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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Zakrіpachennya villages

From the zrostannyam of the nobility of the gentry, the settlement of bіdnіshalo. The gentry looked at the villagers as cheap I work for strength. By controlling the political system, the gentry could have conveniently taken advantage of the vimogi to the villagers. So, in Galichin XV century. rentals rent became about 14 days to rent . Protea through 100 rokіv a leathery dwarf member of the courtyard musing pratsuvati in the mat of his sir for two days. Tse became a statute of the law, if at 1557 p. at the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the adoption of the so-called "Charter on dragging", a kind of meta for the maintenance of the Unified System of Land, ala at once became a way to get the best rental. Pіznіshe villagers were able to see three-four days more for one day, and fewer. Mayuchi am an hour to ensure that you can dampen your hair, the villagers aren’t in a little bit more trouble; you shouldn’t be too quick for food, but take care of your life in advance.

For the sake of being comfortable with the visas of the villagers, the feudal lords systematically resigned from their traditional forms of self-government, assimilating the charity and civil servants, the lawless government, and the lawlessness of the law. The process of handing over the feudal lords in their livelihoods and the widening of their lordship in the village, most often dating back to 1457, if the stench denied the right to judge their villagers. For the sake of sanctuary, the furnishings allowed the feudal lords to get in touch with the other side of the special life of the villagers. The feudal lords went so far as to pay the villagers a fee for calling a sweetheart. The stinks also tempted the villagers to bark with pansky clays and shreds, as if they were often rented to Hebrews. With the appearance of the “Charter on dragging,” the right of the villagers to vlasna land was not recognized by law. The stench could bloom the earth, ale volodіti her mіg tіlki feudal lord .

Bagato villagers were shattered by the speed of their right to land the land of their feudal lord shukati krashoto doly deinde. Ale navіt tsyogo vibra ix was amused step by step. The villagers were allowed to go to bed at a singing time, on the road to Rizdvo, which was only for an extra fee for a fee and a familiar knowledge. In 1496 p. Tse right bulo obmezhene less than one statehood at the village on the river. Nareshti, at 1505 p. the Seimas has residually barred the villagers from the Kidati village without the permission of the pan. It’s not at all possible to relocate, forgiveness of special rights, for example exploitation, a peasant having become a big guy, and little more than seeing a servant of his noble dignitary. Thus, at that hour, if in Western Europe it’s been in the air, in Ukraine it’s in Ukraine, in the words of Engels, it’s in a different way, especially in operation.

Ale mira zakrіpachennya villagers in Ukraine are unequal. In densely populated regions, such as, for example, Galicia and Volin, strong Polish energy, the whole group has outplayed its slightly hard character. The prototype of the regionally populated regions, like the Karpaty especially Pridniprov'ya, rejected the shy hands and the rude actions of the villagers, they practically didn’t know the basics. Until then, Ukranian settlement did not allow itself to be revolted without a fight. In the years 1490-1492. Moldova, Bukovina and Galicia were surrounded by villagers rebel wire Fly . Wanting to rebel, about 10 thousand were registered. We crossed into the shortcomings of all of the best practices: the lack of clarity, the weak organization, the marriage of short-circuit problems. The inheritance of the whole stench was quickly recognized by the defeats, by confirming that without the help of those who were seen from the right and the right of the country, I would become unable to overcome the feudal monopoly on the power and privilege.

The inclusion of Ukrainians in the Polish-Lithuanian Rich Pospolitu gracious for them graceful stimulating fuel. Sunset, Ale immediately pinned pdvalvali protirich, so that it is possible to rescue them from Ukraine and Poles. The inheritance of the grain boom of the economy of Ukraine, as it is completely in the state of gratitude, has become completely unimpressed, one-sided, the fragments of the whole economy have been extended to the state gratitude. The water hours of the month and the industrial season were interrupted at the stagnation station. The order from the destroyed economically rivals was increased by the great grandparents of the growing socially disproportionate: the nobility of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did well to supervise the privileges; The fragments of Vlad, the trepidation and privilege in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were more and more associated with the Poles, but among the people who couldn’t get around themselves with Polish culture, there was a growing discontent.