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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Pivdenno-Zakhіdna Ukraine: Galicia-Volinske Principality

Foreign supremely important serpents went into battle in Ukraine, in the Galicia and the Volyn Princes. If I’m yelling from the old land of Kyiv lands and I could have thrown the wail of the growing power of the Russian Descent, tobogans of Suzdalev, Volodymyr aren’t already oppressed by Moscow, then they would blame the Galicia of the Principality of princes. Grushevskiy having respected two princes with the most downturning political and cultural traditions of Kiev. The last prominent Ukrainian historian - Tomashivsky - calling the Principality of Galicia-Volinsky the first is the transverse Ukrainian state, the fragments at the XIII century, at the height of their ability, there were 90% of the rule of law The princes and boules are important and in the most important. Say goodbye to the outlying suburbs of Kyiv Rus, stink from the cob itself became the arena of baking fight between the Ukrainians and the Poles, who were tearing apart, not whithering ayuchi, right up to the middle of the 20th century. The princes of buli are also an important cultural boundary. The stinks appeared as the most outstretched outpost of the Catholic Sunset, and yet the stakes were the Orthodox Assembly.

Roztashovanu in the middle of the Carpathians, at the top of the important Dniester and Prut rivers, to the Black Sea, Galicia was inhabited by the tribes of Dulib, tivertsіv and bіlikh croatіv . On a gathering, a wide cordon of the interval between the logged and lisivnyh ravines of Volin, also populated by dulibs and large Croats. On schid vid Volinі lay the Principality of Kiev. Yakshcho Galichina at her own congregation and the military cordons was struggling with the aggressive Magyars and the Poles, then with the only foreign wars Volyni boules of the Lithuanian tribes at night. Offending the Principality of Mali in the distance to the Roztashuvannya, is inaccessible to Kochi’s attackers in the steppe. Volyn and especially Galicia , the boulevards are densely populated, and the majority stood on the strategically important trading gates of the Sunset. Moreover, in Galichin there were great families of salt - a commodity, as all Russia was in place.

At 980-990 pp. Volodimir the Great, having fought against the Poles in Galicia and Volin and was recognized before his Volodya. On Volin Vin, having fallen asleep in the city of Volodimir, it became the great capital of these lands for a long time. In Galicia, the political center of the Principality moved from Peremishlya to the city of Galich bіlya of the Carpathian salt mines. Removing the princes of Kiev from securing land for their offensive, the stink fragments belonged to the most special volodyas. The Persians in Galichin were ruled by Rostislavichi, the site of Onuk Yaroslav the Wise. Tim an hour on Volin’s land came to Mstislavichi’s, they conducted a private read Volodymyr Monomakh.

Often obdunuvani for malignancy in the historical records of Galicia and Wolin at XII-XIII centuries. boules as a whole by the ruling princes. Chi is not the most hostile thing among them - at the nature of the supremacy of cutaneous princedom. Galician boyars boules are most likely to be in power, in Bagatim and in all Russian lands. In addition to the aristocracy, we will be universal in our understanding, we often impose Galicia on the ideal way of oligarchic rule in Russia, a certain order from the city of Novgorod and absolute Volodymyr and Moscow. At the thought of the happy pupils, the vladyatkovo is great, the Vlad of the Galician boyars is explained in a significant way to Їkhnіm similarities. Obviously, the boyars in the principalities, the wonders of the Zdobyls were like princely squads, the Galician aristocracy, obviously, was advanced in front of the tribes of nobility. The first mathes won won’t be seen by the prince, as he was, but by usurping communal lands. Priyshovshi shudi, Persian Rurikovichs have blown up on the aristocracy, but even good deeds have rushed into the bula and are ready to have a good interest.

Foreign historians insist on those who are proud of the stable rule of Rostislavich, with the stretch of a couple of generations of boyars of Mali to complete the hour of power, to stand on your feet. In addition, a bagato trade was carried out for them, but good gains and good fortune were already secured. On their own, the boyars could have allowed them to utterly overcome the power of fighting from other feudal lords. On the other hand, through the Galichini’s vision of the Grand Duke’s prince, it’s important to get involved in the misery of God, as much as Poland and Ugorshchina didn’t give more than a chance to recognize the aristocracy.

