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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Ukrainian to Czechoslovakia

Describe in the main gnitty uchis іsnuvannya ukrainіtsіv at mіzhvіnny period, kindly pay for one, I want krikhіtniy, umolok tsoy people, the proportion of this for a whole hour was significantly increased: the whole of Ukraine Transcarpathia. Izolovanі vіd spіvvіtchiznikіv Karpaty mountains, Karpatoukrainian (abo Rusini, like stinky foodstuffs to name yourself) boules are most likely to be excused from the political, social and economic cultural. If the Austro-Ugrian empire fell, the Kinets sent to the Madame gnіtі, with the region uvіshov to the warehouse of Czechoslovakia. On the other side of the forced annexation of the western and Ukrainian lands of the Carpathian Ukraine from the Czechoslovak Bulo voluntarily. Unuslidok is written in metro Skrentoni (state of Pensilvania, USA) at the leaf fall 1918 p. please, with some leaders emigrants from Transcarpathia, we waited for the included ways of the fatherland to the warehouse of the new Czech state to remember the autonomy.

From the news of the new powers of the Scheduled Syrup of Czechoslovakia, we will find a democratic one. Vidtak won’t spend much of her time with such a disciplinary policy of discrimination and asymmetry, as Poland and Rumunia. Protest doesn’t mean that behind the central unit and the populations, the boules are unconflicted.

The Nutrition is about autonomy, as if it were a reincarnation that was due to the strain of Prague and a shameful provision. However, the Czechs allowed the Carpathians to have a wider world of political and cultural self-realization, as much as it would be if it is Mali.

At 1921 p. in Czechoslovakia lived approximately 455 thousand. karpathoukrainian. Of these, 370 thousand, and 85 thousand, were delayed at the cesky parts of the country. Populated by the outskirts of Pryashev at the Slovak part of the federation. Bazhayuchi modernization of the entire region of their new state, the Czechs have been magnetized to live in Transcarpathia. In the 20s of the Rocco Bulo, there are great great Ugrian dolls, approximately 35 thousand. Selyansky statehoods shamed off dodatkovі dіlyanki, and two acres were skinned. Understandable contrast to Poland and the Rumuni Blvd., those who have a big squad in their own population of the Ukrainian territories having contributed more, less than Viluchav. However, there is little to be invested in, but it seems that they are better and worse in the region. On the cob of the depressions of the 30s of rocky populations of Transcarpathia, weighed heavily, we spent an hour wagging hunger for the broad masses of people.

From the point of view of the cult of culture, a little politics showed itself to Zhadan Zmіn Pіslya Intensively Madarizatsії. Overdraft of matured kіlkіst blessed mortgages. Mizh 1914 and 1938 pp. the number of cobs grew from 525 to 851, and the gymnasium grew from II to II. Moreover, a squad has allowed the population to brow in my schools on the vibrant vibir. This kind of liberalism is due to the idea of ​​cultural partnerships, such as “Enlightenment” and the Partnership rusofilim im. Dukhnovich . Prosperous theatrical corpses and hori. The modest cultural renaissance was inspired by the creativity of such scribes, as Vasil Grendzha-Donsky, Andriy Karabeles, Oleksandr Markush .

Ale cultural life of Transcarpathia is not blissfully amused by folding and conflict. Because of the wider world-wide population gain, democratic political processes brought to the forefront the power of national self-reliance, which at that time already started to grow in most Ukrainian lands. Like it was, it’s become the Perchercher method of the Transcarpathian Integral Generation. І, as a rule, it is worthwhile to compete in the early stages of the national buddy, along with the nutrition of the winery.

Go to the national food. A number of senior representatives of the Intellectuals, and the Central Catholic clergy in general, in the situation, in particular, the earlier small in Galicia, expanded Russian-language tendencies. Although I wanted russians, until some time I had a bagato of various people living there, I approved the number of organization organizations and partnerships, and I read a lot of them. Dukhnovich, the stench of mali is a short nonsense: with all the necessary magnetism, the fact that significant new and cultural divisions between them and the Russians was completely unsuccessful was lost. Owing to the fact that the grandfather’s grandfather violated the indefiniteness of ideology and ideology, it explained the difficulties in people who had learned about the young people of Ukraine.

Our tendency was reduced to absolutization of special features, so long as the words сь population of Transcarpathia are рем surrounded by Russian nationality. Bagato from the bishops ’boulevard with the priests of the Czech Republic, as well as from the arrival of the Czechs, they respected for the reason that they should give their sympathy to the pride to the machine of localism. The «idea of ​​ств nesting’ in the vicinity of the country with hundreds of thousands of people looked weakly argued, especially looking at the closeness of the competence of the Transcarpathians to the Ukrainians, who inhabited the Carpathians. The result is local, but Russian, variant will be the weakest.

Obviously, the Ukrainian stream has come to light, has shipped in the midst of the new news, intellectuals, students and students. Yak in the 19th century Galicia, the Yak of the People’s Republic of Young Intelligentsia was repaired, which was struck by the many sounds of the villagers. At the same time, the growth of independence among the people, the people’s culture, the traditions of Christianity of a shameful rite among the lesser populations of the Carpathians, as well as the consolidation of the Ukrainian National Park in Galicia became more and more complicated.

