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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Reforms in the Russian Federation

Pislya Polsky rebel 1830 p. The empire’s squad virishu obdnati so called the provincial governorate, who counted themselves in the Commonwealth, - to right-bank Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Similarly, as in the 1780s of Livoberezhja Rocks, the Bulo was more amused than their own self-made rice, in the 1830s of the Loborezhzha Robo come in for the right bank. However, in the XIX century The process of revival between the ranks of the empire is more systematic and all-inclusive in character, as early as XVIII. I came back no less than one in management, and I was afraid of the attempt to redirect the Right Bank to the cultural vision of “True Land”. Now, on earth, power seemed to be pursued by the policy of Russification.

Wanting Pershochergov’s meta-Russian politics fell into weak Polish influences on the Right Bank, she deprived her of the same small village code in the Ukrainian population of the U.V. At the leaf fall 1831 p. Mikola I having approved from Kiev special commission in the right of the provinces. The head of the committee, Viktor Kochubey Maw, instructed “to bring to the government of the Great Russian provinces all the land in the middle of the world”. All Polish schools (Ukrainian may not have been bullied) were shamed for the little month, and the right school was reorganized in the ambush ambitions and translated into the Russian language. In Krementsi, the Polish high school was lit. The nature of Kiev was rooted in the Russian University of St. Volodimir. Characterized by the introduction of a new university, the ministry of sanctuary Sergiy Uvarov vidverto saying: “The university of St. Volodimir is my creation. “Alas, I’m persuading a little friend, but I’m surely not able to conquer my mark ... expand the Russian nationality in the vast lands of Western Russia”.

General Dmitro Bіbіkov , who was from 1837 to 1852, became the symbol of the new regime on the Right Bank. Buv Governor-General of Kyiv, Podilsky and Volinsk Governorates. For the governorship of the whole soldier, “the word fell on the skin, but the blow of a kiyka”, Kyiv rebelled against the bastion of the Russian culture and the main firmament of the royal army.

Spiritsuyutsya on can vіysko, Bіbіkov, independent on scho, spending their policies. For yogo order 60 yew. Polish gentry bolshebavavshihsya noble letters and reduced to the rank of Commonwealth. Bagatokh was sent to the Russian government. Nearly 3 yew. Confiscation at the nobility of the mother’s boulevard was redirected to the village settlement, and the deputy of the Poles to the bureaucrats was appointed rosiyan. Skasuvannya at 1840 p. The Lithuanian Statute (Code of Laws, which relied on the perceptions of the average Entry), once and again with the right of Magdeburg’s right, marked the end of the laws of the European Union for its legal practice in Ukraine.

Acts of Bіbіkova crooked the camps of the national mas of Ukraine. At 1839 p. win the campaign of certainty (if correct - re-sure) of Greek Catholics at the Orthodox Church, Yekatera Katerina II. Volinsky, Podilsky provinces, as well as Bilorus Greek Catholic Church, who recognized the supremacy of Rome, even though they rooted and scribbled 2 million rubles. With a gentry of the mass deportation, as well as a purchase, Bibikov was given practical help on the territory of the imperial Greek Catholic Church. Vіrnіst Іy zmogla to save too little is small kіlkіst Greek Catholics at the outskirts of the Hill.

Although it was clear that the governor general didn’t enter before us, ale deyaki from the fourth political visits brought Ukrainians unspecified vigodi. For example, St. Volodimir’s edifiable universality, the celebrations of Kiev against the cultural influx of the Poles, win by taking a bribe, and because of this, I have to play a vital role in Maybuddy culture in Ukraine. So itself, organizing in 1843 p. Timchasovu komіsіyu for rozboru davnіh aktіv (Arheografіchnu komіsіyu) th spodіvayuchis otrimati proof of scho UKRAINE of nezapam'yatnih chasіv Bula rosіyskoyu, vіn zapochatkuvav Perche sistematizovanu kolektsіyu of Ukrainian arhіvnih materіalіv, Nada mozhlivіst Ukrainian patrіotam, SSMSC pratsyuvali in komіsії, glibshe penetrate sama at nerosіyske past the edge.

Pіdhіd Bіbіkova before settling as well as unsuccessful. In supreme health, the Ukrainian villagers are more comfortable and have better public relations, governor general uprovaju in 1847 p. Inventory rules. In them precisely the number of lands was beginning, the villagers were being infused, and also see the robot, the Yakin Vin Mikon for the sake of Pan. Bibikov, having slipped away the privatization of the privatization, as a result, they introduced a lady, having obstructed the right to get involved in the life of a villager. To the prototype, typical of the Russian bureaucracy, Bibikov’s offenders added a new rule to these rules, it became simply unfeasible to secure them, the nobility promoted the economy, as before. The deputy politicians and the rightful rogue villagers to the right bank were rebelled. Twisting at healthy biblical visits was more than one reason for proving that I want to stifle the old age, have independent control over the rest of the kingdom, and have less time to keep up to date.