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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


From close to Europe, another Ukrainian citizen, who had been living, could only have little time to spend quite a while before the war, she could have led to some kind of wonders. Those who suffer from wounds of the past, and in the back parts - from the grandfather of the greater repression of Poland, Rumania and Ugorshchyna, the Ukrainian Malaysia, should be able to come back to their homes to be able to bring them more and more carefully. Prote ti, who so guessed it, tragically pardoned, most of all, they wanted to radically change the camp of Ukraine, their share became more good. A fall of Poland to the cob of vyny was called before the establishment of a representative regime in the Western Ukraine. That, signaling gladiyskі vіyska, nіmetskі attackers brought with them the Nazi regime, scho having grabbed the heights of the horostokost in Ukraine. Having reckoned among the Nazi and Radyansky regimes, they were amused by the Vlast power, which captured the most interesting interests, the Ukrainian people wandered, as though they had no other, unhindered by the complete mercy of the whole world.

Wine in Ukraine: first etap

As long as Ukraine relishes, it is possible for a friend of svitovy vіynu to add two different stages. Pershy pochochavsya 1 heather 1939 p. , if they attacked Poland, and the Radyansky Union recklessly recouped the territory of the Russian Federation. The main rice of this kind, which was a little richer than the ukrainian Ukrainians, succumbed to the transition of the land to the occupation of new power, in front of the Radian. Another stage, about a certain distance, seemed like an attack by N_mechchini on the Soviet Socialist Republic of 22 worms 1941 p. th trivia until autumn, 1944 p., if the name is bully vignan from Ukraine. At the end of the hour, all of Ukraine has been barred by the Nazis.

Sered bagatokh chinnikiv, they’ve been called up to win, the most significant is the number of diplomatic rivals, as well as they celebrated the Ukrainian non-stop flow. Signed 30 Sunday 1938 p. The Munich Pact , the most powerful powers in English, were far away from trying to pacify Hitler, allowing the Czechoslovak Republic (Zakarpattia) to be divided. But Ale zamist zadovolennaya domagan Gіtlera tsey viyav spineless conquest of the most powerful powers lispaliv at the Nazis appetite to further territorial zagarban. Now there is an uninterrupted sound with vibuhi vіyni mav letters 23 Sickle 1939 p. Nazi-Radyansky pact - only one of those found in historical lands. Hitler, who didn’t whip up hatred for a joyful system and his territorial claims for similarities, hot feelings, and first of all misfortune for his opponents at the entrance, neutralize the Radyansky Union. Having come to your side to sign up with Hitler to please about non-aggression and neutrality, be able to do so by yourself and directly aggression the Nazis in such a way that you can save your time and money. Crumpled by the persecution of the two powers, the Nazi-Radyansky pact also transmitted the exchange of syrovin and zbroє. Moreover, before entering the same protocol, a certain Hitler and Stalin were informed about the distribution of Europe in the higher realm of energy and occupation. Behind it, the Radyansky Unions were handed over to all the Western lands. Mayuchi guarantee the neutrality of the Radyansky Union, Hitler attacked Poland, having put down the cob of other svіtіvі vіynі. Kvaplyachsya with your own part of the ginucho polish power, 17th spring Radyansky vіyska entered from Shіdnu Poland and occupied even the whole land, populated by Ukrainians and Belarusians. For .chotiri tizhnі polish power ceased isnuvati.

Radyanska occupation of Western Ukraine . On the cob of their first pay for Western Ukraine, which has been torn for 21 months, the Radyans regime has been forced to rely on the population with "hearts and thoughts". Bilshoviks stunned, they came to us as the “great-grandfather of great humanistic principles”, rightly so as to protect the Nazis and the Nazis with the help of the Nazis, helping the minorities and the two brothers. Especially zusillas were shy in order to make the new regime more tolerant in the western Ukrainians. The new regime has also come to the senses to tidy up a democratic look. Zhovtnya, 1939 p. in organizing vibori, on such populations they voted to vote for the single list of candidates who were promoting the annexation of Western Ukraine by the Radyansky Union. It’s not marvelous, close to 93% of the voters voted like the hot regime. At the chervny 1940 p. SRSR zmusiv Rumunіy vіddati Bessarabia and Bukovina. In this way, up to 7 million Meshkants of Western Ukraine were accorded to the Ukrainian Radian Republic of Bulo.

