Principles of Marketing - Philip Kotler

Engine Marketing Research

Certain situations manager of marketing must be studied in detail. Here are a few examples:

• Company "Playboy, Inc." Would like to know more about the level of income, level of education and the way of life of current readers of its magazine, their readers' preferences, as well as their relation to a number of possible changes in the publication.

• The company "Pacific Stereo" has a nationwide network of shops selling audio equipment. Management wants to explore the market potential of some cities in the southern states with a view to the possible deployment of new stores.

• «Barat 'College in Lake Forest, Illinois, seeks to get students in the high school graduates with above-average academic performance. Guide College need to know what percentage of the target market audience heard about the "Barat", that they know how to learn about college and how they relate to it. This information would help the college improve its communications program.

In such situations, managers can not wait for receipt of piecemeal information. Each of them requires a formal study. And since there is no control, as a rule, neither the time nor the ability to obtain such information on their own holding the formal market research needs to be ordered. We define marketing research as follows:

Market research? systematic identification of the data range required in connection with the marketing by facing the situation, collection, analysis and reporting of results.

The company can order marketing research in several ways. Small firms may request to plan and carry out such a study to the students or community college professors, and may be employed for this specialized organization. Many large companies (over 73%) have their own marketing departments issledovaniy3. This division can be from one to several tens of people. Managing service marketing research generally is subject to vice-president of marketing and serves as the head of research, administrator, counselor and protector of interests of the company. Among the employees of the department? developers research plans, statistics, sociologists, psychologists, experts in modeling.

Marketing researchers are continually expanding the scope of their activities (see. Table. 1). Here are 10 of the most common tasks of: the study of characteristics of the market, measuring market potential, analysis of the distribution of market shares between the companies, sales analysis, the study of business trends, study competitors' products, short-term forecasting, the study of the reaction to the new product and its potential long-term forecasting , the study of pricing policies.