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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

New Political Lad

Після strangulation rebellion 1848 p. The Habsburgs ruined the test of liquidating the revolutionary reform of the absolute power of the Tsar. The stinks let the parliament go and hinder the constitution - it became the ear of ten stifling neo-absolutism. In Galichin, de Ukrainian, the clergy turned to church reference, in 1851 p. Golovna Ruska Rada voluntarily self-released. One of the things I could do was fix the Ukrainians, yaklavlyavlivat life in China since 1850, they used to be equipped at the Lviv Russian People’s House - a cultural odyodka, which was popping up on the outside. The second may skryz on the month of activity and activity of 1848 rock came passivity and energy. One pretepny Ukrainians having fired: “What is the best for our People’s Dim, Tim is lower than our cultural dyalnist”.

All the same, the protesters were important, though they should not be forgotten, they would be better. At 1849 p. the name of Galicini’s bullet was named Agenor Golukhovskogo - a baggy Polish land-grader and first person, Franz Josef. There are two important aspects that are important: firstly, a new guide to the autocratic policy; in a different way, Golukhovskiy, having embraced a certain average strength for reach small, ale specific goals, was able to shorten the camp of the Poles, lower heroic, ale nevdaly rebel. The protractor of the offensive 25 rokіv Golukhovskiy, scho triches having been appointed as the governor of Galichini and the second ministry at Vidny, and the prominent role in formulating a new political order I will arrange in provincial.

Zrostannya polskih vpliv_v. He demonstratively proclaims his viddanіst to the Habsburgs and their namiri rightly put before the Ukrainians, Golukhovskiy, prote, systematically expanding in the ranks of provincial Polish influences. Behind the joy of Viden, I have seen the whole plan for Galichini’s submission to the Polish and Ukrainian parts. After that, in some kind of sympathy with Ukrainians before Russia, they kidnapped the dover’s squad to the “Tyrolean Descent”. Of the strengths of its own energy, Golukhov’s becoming a grandfather in front of his proprietary, anti-Ukrainian polity. I am pleased to join with the presence of Ukrainian at the Lviv University, and at the same time attend the meeting with the professor of Ukrainian Literature. Intercourse in the necessary congregation of Ukrainians, to win after trying to pass the Roman calendar to the Greek Catholic Church, and in 1859 a Latin abc for Ukrainian vidan. Here the wine is far away. Golukhovskiy’s projects cried out the Ukrainian Intellectuals ’training, which was already produced by the public. Baked superachki near the side of this food were redirected to the reference “abetkova vіynu” with the nameplate and weighed together. Ale Golukhovsky, having made an advance on the front, systematically substituting official officials in the Poles and expanding their native Polish schools. So we’ve prepared the ground for a quick build-up of Polish water from Galichin.

At 1859 p. there was one more major change in the history of the Habsburg Empire, since the French and the Sardinians defeated the third horrible attack in Italy. The weakened calls of the Habsburgs have been bitterly exposed to internal acts. On the whole, the neo-absolutist regime was confirmed and the constitutional rule was revised, once again. At Vidny the central parliament was called, and the leather industry rejected its own assembly. Until 1873 p. deputies of the central parliament flew from the number of deputies of assemblies.

Shchob mother pidtrimku vishchikh klasiv, V_den adjusting the vibration system, yak viradpov_dala іхнім інтересам. Members of the provincial assemblies were robbed by the chotirma categories, aborie curiosities, vibrants: the great earthclasses, chambers of commerce, citizens and civilians, the skinny representatives were singers. Of the 150 deputies of the Galician Sejm, the interests of the great earthly representatives were represented by 44 delegates, three chambers of commerce, 28 citizens, and 28 towns and cities (there were some kind of names that could have turned around) - 74. The deputy of the council of landowners has a lot of 52 vibrators, the deputy of the council of bullying has got 8764. For the Ukrainians, the people are overwhelmingly silly, the whole of which is completely inevitable. As a whole, from the Vibors to the Galician Sejm, a portion of the Ukrainians foolishly shunned 15%. The stink is also the same in Mali in an unproportionate amount of deputies at the parliament of Widen. Without summarizing, the most advantageous movement was reached in the parliamentary system of Galicia Polish nobility.

Ale Poles checked for more health. Znayoma model of the bull is repeated at 1867 p. Knowing the defeats of the world in Prussia, the Habsburgs, they had the best wishes for the far-reaching actions of the madam - the most powerful people of the world. The result of which was the Austro-Ugric compromise of 1867, almost half of the empire, including Transcarpathia, went right behind the straightforward side. The Habsburzka empire now has become the Austro-Ugorsk empire. Success of the supporters by sponding the Poles to dominate their co-operation over Galichina. Formally, having been satisfied with the price of vimogas, Viden, prote, having come to an unofficial political compromise: for the half-hour, for the Poles, to pressure the Habsburgs, for the whole reason for not getting involved in the politics of the Poles in Galich. In fact, Galicia is small to cross into Polish “power in power”.

