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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Revolution 1905 r.

Persha Rosyiska Revolution leaned against the "crooked week" 22 September 1905 p. , while at the St. Petersburg police station there was a great peace demonstration of robots, they were portrayed with the portraits of the king at the ceremony with the pop-Ukrainian Georgi Hal Halon. On the whole day, about 130 people turned up the first hundreds of distant wounds. In the meantime, in the empire, shocks grew and that they were awakened by their appreciation, their moods, especially villagers and robots, before that time the princes were growing. The image of a good-minded blessed man of the Bulo was irrevocably blotted out, and all of this clear clarity was prompted by the absolute bankruptcy of the authorities. Zagalny gniv against the ranks shyvidko shook up for sympathy before the revolution, on readiness before the protest.

The protest of spring offensive littered the land of the most outlandish strike of the country, the apogee of becoming the magnificent zagalny zhovtnevy strike, in which nearly 2 million robotic workers took their fate, of which 120 thousand. in Ukraine. Watery hours in villages shvidko widened praises of agitation, but, as a rule, they were reduced to plundering and sleeping bedrooms of non-independent helpers. Navigate in the army vibuhali rebellion, the most significant of which are stabbed to death by the potemkin in the port of Odessa. Having been convinced that he would have to take orders from the country on the birch, the crew of Potemkin, who had formed the first place from the Ukrainian team from the governor of the Kharkiv governorate, Opanas Matyushenk, rebuilt and seized possession of the ship. Among the unofficial officers who have come to rebel, Buv O. Kovalenko is one of the most prolific members of the RUE.

In the minds of a growing vise, Tsar Mykola II reluctantly took action. The cultural moment has become the celebrated Manifesto of the 17th Zhovtnya, after a tsar granting his piddanim of enormous rights, having promoted the parliament, but the Duma. Before that, the empire is due to a small part of the constitutional monarchy.

The influx of revolutionary ups to Ukraine . The Ukrainian rukhov revolution brought two early abbreviations: won the last one to leave the kenets, the independent policeman fence, the Ukrainian movement allowed the Ukrainians to organize. The results were blasphemous and hostile on their own scale: almost in the fall of 1905 p. if only one Ukrainian newspaper was lost, then on the cob of 1906 p. It was already 17. The number of views of the two countries increased to 17.3 of which were found in Kiev. Huge numbers appeared in the skin area, but Ukrainian clubs, as they called them now. “Enlightenment” was broadened in the villages - cultural pledges, which are often taken away to the same organizations at Galichin. Persha at Scheme of Ukraine "Enlightenment" vinicle for example 1905 p. at Katerinoslav, and until the middle of 1907 p. according to the great cities of Ukraine, there are 35 registered, which is why the number of small villages in the villages is small. Boules of their “Enlightenment” at emigrants on the Far Descent. However, the revolutionary detachment navigated by dividing the extensive coordination of such partnerships. The axis was explained in one of the following documents: “Vrakhovuchi, you’ll hinder you, so that they“ enlighten ”to reckon on people, but now there’s a problem that is not unsuccessful ... Those who are now unable to allow awakening of the national and political relations of the small people ... adminstration of the governorate viidil vidmovity in the registration of the Ukrainian partnership "Prosvita" .

Everywhere, co-operative societies scammed, as though they chanted Ukrainian news: in the Kiev governorate there was a tremendous growth in 1904. to 193 in 1907, on Podilli — from 18 in 1905. up to 200 in 1908, and in the Kharkiv province - with two in 1905 p. up to 50 in 1907. It became residually obvious that right from the beginning the Ukrainian ruchiv waving its greatest potential, it’s lower possible.

Although the revolution caught the Ukrainian party, like all parties in the empire, the omen, the stench ignored the active part, for the sake of speeding with this vibuh. Nyenergіy dіyala “Spіlka” - Ukrainian part of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which’s been the mainstream of the Menshovik party. Especially successful she won on the strikes and demonstrations of villagers, massively recapturing them to their lavas. Lesser success at the wider social base was reached by the Ukrainian Social Democratic Robin Party (USDRP), an offensive of the RUE. Tverzhennya ії pribichnikіv, the number of members of the USDPRP at the time of the revolution pulled 3 thousand, boules, chantingly, perebilshenimi. However, the organization of organizing the polls at Poltava and Lubnakh for securing the order and the troubles of the Jewish communities was the famous crook in the goodwill of the good will of the Hebrew Bund. Ukrainian Liberals have shy little attempt to enter between international intelligence. Proteus carried out in the spring of 1906 p. vibrations to the State Duma;