Then the boyars of the Principality of Volinsky on vіdmіnu vіd Galician boules viliti on the bіlsh traditional shtib. Most of them came to the land at the warehouse of the squads of their princes, who often came to know of Kiev’s will, a certain amount of insignificant increase in spending on the whole princely rule, not so much. The boyars were taming the land of Volodymyr for the service of the princes. Volinski nobility lay in the form of bounty of generosity, and in that it manifested itself in the form of a better performance. In Vlasne, for reasons to revoke the offense of the princedom, the very princes themselves, and not Galicia, could have survived.

Galician Rostislavich . From the principalities of the territory of Ukraine today, the first was the vision of Kyiv Galichina. Victory’s all hurt - like garbage, so dishonestly, to the cunning princes Volodymyrk (1123-1153) went about ordering their rule all the princes and successfully vindicating the magnates of the great reigns of Kiev. I’m hiding on the basis of attainment, yogi charm of the syn Yaroslav Osmomisl (1153-1187) , that’s “lyudina, scho mak visim vidchuttiv”, having expanded the cordon of the princedom right up to the Dniester city, now at Moldova. Safeguarding our own peace and prosperity, Yaroslav piddrimuvav friendly friends with the Ugricians and Fredrich 1 Barbarossoy s Nimechchini. About the glory of the authority, Yakav Mav the prince in Russia, they say in praise of Yom IZ “Words about Igor’s regiment”: “Galitsky Osmomisle Yaroslav Visoki sit at your own gold-plated table, pidper burn your grateful and empty passers-by, ... The Galicini celebrated the anniversary of the boyars. For Yaroslav’s rule, the stench became nastilkivy, schus enthralled the prince, having lost his ability to live at the height of his power, refrained from sharing his other wife Anastasia’s and burned him to vognischi.

By the death of Yaroslav, chaos reverberated. Yogo Sin Volodimir (1187-1198), left iz dynasty of Rostislavich, according to the words of the writer, "do not love dumas with your husbands." In an unceremonious way, the boyars rose up against the whole thing, having embarrassed them in the Ugorshchina. Ugorsky King Andriy obitsyav turning Volodimir to the throne, ale, having come to Galicia, having voted this land. If they are against strangers, the vibuhati of the national rebel have begun, Volodymyr reconciled with the boyars and the signal of the Madar. To what did all the essentials and the descent lead? I want Volodymyr to fix the new year to the throne, to become the lodger of the boyars more, be it as much as possible. Tsey prikry epizod became a typical one, often repeating itself with the stretch of the offensive 50 races: a strong prince about the earth; the boyars, fearing to lose their privileges, get sick of the weakest offensives, and at the same time give foreign countries the privilege of getting involved; potim nastє chaos, scho trivaє, docks in the arena do not appear to be the last strong prince and not an option for the situation.

Galicia-Volinsky Romanovich . Hoch p_dnesennya Galichini recklessly reckoned on the simply meaningful coloring of the Ukrainian, Union of Volyn’s, with the promise of bringing more, more fun for all of Europe. People, scho zdіysnila such ob'єdnannya, Buv Volyn prince Roman Mstislavich (1173-1205) . From self-youth, having blamed the political wrestling. In 1168, if the father was old, Volyn prince Mstislav, having blown out from Suzdal prince Andriy Bogolyubsky for the Kiev style in the city, Roman buv requests from the city of Novgorod, so that there could be more than one place to go. At 1173 r., After death, Old Man, Roman siv on Volinsky style, having once again given up and busy dolls of his own kind. In 1188 p. the Galician boyars requested the first prince, the ale zrobiti and the whole new supercodes and the more attuned boyars ugrupovannya. More than 1199 p. Win Zmig turn to Galicia and obobdnati її s Volynnyu, having taken on the political map of Europe у new European power to the Chiny rynergyynym, dyalnyim and talented prince.

