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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Culture of Kyiv Rus

Be-yak discussions about the culture of middle-school suspension will prevail on the front of the most important institutions and institutes. In the history of Kyiv Russia, there are two areas of culture and cultural history. Up to 988 p. the ambition is the satisfaction of the spiritual needs of the first words, the bouv animism , in the ambush there lay a deification of the forces of nature and a bow to the spirits of the ancestors. Perun , the god of thunder and bliskavka, an analogous Scandinavian god of the Torah , has come to regard the pagan pantheon as the most popular deity, although he wants to be associated with the mythology of not such a chimera. Before the most important deities belonged Dazhbog and Svarog - the gods of the second and last sons, the donors of earthly blessings. Lawfully, in the middle of the earth-moving people, we expand the Bouz as well as the cult of gods of kindliness - the kind of Rozhanitsy . In addition, hundreds of spirits r_chk, lis_v that ancestor were honored with obeisances; Tse often turned around at the sacrifice of creature, and sub-people. The few words didn’t make their deities the greatest temples, since they were not small folding spiritually рх рх рх рх рх - вла вла вла пояс пояс є є є нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос нос є є нос є є є є є є є є. І all w іz the arrival of new religions of ancestors did not come without a trace. Under the guise of Christianity, one can stretch out in the middle of the middle of the last words that the faithful dualism was preserved, but the courtesy was felt by the pre-religious pagans for rituals of those ceremonies (such as the church, the church).

From the adoption of Christianity in Kyiv Rus , a new, wide-spread, harmoniously organized religion was expanded. At 1037 p. upon the arrival of Constantinople first at the low of the Greek metropolitans (by stretching out the Kievan dobis more than two Greeks were appointed to their post), the metropolitan of the Archdiocese was appointed. Initially, up to the Russian Metropolitanate, there were a total of bishops, and only a quarter grew up to sixteen. Ten of them roztashovuvalis on the lands of Ukraine. Bagato искpiskopіzh tezh buli vizantіytsami. The stinks drove away very steadily: scribes, pomichnikov, maystrіv, and rebuilding the bishopric for the sake of widening the wider culture of culture. The clergy were divided into two categories: “better off”, because the priests didn’t give them celibacy (lack of love), and they voluntarily clothed themselves in their midst, that “chorny”, so that they were completely spiritual. Imagine getting to know the world’s grins and focus, the cents lived with others, and they respected them with the color of the people, and the monasteries blasphemed with Christian teachings. At XIII Art. in Kyiv Rus nearly 50 monasteries disappeared, of which 17 were from Kyiv itself.

The church celebrated the magnificent infusion of the culture of Kyiv Rus. Equipped with one more church - Slavonic Sofiya Kyiv - є uninterruptedly halfway through the fact that, with all-consuming boobs, the church will be flooded with mystery. Zabudovany at 1037 p. for the princelyuvannya Yaroslav the Wise Chia miracle kam'yana sporuda, built up by the Greek masters to the church of Constantinople, it’s small to have five apse, five to five and thirteen baths. The Rose of the Embellishments of the Inter' пr pidtrimuvali marmurovy and alabaster colonies. Surely, the beauty of the whole temple of the Christian God was simply created by the slavish clergyman to the modest trees of the future of the kiyans. In Vlasna, the very same hostile Mav celebrate the cathedral, cry at the Vizanti churches good, they are rosy, they are brutal to human beings, often pay more attention to the truth, I know the theologians better. With the help of this method, the church spelled the development of mysteries and crafts. Zokrema, Inter'єr St. Sophia was decorated with colorful mosaics and frescoes, which, with a marvelous truthfulness, painted people. The first way to celebrate reverence at the Victorian ikon is to show the image of the divine ones on specially doshed tables. The cones broadened in private donkeys, and became the homeland in their homeland. Kozhen іz of these new rhizomes of mysteries first recognizing the influx of walnuts zrazkіv. That hour, the Maistrias began to get drunk in one of these genres, and there were elements, a passionate grandfather and a great style. For the sake of pouring a shameful church into mystery, do not expect boulevards to be beneficent. So, through those who didn’t like to put statues at their temples, the sculpture didn’t last a long time.

By the same principal, having added Christianity to the means of the intellectually express old rusich. Pislya 988 p. a letter was read in at the base, based on abetts, ruled by Chechens Cyril and Methodius - the Greeks, scho broadened Christianity among the middle words. On the vidmina vid vim Rome vigoristovyuvati in worship the latin Constantinople pozhuzhuvshis in the winter, scho new-born nations corrupted at the church in my heart. On the other hand, the divine services on the right-hand side of the church were implanting church words'yansku mov - literary norm, spiraling into the pivdennoslov'yansky dialect of the Bulah easily with more visible words and words. Step by step, she expanded on the recess to religyna, and th on her literature, but she became a bag and that reznomіnnіshoy.

