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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

Key concepts found in chapter 19

Place marketing is the activity undertaken to create, maintain, or change attitudes and / or behavior relating to particular places.

Marketing organizations - activities undertaken to create, maintain or change the position and / or behavior of target audiences in relation to specific organizations.

Marketing of individuals - activities undertaken to create, maintain or change positions and / or behavior in relation to specific individuals.

Public marketing - the development, implementation and monitoring of programs aimed at achieving the perception by the target group (or target groups) of a social idea, movement or practice. To achieve the maximum response of the target group in the process of public marketing, they resort to market segmentation, consumer research, concept development, communication development, methods of facilitating assimilation, incentives and the use of exchange theory techniques.

Organization of public opinion (“public relations”) is a managerial function in the framework of which the evaluation of public relations is carried out, the principles and methods of activity of a person or organization are compared with the public interests, the planning and implementation of action programs designed to gain public understanding and perception .

Service - any event or benefit that one party can offer the other and which are mostly intangible and do not lead to the taking over of anything.