The internal politics of the Roman Empire respecting the esteemed princely rule, that is, weakened boyars, bagato s yakih vin vdydiviv at the desire for pure stratum. His beloved was sent by the bulo “Do not drive in bjіl, do not use honey”. Yak in the rivals of Europe, allies of the prince in the struggle against the oligarchs came the city and the other boyars. The prototype of the glory of the Romanovs brought him success in the familiar politics. In 1203 p., Having recognized Volyn iz Galichinoy, he won the defeat of his supernaturals iz Suzdal y ovolodіv Kyiv. Vidtak pid to the power of one prince was wasted by everyone, after the vignette of the Chernigiv, Ukrainian princes: Kiev, Pereyaslavsk, Galitska and Volinsk. Zdavalosya, from-from єбу бу бу є об об об об об об вс вс вс вс вс вс вс вс вс вс вс,, вс вс, вс вс вс лада є є є є. Vrakhovuychi those, how princely Roman approached to the highest price, most Ukrainian history to introduce you to your own special needs.

Schob zagistiti ukrainski princes, Roman prov_v a number of unexpected trips to polovtsіv, at once іz tim wіn dipped farther іn pіvnіch іn polіtsі tі Lithuanian lands. The pragmatic development of interconnected and already magnificent Volodin became the cause of his death. In 1205 r., Being Polish lands, Roman having been having lost his temper with a twitch. Territorial ob' яdnannya, as if it was open, shabby all six rock - it took a short hour, so that it could be completely crystallized because of something new. І all Roman’s partners in the course of their visit to that day called the yogi “Great” and “master of the Rus Rus” .

In an outrageous way, after the death of Prince Roman, again, ignorance was burst forth between princes, boyars intrigues, overpowered by foreigners hand in hand - three old misfortunes, since they were completely ruined, the state was so unceasing. Whole chotiri came to the yoke of Danilo, and Vasilkov’s two rooks, and the Galician nobles drove them out at once at the same time with their free will mother, Princess Anne. The stench rejoiced that the trio of Igorovich, the blue of the hero of “The Words of the Igor's Regiment”, had recalled. For bagatokh boyars ce became a fatal reprieve. Don’t bother with dominion over oligarchs, Igorovich knew about 500 boyars, and yet they didn’t signal at all (knowing more Galicia avenged it, having scooped up all of them). Potim boyars were condemned by the Necuans — in 1213 p. the stench turned its own middle ground by Prince Vladislav Kormilchich. Competing with the troubling tsimi with zuhvali dіyami, Polish and Ugrian feudal lords, on the other hand, protecting Danil and Vasilka’s rights, they flooded Galicia and distributed them among themselves. For such furnishings, the young Danilo and Vasilko felt like "taking over the land", so that they would stick a little Volodya Batko. Nasampered Danilo established himself in Wolin (1221), de ogo dynasty and dalі corrald a henchman like noble people, so у ordinary people. Liche has 1238 p. win zmіg turn your own Galich and part of Galichini. Good luck Danilo Zdobuv Kiev and sending his tysyatsky Dmitry to capture the city of Mongols. Tilki near 1245 p., Because of the rush of the battle we defeated the battle of Yaroslav, the remaining pidkoriv all of Galicia. With this rank of 40 rok_v znobodilos princes_Danil, shchob turn volodіnnya dad.

Having found out their own Galicia, Danilo vddav Vasilkovі Volin. In spite of such an offense to the princely rule, they sold out as one of the most important and senior princes Danil. At the internal policeman Danilo, as a matter of fact, in order to protect the boyars, having threatened to protect themselves from the middle of the villagers and the middle class. Vin ukrіpiv bagato іsnuyuchih places, as well as falling asleep new, including 1256 p. Lviv, the names are so in honor of the yoy sina Leva. In order to populate the new Moscow apartments Danilo requested remisnikіv and merchants іz Nіmechchini, Poland, as well as Russia. Bagatonatsionalny character of the Galician cities, already right up to the 20th century. being overwhelmed by the typical type of rice, taking advantage of the great virmensky and hevreysky communities, who came from Kiev to the West. For zhidu smerdіv vіd svavolі boyars in the villages were appointed special officers, formulated vіyskovі corrals іz villagers.