Lawfulness of scholarship in terms of written and literary language in Mali is of a relational nature. Here, prosperity of the mother’s evasion of the Old and New orders, sacred words, prophecies, holy lives. The middle ones є атери к Pateryk , so far more about the life of the saints, is written by the cents of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the preaching of the holy church. Cyril Turovsky , the writings of the Kiev Metropolitan of the middle of the XI century Ilariona is a morally, most prosperous husband of Kyiv Rus. His famous “Words about the law and grace” , read in 1052 p. in the presence of Yaroslav the Wise, Ilarion mayisterfully opposed Christianity to the pagan and will describe the baptism of Rus. I have created a demonstration of the miracle of Volodymy with folding priyoms of the rhetoric of Russia, as well as the knowledge of the Bible. Prote, with all your preferences to the Greek culture Ilarion not buv Grekofіlom. In “Words about the law and grace” vіn pіdkreslyuє magnitudes and the value of Rusі, I use the role of Vіzantії in ії surely to the new vіri, attributing all the merit to the whole historical Krok Volodymyrov.

Since in the Greek creatures relied on the whole they dominated, then in the stencils of the stench, they’ll remember the boules. Early kyivsky literatures, crossly overturned by monks and christian christians, were characterized by realism and detail. Their main problems were finished with them — such as the prince’s creatures, the struggle with the Kochovites — the first detail was the okremich. Najvivlishim іz them є a list , a copy of the title titled "The Tale of the Temporary Litas" . He was entrusted with the names of the monks of Nestor and Sylvester, as they put the record at 11 IZ — 1116 pp. The literary creativity of the first representatives of the top. Independently occupied, they will be occupied by political letters on the right, writing Prince Volodymyr Monomakh, writing his best-selling and up-to-date "Povchannya" . Є Be ready to admit, the anonymous author of the most poetic creation of the Kiev doby - “Words about Igor's Regiment” (1185–1187) also lays down to the prince’s court. All yogo opovіd about nevdalya pochid on kochovikіv dіbnogo Russian prince is honored with a gracious call to the dear Russian princes to be honored for the blessed good. Having become embroiled in rhythm virsh, show your image, bagatu mov, divovizhni for his isolation of nature’s picture, the author has adjusted the reference literary masterpiece.

Dance The image on the Chernigiv cup XII Art.

Dance The image on the Chernigiv cup XII Art.

But for all the bagaty of express letters, Dzherela was deprived of their inaccessibility to the unwritten people of Kyiv. Skarbnitsy folk wisdom and creative spirit was served for a new writer, orders, riddles, Cossacks and especially especially epic, or bilini. Speaking of word of mouth, from generation to generation, bilini were recounted, in some sort of talk about the exploits of such popular folk characters, like merry selyansky syn ilya Muromets , km ’priestly priest Alosha Popovich і sin boyar Dobrynya Mikit ; usі troє - members of the militia team of Prince Volodimir. It’s right before the King Arthur’s Round Table representatives of the clergymen’s heroes were deprived of Volodymyr’s door and violated to fight against the forces of evil. Often mid-October, the Polovtsian Tugorkan boulevard, which often reminds me of Tugarin’s serpent and symbolism, I threatened to step by step, but I’m more likely to be in vain, Spurred Judaism. There were more and more bouquets of celebration and chaklunism, and Christian values ​​were often intertwined in them with surpluses of the pagan past.

Among the students to pobyutut іznі thoughts од од од р р р і і і widespread sanctification in Kyiv Rusі. Not pіdlyagaє sumnіu, scho representatives of the nobility left the rest. In the literary picture, at 988 p. Prince Volodimir punished viddati on the eve of the boyar’s children, and Yogin Sin Yaroslav fell asleep at a school for Novgorod’s 300 boys in aristocratic behavior. In Kyiv, St. Sophia became the center of the center of dyalnost. In 1037 p. at the Cathedral of the Cathedral there was a school and a library. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is also small, and the deeds of the monks were famous for their sacrifice, which at that time meant overwhelmingly goodness with respectable texts. The middle of the princes science is also the same with the princes. Vidomo, a kind of book lover Buv Yaroslav the Wise; yogo sin Vsevolod volodіv p'yatma movami, written letter and daughter Anna. Kohl won became the Queen of France, so it’s not a matter of fact for the weekly quiet. She has seen the view of the French court. Prote folding for food about the widening of the middle of the common people. Acts are important for you to recognize that in Novgorod you can write bets for schoolchildren and now write with St. Sophia for the availability of sanctuaries for the lower faiths, we strongly recommend that you world church and church, and so they were deprived of the unattainable for the masses.

