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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Pributok yak ekonomіchna category: sutnist, see, rozpodil

In real business there is a margin of interest — a basic motive of the market economy, the main stimulus and the main indicator of the effectiveness of the function of the business (company). Sterjuvati is possible at once, but a sidetrack is the best-looking bik vitrat virobnitzva.

In practice, a little rozrahovuyutsya yak surplus pislya virahuvannya vitrat virobnitstva with the oath of sales. In addition, it seems that the price is lower than the income from the sale of real products and the sale of wraps for the sale and sale of real estate. For example, sold goods for 1000 pennies. od., Vitrati at Іх virobnitstvo і realizatsіyu became 800 pennies. od. For such minds, in the first glance, nibi zrozumіlo, schocha become a penny of 200 pennies. od. Ale tse does not call it like that, fragments of nevdomy mehanizm formulated ny given a little extra. Tse in the first place. In a different way, the food supply, so far as the cob is, is there a form of pidpriymnitsky dyalnosti viznachiti rozmir (chi percent) a little to know, de hovogo yogo dzherelo.

In the economic theory, including the first half of the economy, there are a few single-source ones for power supply. In some authors pid to understand the “income” to fully understand the form of income on resources: pidprimnitsky income (including percent on capital); rent - dokhid vid vikoristannya zemly (natural resources); Labor costs - income to the country (workplace).

Teorії that see a little

As a result of the functionality of the capital, having examined the A. A. smith. D. Ricardo impatiently tied up his salary, steadfastly, so that the simple way to reduce the allowance is, by the way, the way of zrostє, if the salary is lowered. The Marxist theory has a side effect - the form of the pre-Dacha’s wartosti (order with interest, rent) has been overturned, as it is hampered by a hired prace. J. Schumpeter, having taken a step forward, is worth the price, the innovator, which is now an hour of competition. Before speeches, K. Marx had such a mechanism of income by injecting a dzherelo of a supplementary income. At the literary course with a clarified approach, the theory of three factors, J.-B. This time, the concept is broadened, as if you were paying a fee to pay a fee, but you have a bearing for the ruling of state-sponsored state-sponsored sub-departments.

Porviniuchi zgadanі pіdhodi naypravomіrnіsha see the sutnіst and socially-economical nature of the income as a perturbed form of net income. Adjekha also characterizes pure income from that sight, which seems to be such income from the surface on the surface of economical appearances for the minds of the economically vidokremlenosti of the state giving gift, including the virobnik. Pure dokhid (abstract) - it is circulated in the groshovy form of the add-on product, which can become the main part of the given income. It’s yogerelami у, among the tractors of Marxists, Dodatkov’s and often need to be praised, and moreover with economics ñ more than one factor of virobnitz.

Violate a little view in a way. Main of them: balance sheet (accounting) and net profit. The balance sheet (accounting, abo oblast) shall be calculated as yields and gross virus products sold and with vitrates on real estate and sales. A net profit is a part of the balance sheet (ignorant) of the benefit of the company, which is paid off in order to pay taxes, rents and payments to the budget, as well as interest for loans.

At the beginning literature, you can also see the category “an economical way”, like a sacrificial doorway with a viral food inspection and all vitamins (explicit, implicit, including a normal business trip). In this way, an economical approach is worth a damn; The maximum number of resources remaining is necessary for the acquisition of a unique resource in this viral process. So, up to the normal profitable margin: interest on the capital, rent, yak, you can buy it, get the sale of the most prestigious services.

Having taken a look at the understanding of a normal and economical income, we actually understood the nutrition of structural elements of income. From now on, schematically, a whole such a viglyad:

під¬приємницький дохід

The best official for the income and economy on the most advanced resources of the regional regional vikoristan. Usi factors, so as to invest in the dynamics of revenue, you can add to two large groups. Persha - that, without a hitch, one can become aware of the best practice: the effectiveness of all of the most obvious resources, the increase in productivity and the productivity of knowledge, the knowledge of the current situation. A friend of the group is worth it, it’s not necessary to lie down (it’s not enough to lie down) because there is enough money for a comrade, a business market, a lot of money, the amount of bank interest and the rent paid thinly.

