most important element of the most virobnosti work. Living products of grubbing, items of by-product designation, spiritual, natural blessings, people of their own spiritual and physical strength, development. It’s sound, especially for living in a new kind, not a big product. You two see the need for clear discernment. The opposite is the difference in the growth of suspension of bagatility that manifests itself in a more uniform way of living, as well as a special living experience, and the function of a special living - a productive function. In addition, it would be more familiar with the viral product of the material basis for the lives of people. For this reason, especially those living with special needs may wish to preserve the principle of significance and not disobey the right to respect it.

I’m pretty much in love with the law, posting about the posting of the wisdom of the elements of the virobility: the concern of the virology and robustness. Zih positsіy i virobnitstvo products, i osobiste zhivistenya vstupayuyut as an element of one whole. First of all, I’ll name the virobnosis in general, on the viid of the viral virobnosis, but without the inferior virobnitz.

Virology as a whole є is organic є unity of virology and special residency, and, hence, є unity of virobnitz, exchange, distribution and residency. Infinite virobnitstvo in the role of the leading role.