The last moment of the revolution reigning on the cob of 1906 p., If the actions of the Tsara were committed to breaking the middle of the revolution . Satisfied with the guarantees of constitutional rule, the liberals went to take their fate from the vibrators to Dumi. But the radicals have violated their boycott, sternjuyuchi, and the socialist revolution has not ended yet. A fellow of such a strong Ukrainian party, like “Spilka” and USDRP, did not hang out with their candidates, the image appeared to be too small for the Ukrainian liberals. Protein means the great number of Ukrainians turned for the mandates of the Russian parties. Of the 497 members, 1 Dumi of the Ukrainian deputies included 63 Ukrainians, 22 Rosiyans, P'yatokh Poles, a couple of Hebrews and one Nimtsy. If the Duma was elected, the Ukrainian shvidko organized the parliamentary club iz ponad 40 deputies for the sake of their interests.

Ukrainian in Dumi sought to achieve greater autonomy for their country. Ukranian settlement has been unsupported with all its heart and soul. Not less popular bull vimoga ukrainskіzatsії sanіti, especially on the cob rivnі. Ale a detachment, v_dchuvayuchi themselves grandfathers moreover, vidknuv ikh. Representatives have respected it, and giving Ukrainians greater autonomy to burn their appetite to the point of independence. Foreign Minister Durnovo vіdіdomіvlіv Mikola II: "You must be consistent with the intense propaganda of the villagers of the governorate (Poltava - Aut.) Accept the resolution on the principle of independence of Ukraine,”

Mikolii II fell so little like the first try of the parliamentary rule, which was faster by its prerogatives and by releasing the 1 Duma in 72 days after the passage of the first click. Less than inviating the right to vote on a more conservative and small class, the tsar has repelled the tsar at the warehouse III and IV. Thought that was better, so that I could be satisfied. Yak I was in a proper position, being ornately owned, all Ukrainian parties did not waste time before the warehouse of the coming Dum, and Ukrainian meals, with such a rank, even the chain was ignored.

Pislyarevolyutsionna reaction. In 1907, revolving around the conservative majority at Dumi, the detachment was ready before the onset of the “revolutionary excursions”. Bulo is overtaken by the supra-musical camp and Suvoro, all the demonstrations are blocked. Throughout the whole year, there were introduced tribunals, as they sued hundreds of revolutionaries and rebelled villagers. Political parties booled at night, and the best knowledge of the leaders, including the old men of the RUE, flowed behind the cordon. One after another, Ukrainian clubs were launched. It was allowed to lose “Enlightenment”, the duty of which was built up before the production of the P'єs, that little science association. Ukrainian periodical vision, which appeared in such a rosemony in 1905, became practically familiar with it, and all kinds of rosma about Ukrainian sanctification were now exclaimed from the side of the authorities with a glazed door.

The anti-Ukrainian politics found an active way in the singing identities of the Russian suspension. The famous liberal Petro Struve in 1908 having written low articles, in some circumstances having required the idea of ​​“Great Russia” and criticizing the Ukrainian ruch for all-out patriotism. At the same time, rocky people, before the first holy old Russian nationality, having dialed a chauvinist zeal, grandfathers often bagato rossiens were amazed by the chance to have a Ukrainian, so that they can always separate Slightly stiffened a bit, on the other hand, Ukrainian Ukrainian paid for the same and the Austrian.

Dear Russian newspapers in Ukraine, like, for example, “New Time” and “Kyivan”, they constantly blocked readers from Ukraine. At 1908 p. in Kyiv, the “Club of Russian Nationalists”, having set a meta “to lead a slush cultural war against Ukrainian ruch to the grave of the foundations of the Russian State in Ukraine”.

Ale Ukrainian Mali y pribichnikіv. At 1911 p. in the All-Russian zezdnik zemstvo zemstvos near Moscow, representatives of the Kharkiv and Poltava zemstvos rishuce rushed to the Ukrainian movi schools for couch schools. Zemstvos in Ukraine have begun to promote the development of Ukrainian culture. In academic colleges, Ukrainian ruch was seized by such representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as Oleksiy Shakhmatov, Fedir Korsh, Ivan Baudouin de Courtenay. Particularly rіshuche pіdtrimuv vimogi Ukrainian Ukrainian autonomy stick theorist sionizmu Volodimir Zhabotinsky from Odessa. However, the good nature of becoming a vignette from the middle of the world in Russia and the Tsarskoye order before the Ukrainian ruch in rocky scho povshyy svіtіy vіynі.