Nespodіvane stronger floods of Poles in Galician help came significantly far quiet abilities, as a guarantee of greater seismic. Until 1916 p. only the Poles could ob_imati posad namisnika. If in the central order the ministry appears on the right of Galicini, then also wait for the Pole. Shvidko zvіlnavsyas vіd nіmtsіv і polonіzuvavsya bureaucratic apparatus. Shkіlna on the right, the Maye Tsіlkom interrupted in the hands of the Poles, from 1869 p. Polish Mova became official in the administration and administration of the provincial. On the social and economic and cultural level, the Poles were significantly stronger, lower than in Ukraine, the aristocracy were volodilized by great lands, and the incarnation of the Bula was more numerous, numbered and more distinct; хhnya is often in the Moscow population of a very small zrosta la, and хhny cultural reach until 1867 p. fought. It’s not wonderful that the Poles succeeded in reigning in their hands in Halychyna.

Tsіlі Poles near Galichinі. So how did the Poles get into order with their good authority? Schob zrozumіti polish policy in 1868-1914 pp., Look at each other’s perspective. Poles, virnіshe, gentry andinteligentsiya, more Polish villagers were characterized even by such a political and nivnistyu, as well as Ukrainian, - blasphemed by the people of zadzhenikh nadiy. At the end of the XVIII century. ikh reigned supremacy, and the rebellion of 1830 and 1863 pp. With the help of dual power, terrible misfortunes were recognized. The Ukrainian people, we could, scrambled their way out of the fuss and non-rebellious opponents, but the Poles didn’t give the Poles a calm, almost majestic lack of power before the Germans and the Russians. After the catastrophe 1863 p. at the way the poor people of Poland experienced important importance, the first major special process was Golukhovsky. Vidkidayuchi revolutionism is ineffective, Polish leaders set forth the policy of “organic principles”: specifically (not to say everyday life) activities for the appreciation of Polish dominance as a whip of modernity. Consciously hiding your thoughts for realizing your business was made in Galichin, that’s why they began to take a look at the Polish P',mont, that’s the bridgehead of the Polish people.

But what about the Ukrainians, the tsimi viddanimi of the Habsburgs, the Tyroleans of the Descent? The position of the whole nation has come to know in the words of one Austrian politician: “The nutrition about those who are in good standing in the Russian Federation is to lose the rostrum of the Galician Diet.” It seems that the Ukrainians have come to the mercy of the Poles. There were plans for the Polish patriotism for Galicia (a lot of them were boldly democratically inclined), the natural order dictated that they were negatively posed to the nationalities of Ukraine. The biggest opponents of the Ukrainian boulevards of “Podolyany” are arch-conservative Polish land dwellers from Galicia, they have not been less than Polish, and they have only one right to do so: Viddak so long ago that the Polish nobility and the Ukrainian village have been given a new and even greater vibration-free conflict of national interests. This one day confronted the confrontation between the Poles and the Ukrainians in Galicia with special hospitality.

The reason for putting the Poles to Ukraine (especially obvious is the middle of the conservative “Podolyans”) was reduced to the fact that the Ukrainian nation was in the same state as it was, moreover, it’s unnecessarily less than the Polish group. I’ll explain this as I declare one Polish leader: “Not the Rusyns of Russia, but the Polish Muscovite.” If іz іz іzkoy activіzatsііі Ukrainian at 1848 p. it began to fold away in one of these positions, the “Podolyane” seemed to take a new course, formulations Golukhovsky. Having violated, come in, hide on discrediting the Ukrainians at Vidny, on the galvanization of the national and social ruh being in the same way and on all the levels, on the basis of accelerated polonization.

With a special policy, the policy was carried out in public relations. Pislya 1867 p. Polish Mova Yak Mova Navchannya replaced the name of Lviv University and all professional and technical mortgages. Secondary schools were recognized as secondary schools, but gymnasiums: in 1914 p. there are 96 Polish and more Ukrainian polish schools, only one on leather 42 yew. Poles і 520 yew Ukrainian On the cob schools of Polish classes, there were three times more, less Ukrainian.

Discrimination of Ukrainian people was appreciated on all levels. So, in 1907 p. Polish cultural mortgages were canceled ten times the financial commitment, lower Ukrainian. Investments, vainly, were sent to the western, Polish part of the province. On skin skin Ukrainians stumbled not too much on a baiduzhist, and th on an active opir order. It’s stinky boulevard to lead the gostra, I’m going to fight for the skin, I’ll set up for the leather, the leather for the designation, by the day, for the leather ukrainian word.

Qiu is all-inclusive and often drib'yazkova vorozhnech was hacked up by the majority of psychologists from Polish and Ukrainian provinces. As a result of the celebration of Polish Intellectual Boulder, the ideology of the Ukrainian Intelligent Bula is clearly plebeian. In the words of Ivan Lisyak-Rudnitsky, “the skin of the blessings of the Ukrainian is one or two generations less than one’s past a pastor’s, but one’s a pastoral hut”. With one piece of rice, we’ve gotten to see the Polish and Ukrainian people, at the thought of the same Rudnitsky, those who “hurt the bulk of people respected their conflict with the same great XVII century. between the Polish gentry and the Ukrainian Cossacks. ”