Nayseryozhnіshoy zovnіshnopolitichnoy problem of Prince Dani boule Mongol-Tatars . At 1241 p. the stinks passed Galicia and Volynya, although I didn’t want here such impoverished ruinivan, as in the old Russian princes. However, the successes of the dynasty of Romanovich turned the respect of the Mongol-Tatars. With outcast, we overcome the victory of Yaroslav. In Danilo I’ll deny the gr_zny order to appear to the khan’s court. Shchob do not stick on themselves gniv dashing conquerors, winn’t not at all nothing short, like pidkoritsya. Before the song of Miri Zdіysnen Prince Danil at 1246 p. Rise in price to the city of Saray - the Batiєvo capital on the Volzi - a bull in the distance. They accepted the good i, but more respectfully, let them live. Ale tsinoy tsogo became the upland of the Mongol-Tatars. Bati himself is an underestimating obscene fact. Handing Danilov a cup of sour kumisu, beloved to drink with the Mongol Tatars, winning the sound of sounds until a new one, “now be alone with us”. Protein, on the other side of the princes, roztashovany near the closest eclipse with the Mongol-Tatars and the greater number of the fall of the direct dictate, Galicia has increased the amount of high-esteem Mongol-Tatar attacks on Poland and Lithuania. I’ve got a hint of the Mongol Tatars in Galicia and Volyn Buv, who are weak, so Prince Danilo may spend some time to fill up the rest of the politics, I’m hidden in the room for those who want to take refuge in the Mongolian pan.

Having established friendly campsites in Poland and Ugorshchina, Danilo, having bent to Pope Innocent IV of wise men, help them to recover the words of the yang for the holy rites of the Mongol-Tatars. For the price of Danilo, he was pozhuzhuvav on the cross of his Volodya pid church jurisdiction in Rome. Thus, having put food on a tight footing, you will become the important and important topic of the Galician history in the future, and the food itself about the vidnosini among the younger Ukrainians and the Roman Church. The dweller wants to hunt the Galician prince, the pope sent the crown to the royal king, th at 1253 p. in Dorogochinі on Buzі the messenger of the pope crowned Danil as the king.

The main prototype of the prince Danil Bula’s prototype organization of the Khrest campaign and the help of the sunset. All the same, in spite of the humorous papi, you didn’t get into it so much. That is all at 1254 p. Danilov having disbanded Vіiskovy pohіd, bastard bіdvіvvoyuvіt Kiev at the Mongol-Tatars, the main force of these boules is far to descend. Independently at first, I haven’t been able to do so well. I have no idea how much I paid dearly for failure. In 1259 p. the great Mongol-Tatar vijsko on the territory of Burunda несп was unsuccessfully ruined by Galicia and Volin. The Mongol-Tatars put Romanovich in front of a vibrator: anyway, they’ll choose all the Ukrainian homeless people, depriving them of the hopeless fallow of mercy of the Mongol-Tatars, but, in the face of the threat of inauspiciousness. From the stone on the heart Danilo Buve of temptations to see behind the ruins of the mure, Yakі Vіn so strangely planting.

The failures of the anti-Mongolian policies did not bring to rest the great joy that Danilo Galitsky had been able to manage in the midst of the sushid. Galichina showed great authority at Poland, especially in the Masovian princes. Tom, the Lithuanian prince Mindaugas (Mindovg) , a country that reputedly earnestly repaired, having received an offer of petition for the acts of Danilov in Mazovia. Until then, on the sign of goodwill, Mindaugas had the occasion to celebrate the love of two of his children іz blue and Donetsk prince Danil. Actively, now be a certain Galician ruler, Danilo took a fate from the political life of Central Europe. Victoristovy shlub yak osyb access to the bestowal goals, having befriended his sinah Roman with the offender of the Babenberzky throne Gertrude and having tested, I want not to leave, put him on the Austrian ducal throne.

At 1264 p. I’ve written 60 marching politicians and daniel Danilo died. In ukrainian history, we respect the most important of the rulers of the reigning princes. In the aphids of quiet folding furnishings, in some yomu there were dyati, yogo reachable boulevards are justified. Water time із відновленленням і роззірінням індуін батка Danilo Galitsky streaming Polish and Ugorian expansions. Having gone too far, there may be boyars, having achieved a half-day of socially-economic and cultural level of their own volodyn up to one of those who are in Scheme of Europe. Proteus did not have all the plans that succeeded. Danilov didn’t go over to uttermati Kyiv, as if he didn’t go far to any of its most important meta - take refuge in the Mongol-Tatar city. І all wіn spromіgsya to build the grip of the Mongol-Tatars to mіnіmumu. Namagayuschaysya vidoditietsya vid vpiv_v zі Descent, Danilo bawling at Zahіd, so themselves submitting to the butt of the Ukrainians butt, a kind of stink to enjoy in the usa offensive table.