About the grandfather’s vision of Ukraine’s flow of music є є є organ organization ’zrostannya in 30 rock. Ukrainofiles at the party with Augustin Voloshinim, Mikhail and Yulіn Braschaykami conquered the Holy Partnership “Prosvita” , as a result of a shy vidtisnival competed by the Partnership Russofilіv ім. Dukhnovich. Especially popular among the middle of the young generation community was the organization of Ukrainian scouts “Plast”, which scored 3 thousand. member_v. At 1934 p. until the age of Ukrainian teachers there were about 1200 members, and two thirds of all teachers in Transcarpathia. High school students of the university became especially stick stickers of Ukraine. The middle of Ukrainian Transcarpathia, which could have been politically and politically and nationally obsessed, is torn by conspiratorial ambushes of the OUN, and there is not a small strong representative with a stretch of all 30s of rock. Wanting the best of Ukraine, they became the henchmen of the integral national nationalism, but the significant part went over to pro-Armenian positions.

Karpathoukrainsk autonomy . Creatures between the Carpathians and the Ukrainians were in the hands of the Czechs, and Prague was hardened by them as a drive for freedom from the above autonomous regions. However, in 1938 p. The International Movement weakened the camp of the clerk’s detachment. The infidel of the Munich Pact to the Nazi Nіmechchini vіdіyshla is populated by the part of Czechoslovakia; From the movable lands of the powers beyond, the plan was far away from the division of the Czech state. During the period from which the Slovaks achieved autonomy within the Czechoslovak Republic. Having spoken about the hit of the prazdyku detachment, the provinces of the three of the Transcarpathian fractions both came to terms and also wanted autonomy. The Czechs were not deprived of the vibra, as it was. On the 11th of 1938, the Zakarpattya River self-liberated.

Wanting to persuade autonomous administration, Russophiles seduced Russophiles Andriy Brody and Stepan Fenzik , the stinks were very quickly discredited to themselves as agents of the Ugric and Polish. Instead of them, Prague has announced a new office, which has been formed in Ukraine on the basis of Augustine Voloshinim . Voloshin’s detachment proceeded inadvertently to the rebuilding of Transcarpathia, which of the Carpathians-Ukraine, was most likely called, of an autonomous Ukrainian state. The system of sanctification was Ukrainianized, having appeared on the right and administering. At the fierce 1938 p. on vibrators to the regional parliament, 86% of the vibrators were received. Toda bula is formed by Karpatska Sich - the organization’s organisation, but it was almost 5 thousand without any chance. bіtsіv.

For the purpose of building strong and strong power, there were reasons for this: with the Czechoslovakia rush, the Ugric region was waiting for the turning of their vast lands near Transcarpathia. If the first detachment of the Carpathian Ukraine, Ugrian vіyska, took shape, they occupied the part of the region, having condemned the Ukrainians to transfer the capital from Uzhgorod to Khust. With the outstretched of his own short, shortest detachment of the Carpathian Ukraine, he was standing in front of the constant threat of the Ugrian attack.

The confession of the Ukrainian detachment in Transcarpathia was celebrated by the great influx of the most influential Ukrainians, especially among the Galician people. Bagato was respected from them by the first crook on his hat until the inevitable creation of an independent Cathedral Ukraine. Pragnuchi cleanse the Persian land on Ukrainian soil, which gained freedom, the bagato of young integral national Galichini illegally crossed the cordon and entered to the Carpathian Sich. However, in the middle of the OUN wire, it wasn’t one of a kind that, as a rule, conduct policies. Most young Galicini radicals were blaming inappropriately and widely for the Carpathian Ukraine, who are older than the core behind the cordon, knowing about the plan for Nimes, appealed to the streamenost.

An unreasonable reason for the concern of the senior integrated national nations has become zrozumіlimi. In a pact with the Ugorshchina, Hitler lived on the occupation of all of Transcarpathia, on the 14th birch, 1939 p. in the region uvishli ugorski vіyska. I hopelessly do the job for the number of those who want it, Karpatska Sich repaired the key, prote mniy opir. 15 birch Voloshin’s detachment symbolically voted nezalezhno Republic of Carpatho-Ukraine. And later, through Kіlka Godin, according to that, the Buvan of the vengeance was leaked to the cordon.

Winery of the Carpathian Ukrainian Autonomy seemed paradoxical. In the middle of the world’s western lands, the region of the region will be rendered to the social, economic, cultural and business community. However, it’s on the same territory as it reaches the singing level of self-liberation. Independently on short wik, the order of the Carpathian Ukraine mavl rspiv, similar to the rush of Ukrainian units in the period 1917-1920 pp. Tsey izzod takozh kriva u sobіvly important vysnovki shodo nimetsko-Ukrainian stosunkіv, serving as a conclusive proof that as little Ukrainians could have relied on the good will of Hitler.

National indifference, difficult social and economic character, as well as hostile strength of the Nazi Niemechchini and the Soviet Socialist Republic were brought before the democratization of the whole political regime throughout the whole period. Tsya radicalizatsіya chimdali broaderly popped up not less than the intellect, and the first traditionally passive villagers. For all their modernity, I brought self-help and help to the middle part of the villagers, wishing to protest in protest against the national losses and the loss of life from 1930. Moreover, won’t be so much like it before, I’ve shaken it up to politically dyalnost, a secret to radical dіy.

Roscharovany with unsuccessful magnetization to conquer power over self-liberation, Ukrainian people have emerged especially sensitive to these irrelevant tendencies. Independent of the wide development of “organic robot”, it was obvious that the integral national nationality of the OUN itself became the middle of the middle of Ukrainian, and in front of young people who found themselves in a big ruin. On the other hand, they have not recognized such dramatic social and economic benefits, nor have they lost their free time and lost their free time. In order to find the most widespread Ukrainian nationalism, having gathered the middle generation of the most popular Ukrainians, they entered a mature age at 30 rocks, and they manifested themselves as a kind of total fanaticism and idealism.