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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Social and Economic Intelligence

In spite of the great political re-education, they recognized the Ukrainian people as a result of the collapse of the Austrian and Russian empires, the struggle for independence and the inclusion of them before Poland, the social and other benefits were lost. Inhabitants of the Ukrainian lands, nearly 25% of the territory of Poland were stored, bullets were irrevocable in the agrarian suburbs, but internal colonies;

Navigate beyond the Polish worlds of Zahidna Ukraine to the super agricultural land: close to 80% of the population of the country was stored by the villagers (nearly 50% of the Poles were at a loss), and less than 8% fell to industrial numbers (20%). On completion of these structural wads, the Ukrainian population of Bulo zmushene has developed such problems, as the descent of the message, the discriminatory policy, the deep flow of the Great Depression. In a word, the socially-economical share of Ukrainian citizens is higher. The Polish Bula is such a small, as it is, political settlement.

The main economic difficulties were being crushed in the city ​​of God’s gratitude, they were left behind so long ago, because of the problems that were overpowered, because of the overpopulation, the crisis was overloaded. 60% of the land was appropriated to the population of Ukrainians in the Polish regions for 1.2 million rural settlements. The problem was especially ghostly in Galichin, de ponad 75% of the villagers didn’t reach 10 acres. Tim hour nearly 2 yew. Great Matches, scho belonged to the Poles, and for an hour 10–20 thousand were dignified. acre, covered 25% of the land. In Volin, de great Polish landowners, the Bulo is smaller, the land more beautifully gave birth. and the villagers nadіli buli more, in the village there is more beautiful.

To address the problems of the state of unstable land in the 20s of the Rocks, the squad was holding the rozdіlovі of great petitions. However, the Ukrainian peasants gave the program little corridor, and the majority of the lands reached the Polish peasants and the newcomers of the siege. In the case of problems, the overpopulation of the village was less effective, lower number of people, emigrants showed up, fragments in the last period, the United States and Canada set a quota for emigrants, they could accept some stinks. As a result, in that period emigrated more than 170 thousand. Zakhidnyh Ukrainian.

The villagers, who had been struck down to reduce their share, were able to sell new promises. On the outskirts of the country, having fallen out of proportion to the maliyas and the already weakly accused industrial words of Poland; at 30 years of age, the rooki wyn became smaller, the fragments of the squad went through the promulgation of the Central Polish branch, the non-prolific provinces, the population mostly non-Poles. More than 135 yew. Ukrainian people were praised by robots in fiction and oil industry. The largest city center of Galicia was lost to Lviv іz populations of about 300 thousand. a member of the Polish Poles and Jews.

Yak і before vіyni, іntelіngentsіya promoted the health, cultural, cultural and social wіth kіrіnnіtsvo zakhіdnoukrainsky suspension. Ale on the vidnina vid of the XIX century .. since the great part of the class were priests, the greater period was overloaded by the greater generation of communion. Following the tributes of the Polish presenters, in 30 races, the intelligence became nearly 1% (15 thousand members) of the largest Ukrainian population, but it was almost the same (the middle of the poles was 5% higher). The main reason for the seemingly small number of Ukrainian Ukrainians is the politician’s party, which is fixed on those. schob accelerate for special non-national access to university. So. in Lviv University, a portion of Ukrainian ice was 10%.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Intellectuals have earned their livelihood, pratsuyuchi are overwhelmingly tellers or servicemen at cooperatives, they are shyvsto overgrown. The dekhto became such specialties as jurisprudence, medicine, pharmacology, the engineer on the right, and de monopolized the Poles and Hebrews. І all the same, service in the government installations was practically lost for the Ukrainians, - only one of the most important at the Ukrainian profession, - the posiak usi landings were designated for the Poles. The prototype of a positive heir to such an institution was the fact that it was a bit of a blessing for young Ukrainian Ukrainians to take the trouble to know the robot in the village and to the village, which has significantly improved social and cultural development. Alya knowing the work of the robot was easy, especially the hour of the depressions of the 30th rock; tse pogіrshuvalo th without that nevne cemetery ukrainian іntelіngentsії. Remaining all the time, I hated the Ukrainian hatred before the Polish regime, pretending to reconcile, that all the main problems can be deducted more than you can for granted in the Ukrainian state.