With a stretch of 100 deaths, Danil in Volin and Galicia didn’t have a special honor. Установлений князями Данилом і Васильком стереотип правління — з енергійним і діяльним князем у Галичині й пасивнішим на Волині—до певної міри наслідувався їхніми синами, відповідно Левом (1264—1301) та Володимиром (1270—1289). Честолюбний і невгамовний Лев був постійно втягнутий у політичні конфлікти. Коли в Угорщині помер останній із династії Арпадів, він захопив Закарпатську Русь, заклавши підвалини для майбутніх претензій України на західні схили Карпат. Активно діяв Лев у Польщі, що поринула в міжусобні війни; він навіть домагався польського трону в Кракові. Незважаючи на агресивну політику Лева, наприкінці XIII — на початку XIV ст. Галичина й Волинь переживали період відносного спокою, оскільки їхні західні сусіди були тимчасово ослаблені.

Князь Володимир Волинський виявився протилежністю свого галицького кузена, й у взаєминах між ними нерідко виникала напруженість. Не бажаючи брати участь у війнах і дипломатичній діяльності, він зосередився на таких мирних справах, як будівництво міст, замків та церков. За Галицько-Волинським літописом, він був « великим книжником і філософом» і проводив найбільше часу за читанням і переписуванням книжок та рукописів. Смерть Володимира у 1289 р. засмутила не лише його підданих, а й сучасних істориків, бо, очевидно, з нею був пов'язаний раптовий кінець Галицько-Волинського літопису того ж таки року. Внаслідок цього лишилася велика прогалина в історії західних князівств, що охоплює проміжок від 1289 до 1340 р. Все, що нині відомо про події в Галичині й на Волині в останній період їхнього незалежного існування, зводиться до кількох випадкових історичних фрагментів.

Після смерті Лева в Галичині й на Волині князював його син Юрій. Напевне, він був добрим правителем, оскільки деякі літописи зазначають, що під час його мирного правління ці землі «цвіли в багатстві й славі». Солідність становища князя Лева давала йому підставу користуватися титулом «король Русі» . Ще переконливіше свідчить про його авторитет подія, що сталася у 1303 р. Невдоволений рішенням митрополита київського перенести свою резиденцію до Володимира на північному сході, Юрій отримує згоду Константинополя на заснування в Галичині окремої митрополії.

Двома останніми представниками династії Романовичів були сини Юрія Андрій і Лев, котрі разом правили в Галицько-Волинському князівстві. Занепокоєні зростанням могутності Литви, вони вступили в союз із лицарями Тевтонського ордену. Відносно монголо-татар князі проводили незалежну, навіть ворожу політику; існують також підстави вважати, що вони загинули в боротьбі з монголо-татарами.

Коли в 1323 р. помер останній князь місцевої династії, знать обох князівств обрала на стіл польського кузена Романовичів — Болеслава Мазовецького. Змінивши ім'я на Юрій і прийнявши православ'я, новий правитель узявся за продовження полііііки попередників. Попри своє польське походження він відвойовував землі, раніше захоплені поляками, а також відновив союз із тевтонцями проти литовців. У внутрішній політиці Юрій-Болеслав продовжував підтримувати міста й намагався розширити свою владу. Такий курс, імовірно, призвів до сутички з боярами, які й отруїли його у 1340 р. нібито за намагання ввести католицизм і потурання чужоземцям. Так власна знать позбавила Галичину й Волинь останнього князя. З тих пір західні українці потрапили під влад\ чужоземних правителів.

Протягом ста років після занепаду Києва Галицько-Волинське князівство слугувало опорою української державності. У цій ролі обидва князівства перейняли велику частку київської спадщини й водночас запобігали захопленню західноукраїнських земель Польщею. Тим самим у переламний момент історії вони зберегли в українців, чи русинів, як їх тепер називали, почуття культурної та політичної ідентичності. Це почуття матиме вирішальне значення для їхнього існування як окремого національного утвору в лихі часи, що насувалися.