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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Regulation of economy as the main element of the state mechanism

In practice, not a purely market economy model, but a purely marketable one. So, the market model of the economy of transmission ир power supply on the basis of high performance and high performance. At the state gov- ernment of business, we have to go through the process of steadfastness, so that we can establish the right kind of healthy food and offerings, more progressive structural losses, more rapid technological progress, more competitiveness, and more Rinkovy model of state donation of resources without primusheniyamyamyuyutsya tudi, de voni neobhodimi. For the sake of security, a priority is given to the most economical methods of management, we are more equal to those of different forms of moisture, we are better able to control the distribution system, decentralized management, and competition.

However, the main market де an ideal, theoretical model of the market, is practically unattainable and meaningfully: meaningful, independent praznivnikov; Vilnius vibration business partners; the presence of control over the dyalnisty side set, the organization as a living, so і virobnika; manifestation of a significant number of virobniks and patients on the skin market; Vilnius; panuvannya competition; self-discipline market; code to the code of honest partners. Prototype people are far from awaiting the authorities, such is the ideal behavior, right up to the "behavior" of capital, it won’t catch up on spontaneous character.

The mechanism of the sovereign regulation of the economy

The economics brought the theory, and the practice confirmed that the market mechanism was to blame for the additions by the mechanism of the sovereign regulation of the economy. Vin okhoplyuє so main mainly:

1. Regulatory drop-in rates and differentiation. In the period of recession and low power, I have a constant decrease in liabilities and income for companies, and as a result, there is a clean income for businesses and there is an incentive to expand virobility. From now on, in this time, low tidings, I will play the role of "catalysts" of economic growth.

Navpaki, naprikіntsі Fazi pіdnesennya, if nastaє "peregrіv» Economy, virobnitstvo vihodit beyond platospromozhnogo popitu scho zdatne viklikati crisis, power rіzko pіdvischuє podatkovі rate of metoyu zagalmuvati zrostannya virobnitstva not dopustiti abo prinaymnі poslabiti force decline, vporyadkuvati protses vіdnovlennya rіvnovagi mіzh propozitsієyu I drink on commodity markets. In such a time, there’s a higher margin to play the role of “stable stabilization” of economic growth.

Narivny іz zagalnymulyuvannyam patronized rates, schO to be cyclical in nature, the power is widely stagnant differentiation. So, there are equally low tidings for business (promising) promising hallmarks of industry promises stimulate their growth; Navpaki, paid tidies for paid trips of old galleys obmezhuyut zrostannya i stimulate zgortannya neeffective virobnitsva.

2. Regulation of interest rates of credit in commercial banks. Reduced rates in the period of recession and depreciation lead to a better income and more than a clean profit for the corporation, and this stimulates the growth of interest.

Navpaki, increased interest rates for the period of “overloading” the economy zmenshuє pidprimnitsky lane, and to that I will add, the galma zrostannya virobnitstva. Lower interest rates are reached by a slam of peacekeeping and inflation (up to 6% per annum), as a whip by way of letting go of a lot of money. As a result of the proposition of pennies, I’ve got a redraw on the penny capital, the percentage will be reduced, the net margin of zrostє. From now on, there is an incentive to invest and expand the law.

3. Investment in virological and social infrastructure, state power (procurement). May have their own budgetary order, the contribution of money to budgets, ports, airports, product pipelines, linguistic calls, including computer-aided measures, so as to keep in mind the normal functioning of the bank

With the most direct power of the sovereign, the contribution of investment in the social sphere. The managers of the system of transfer payments, the power of the mother, can help people with unemployment, their mothers, their parents and their children more cheaply, etc.

I play an important role in the stimulated economic growth of the government, the purchase of technology, the warehouse that is in excess, and the excessive production.

4. Regulation of groshovy masi. On the other hand, with the squad of the most important regulatory authority on the market economy, the central (national) bank of the country (in the United States - the Federal Reserve System), the independent president’s office, parliament and the government. The main function of the central bank is the regulation of grocery stores, the protection of wholesale goods and the purchase of goods by means of firm purchase and purchase of pennies, which is based on the normal functioning of the grocery.