The characteristic of the income transfer transfer is not worse than analysis from the point of view. It is important to take a look at the income for the criterion of victory. Allow you to give it a go in two parts: to go to the house, to go for the day, and go to the room for the special way. Zrozumіlo, scho pіdpriєmets, zacіcіvleniye in postіynoj zrostannі their own capital, I mean a part of their pіdpriєmnitsky income directed to virobnitstvo at the forensic retailer’s resources (invest).

In the case of capital literacy, it is often called a percentage of capital, but a profit. From the point of view of the Marxist methodology, the gain and the percentage - the specific form of pre-admission wartime, as well as the unpaid price of the work. Zakhіdnі Well, theorists shy away more than an analysis of the market and do not stockpile political visnkov. A sideways look at them is the result of the dilemma of the factors of the spheres of virobility, the growth of that.

The value (masu - M) of the increment (p), beyond Marx, you can see how it functions, you can see it with a rosy capital, and you can see it in the fall norm (p1). Remaining due interest for advance payment to advance capital:

interest payable to the advance capital

If you have a masa, a surplus (Mr) is higher than the norm, a surplus on the advance capital ( Norma advances on advance capital )

For the current market economy, the gain of the same norm characterizes the effectiveness of the success of all capital, but the step of the future profit. Nina is shorichna average average profit for the great corporations in the more developed countries Sunset become 8-10%. At the thought of the most important economics, a little bit of growth is not in front of the glasses for expanding the scale of the virology, but for the ring of the best norm.

Oskilki a little way, as I mean the author of the handbook “Fundamentals of the economic theory: the political aspect”, the factual distribution of the second most viral product is the real difference in the price, If you want to protect yourself for the sake of change, you’ll need to know about the basic hats of lowering the same kind of yoshlos.

* 2: {Div .: Fundamentals of economic theory: Polytecon. aspect: Pіdruch. / Ed. G.N. Klimka, V.P. Nesterenka. - 2-d view., Reins. i additional - K .: Vishka school .; Znannya, 1997. - S. 234.}

At business accounting and analysis practices, to calculate the income from the business, place the income from the business windows (property) and the legal base of the business (main business). So much (percentage) characterize the profitability (profit).

Існує two varianti viznoznachenny norms of profitability. Pershiy: as a matter of fact, bring a profit to your own products (in percentage terms), then recognize the rate of profitability of products. Denmark is an indicator of the possibility of visibility, of the products є of products, for the purpose of virology. Zrozumіlo, what’s the case with all the participation in the promotion of vitality and virology on the basis of important prices.

Yak vidomo, rinkova price є one of the main tools, for some reason I can find out more about the resources, which can help you and if you have one more alternative. Tse spriaє racial regional resource.

Another option is that a percentage of the total amount of interest in the main assets of the other funds and the reverse interests, which characterize the profitability of the company.

The first option for profitability, by the day, by demonstrating a side income to the Victorian factors, the other - by characterizing the coming profit before the advance capital (fund). Thus, the remaining option is not showing only the profitability of the company, but the normal rate.

The top officials, as they say, to the norm, take a look, see the following:

  • Masi value
  • the structure of advances to viral factors (interest) in yarns, so in natural forms;
  • economy vitrate on virobnitztva spas.

At a rate of benefit, the scale and scale are violated. Practice will show how in the bagels of the great galleys there may be priority in front of the Malimi. Їx revelations reach out for the mahogany of continuous mass virobnitztva, the loss of power, the greater abilities of the achievement of scientific and technical progress.

In the temple of profits zmushuyut capital _migruvati from one galuz_ in inshu. For the present minds of the international state of life, as long as the national boundaries have become cluttered for high productivity, capitalized, and behind them, working force will be freely shifted from the country to the country. Everything is designated on the structure of international economy, transformation. That’s why the problem of income and profit is becoming more relevant and I don’t respect myself more than practitioners, but theorist.