Yak Ukrainian, so the Russian history takes a look at Kyiv Russia as the main part of the history of our people. There is often a legitimate winery about those who have a greater right to respect themselves with their own spells. Russian historians, especially those who recognized the flavors of the law school of the 19th century, brought up the fragments of the Russian Orthodox Church, have made it possible for them to remain in good standing at all times. Power is the first power of the old words: I’ll be important and last. Because of the great whip, the fragments of the new era of the Ukrainian bilorus of the powerful powers are not small, but there wasn’t any slightest loss of history. The proprietary Russian historian Mikhailo Pogodin pishov is still far away, finishing, but the sounds of Russia with Kiev are not only decayed, but rather ethnic. For the yogi theory, writing for the Mongol-Tatars of Kiev at 1240 p. a large part of the population, which is currently being hidden, migrated from pivd to pivnichny schid - at the heart of Russia today. I want the theory long ago, I need to promote the propaganda of the Russian and non-Russian history.

At the XIX century. From the downfall of the Ukrainian national bridges, Ukrainians grew up displeased with the fact that the Russians monopolized the “glory of Kiev”. At 1906 p. the most common argument against the traditional Russian history scheme is the Ukrainian history historian Mikhailo Grushevsky. As the last democrat, the Grushevsky district after summing up the right to vivcheniya and history as before the process of creation of the state. For the first time in history, acquisitions of the singing ethnic group, which inhabits the land of their ancestors. Winning a little (and all the same, letting go of a number of recent joyous achievements from archaeologists), which can be repaired from tribal antivs of the VI century. before

XX century a large part of Ukraine was taken over by ethnic groups; as a rule, they belonged to their own ethnic type. As a rule, the population populated Central Ukraine through the attacks of the Mongol-Tatars (and to the Grushevsky’s thought, desolate and immigrant, due to them, boules of a smaller scale), then I turned around again with a clear view of everything. For the solidities of Grushevskiy, who already didn’t give up Norman theory, the Ukrainians had direct plots of the glades - tribes, as well as played a part in the development of Kyiv. In Vlasne, the very same purpose of obtaining and receiving loans in the history of Ukraine.

The Grushevsky respect, which was attributed to the Kiev central center in the Russian past, meant not only the use of the unique Polish-Ukrainian health care system, but also the need for regular, But still, in order to respect the state with an ambition for saving the Kiev recession, to bring Dalia Grushevsky, then let the greater part of the recession protect the Galicia and Volodymyr reign Rostov, Suzdalsk, Volodimirsk, Tversk and Moscow princes. How are you, to the Grushevsky’s thought, the idea of ​​the Russian history to the Kiev doby? It’s up to Yak Gallia - to take the provinces of Rome, and Nicholas Francia - to posit for a bagato element from Rome with a very good economy, legislation and culture, which Moscow has completely committed to Kiev. Ale Moscow was not a boole for industrialists who seem to have another way of historical process, which was captured from Kyiv. With the appearance of rice, like Moscow, it was posed by Kiev, кор ї кор root, є respecting руш Grushevsky ’, a large number of geographic, political and ethnic minds lured by the rivals.

At the nutrition about the recession of the Kiev state, the radian history takes a compromise position. Stink to finish, right now, all three sch_dnoslov'yanski peoples - Ukrainian, rosiyani and bilorusi - took part in Kiev. More precisely, the population of Kyiv Rus, the so-called ranks of the “long-ago people”, the bullied ancestors of all three nations. Radyanski’s voice over and over again on the one-dimensionality and one-dimensionality of culture, love, sound, statehood and politics of the “long-standing people”. As a rule, you should be blessed to have the opportunity to protect the “bourgeois-nationalist history” of that great majority of the people in the largest part of the decline of the Russian Federation, and we’re more likely to save time. Theory of ethnic and cultural one-dimensionality of Kiev Russia is aimed at hostility, which is “long-standing Rusics” - because of the unmistakable projection at the minule of the one-to-one “glad people” planned for Maybut.

The theory of happy history, right now, take a look at the traditional Russian history, look at the solid, right, there are three more people who are better off, more and more of them are left to live. The main reason for the splitting of sh_dnyh words into three okremikh people is to fall in love with the Mongol-Tatar bulk and the Ukrainian and Polish-Lithuanian powers. In order to achieve incompetence of the traditional Marxist position on the magnificent role in the process of formulating the national social and official bureaucrats. Moreover, because of such an approach, it’s possible that yakby can’t make out for any official, and there’s no difference in “long-standing people” b. So chiinaksha, superachki schadshchiny of the Kiev power are often interested in seeing about those who are clearly intertwined in the history of the Kiev politics and science and nutrition.