The financial policy of the central bank is cyclical in nature. In the period, if the state thanks to the pennies, there is a loss of pennies, so much more money, the central bank will lower the reserve rate, change the interest rate on loans, and they will be rewarded with commercial banks on a large scale. Tim themselves can benefit from the real financial resources of commercial banks, they can make new money (grow up a multiplier of efficient payments), and later, they offer cheap loans. Such a policy has called the policy of "cheap pennies."

Navpaki, at the period of registration of the Central Bank of Ukraine, reserve rate, interest on loans to commercial banks, which sells state registers. Tim yourself will be able to manage commercial banks to open new pennies, to disburse their borrowing costs, to increase interest rates, to ensure that you pay more, and to pay more attention to them. Such a policy has called the policy of "dear pennies."

Cherguyuchi vazan_ varianti, central bank pragne to provide security for small and medium goods and masi goods.

5. The problem of regulation price. The main principle is the widow’s rule of sovereign regulation, the loss of confidence in the market, the reduction of the risk of suspension, the betterowing of positive signals, and the reduction of the risk of infection.

Surround yourself with the regular prices, as a rule, with extreme situations. At the same time, the power will establish the upper price range (tariffs) for the production (servants) of natural monopolies, which would be safe for the normal (middle) income and the profitable customers.

6. State program of economy. To economically program - for the most part, comprehensively regulate the economy. The main forms of programming є: development and implementation of national and comprehensive programs. Derzhavna NATIONAL programa, rozroblena on osnovі dovgostrokovih ekonomіchnih prognozіv, ohoplyuє nayvazhlivіshі makroekonomіchnі proportsії i wear іnformatsіyno-orієntuyuchy character dayuchi zmogu specific fіrmam (korporatsіyam) normally funktsіonuvati in sistemі narodnogospodarskih prіoritetіv in virobnitstvі produktsії, tehnіchnomu rozvitku, strukturnіy perebudovі Gospodarstwa, zovnіshnoekonomіchnoї dіyalnostі.

Formally, such a program has an indicative (bazhani) character: a specific company itself is virishuє nutrition about those who take part in the state program for voluntary fear and sacrifice. Justify the state’s power to the entire system of economic instruments (state powers, to protect the guarantee and to pay the higher interest rates, direct subsidies and interest rates, direct subsidies and interest), selling and renting a car for a short time and by ourselves sponukati fіrmi brothers take an active part in realizing installation programs.

Shchodo sovereign price programs, insured for the fate of dozens and hundreds of companies, then the stench should be obyazykovy character. However, it was indicated that it was necessary to base oneself not on orders (teams), but on contracts, such as transferring the hard labor, the voluntary work of the vikonavtsi, voluntarily set aside by the vikonavtsy companies with the state body, which will allow the program to enter. Soundly such programs even longer than the first-time employees, allowing you to freely change your powers on a competitive basis, letting you change the timings, to change the number of times you need to know how to do so.

7. State regulation of integration processes. Economic integration means the simplification of national state thanks to a number of countries and the implementation of the great international economic complexes. The main direct integration processes are to be completed prior to the progressive consolidation of financial and financial bars, the development of minds for the strong movement of goods, services, capital and operating forces. At the same time, the integration of the transfer of the civil law legislation, the social insurance and social security, the subsidiary system, as well as the implementation of the separate laws and regulations is necessary. Наmoreshti, integration transfer союз currency union.

Yak to provide more information on a diversified market, integration with a significant increase in efficiency, increase in competitiveness of products, increase in livelihood of the population.

There is also a need for political adherence, which can integrate the process of controlling for the uninterrupted fate of the state, more precisely the state authorities in a number of regions. To tell a story, what roman Treaty and Maastrichtsky please - please treat me with units, and not with private companies. When there is a macroeconomic power, I regulate integration processes in simple processes and integrate processes in meso- and microprocessors.

As a whole state, regulation is an element of the structure of the state mechanism for transferring as well as promising, promising values: accelerated scientific and technical progress and structural revival of national gratitude; p_dvyshenny temp_v ekonomіchnogo zrostannya; development of good minds for market competition; conquering new positions on new markets; Usunneny of supramirous differentiation of pributkiv; social identity, protection, security on the basis of the highest level of life of the wide faiths of the population, so that the above-mentioned economic and social character.