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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Implementing a Propaganda Plan

Outreach activities require special attention. Take, for example, the placement of materials in the media. Great material to place easily. However, most of the materials cannot be called magnificent, which means that they may not get the “go-ahead” from busy editors. One of the main valuable qualities of a propaganda specialist is his personal connections with editors of media. Often, propaganda specialists are former journalists who personally know many editors, know what they need. A propaganda specialist views editors of media outlets as a market that needs to be satisfied so that in the future these editors use propaganda materials supplied by the company.

Evaluation of Outreach Results

The contribution of propaganda to the activities of the company is difficult to evaluate, since it is used in combination with other means of stimulation. However, if they resort to it before other means are involved, the assessment is already easier.

The simplest method for determining the effectiveness of propaganda is to measure the number of contacts with material posted in the media. The specialist sends the client a selection of clippings and information about all the means of disseminating information that used material on the product, accompanying this selection with approximately such a summary.

Coverage of information was expressed in the publication of news and photographs with a total area of ​​3,500 inches of column in 350 publications with a total circulation of 79.4 million copies, in the use of 2500 minutes of airtime of 290 radio stations with an approximate listening audience of 65 million people, as well as in the use of 660 minutes of airtime of 160 television centers and with an audience of about 91 million people. Buying the same amount of space and time at advertising rates would cost the company $ 1,047,000. 26

Such measurements of the number of contacts do not really satisfy the client. They give no idea of ​​the number of people who actually read or saw the appeal, nor of what thoughts it led these people to. There is also no information about the net audience, because the readership of various publications partially coincides.

More significant data provide measurements of changes in the levels of awareness about the product, understanding of its essence and in relation to it, resulting from the propaganda campaign (with corresponding amendments to the impact of other means of stimulation). All these variables must be measured twice - before and after the campaign. For example, the Potato Marketing Council found that the number of people who agree with the statement “Potato is rich in vitamins and minerals” increased from 36% before the campaign to 67% after the campaign. And this is a significant increase in understanding the nature of the product (see Box 37).

Nevertheless, the most satisfactory in all possible cases are measures of impact on sales and profit levels. For example, by the end of the Cat Morris propaganda campaign, sales of Nine Lives cat-canned food increased by 43%. However, from this indicator, it is necessary to exclude the contribution made by more intensive advertising and sales promotion.

Box 37. Two examples of successful advocacy campaigns

A propaganda specialist is able to find or create commercially useful material about the most prosaic products. A few years ago, the Potato Marketing Council decided to fund a propaganda campaign designed to stimulate potato consumption. A nationwide study of the relationship to this culture and the nature of its consumption showed that many people perceive potatoes as a product that promotes fullness, not too nutritious and not too rich in vitamins and minerals. Such relations developed as a result of the statements of various opinion leaders, such as editors of food departments of periodicals, supporters of dietary nutrition, and doctors. In fact, the calorie content of potatoes is much lower than many people think, and it contains a number of valuable vitamins and minerals. The Potato Marketing Council decided to develop separate outreach programs for consumers, doctors, nutritionists, nutritionists, home economists and editors of food departments of periodicals. The program for consumers included the transfer of a lot of materials about potatoes to network television organizations and women's magazines, the creation and distribution of a “Dietary Guide for Potato Lovers”, as well as the placement of articles and the publication of recipes for potato dishes in food sections of periodicals. The program for editors of food departments of periodicals included the holding of seminars by experts on the problems of good nutrition.

Advocacy can be very effective in promoting sales of branded goods. One of the most popular brands of canned cat food is Nine Lives by Starkist Foods. The image of this brand is embodied by the advertising character Cat Morris. The Leo Burnett agency that created it sought to make this hero as lively, as real as possible a representative of the cat family, which would be loved by both owners and all cat lovers. The agency brought in a specialized public opinion organization that, for its part, proposed and implemented the following ideas. 1. The Morris Doubles contests were held in nine major markets. Morris attended in person at all of these contests, and lengthy articles were published in the press about the search for his counterparts. 2. The book "Morris's Personal Life" with a description of the adventures of the famous cat is released. 3. The prestigious Morris Prize has been established - a bronze figurine, which is awarded to owners of animals recognized as winners at local cat shows. 4. The “Adoption Month of Cats” has been proclaimed, during which Morris acts as an official feline representative, urging people to take stray cats, which he himself once was. 5. Distributed brochures for the care of cats called the Morris Method. Thanks to all these propaganda measures, the position of the brand on the market of cat-canned food has been strengthened.