Acting politically come in. Glad brought concrete abbreviation to the later Ukrainians. Bulato bagato zrobleno for ukrainizatsії that zmіtsnennya system svіti. Until the middle of 1940 p. There are about 6900 of them at the Zakhіdnіy Ukrainyі, about 6 thousand of them. Ukrainian. Ukrainian MOV became my weekend with the renamed honor of Ivan Frank of Lviv University - the fifth long-standing bastion of Polish culture, which now has doors for Ukrainian students and professors. Remember to provide medical services to the population ahead of the village. The boulevards of nationalized industrial trade, which were previously controlled by the Poles and the Hebrews. Ale chi was not the most popular crook. It became the expropriation of the Radian dominion of Polish zemlyaslovnikov and obytsyanka redeployment among the villagers of the land.

In parallel with these reforms, for the sake of dismantling, the political demographic, social and economic and cultural infrastructures began to take place. In an unfortunate way, since the arrival of the NKVS, you have registered and deported to the Ukrainian Political Leaders. Boulevards are open to the UNDO and the Ukrainian National Political Parties. Likvidovuvalosa bagato cooperative, and іnshі reorganized into a joyful zrazok. They pinned their reading and reading books on the Prosvita partnership. Vid 20 to 30 thousand. Ukrainian activists, who know how to live "at one hour", have flowed to the level of Polish occupation. Due to the organization, organization and party, which were represented at the center of the western Ukrainian liberal-centric trends, only one less political organization - more than half - was lost.

Behind the number of number of happy officials, as if pouring water from Zakhidnu Ukraine, little was used to make a new image of the new regime. Sounds to the “proletarian” methods of robots, the stinks of a few times shocked the audience for the primitive and rude, as they did not wear the nose of the “advanced social fret.” Representatives of Radyansky Ukraine, as well as everywhere else, lit up with my Russian opinion, shyvidno rozvili ilyuzії about their praise of "Ukrainian".

We were encouraged to rejoice over the state ahead of the community, who have come to the present and become in a special suit for the new regime, additionally allowing the Ukrainian nationalities to become more comfortable. Oskіlki middle of these communes, as well as middle officials, pribluzh iz from the Radyansky Union, Bulato Bagato реvreїv, then mid-Ukrainian, as well as the middle of the Poles, it began to grow antisemit mood. But it’s not fun for the Radyansky regime of the pink and white baguette of the communes, especially if there are many of them for the order. Stalin’s bulo has been apprehended and frightened for watching in Trotsky’s.

For an hour, it seemed that the least privileged side of the first Radian reforms began to appear. The bulo is well-worn, right now, expropriated to the Polish landowners and the "best sellers" of the most important villagers, now we are collecting collectives, and nearly З ° ° is fair and collectively. Pislya tsogo is magnificent the greater number of villagers, as if from the ear itself, were carefully set to Rad, and they were left to return to the new regime. It’s a hint that the representatives of the Intellectual Society were in a bad mood for those who stole the robot in happy cultural institutions, but they’ve become very visible, but they have become completely controversial without warning.

To strengthen the engagement of Ukrainian people to their church, a new regime for adhering to the Church, treating the Greek Catholic Church, and provisionally negligible minority relations. Priests of goiters called for mothers special passports, and for the church’s vicar, a detachment vimagav high temple tax. Alya acted and obmezhennya recruited stingy scales. Radyansky authorities blocked the religion in schools, confiscated church lands and strengthened anti-religious propaganda. Similar policies were carried out throughout the Orthodox Church in Volyn, and, moreover, the mahagany was ordered to order the Moscow Patriarchate.

Hinged 1940 p. regime by throwing in the mask of democracy and by spreading large-scale repressions - like against Ukraine, so against Poland. Naybilsh broadened and terrible ikhonim ryzvidomom became deportation. Thousands of obvious “enemies to the people” without a lazy shift, the court decided to get a formal call for hearing, drove them from a car for thinness and transported them to Siberia for Kazakhstan for non-legal minds. Bagato deportovanih drove, an hour full of homeland.

Pershila Khvilya of deportations was stocked up with the most polish, ukrainian and hebrew polish dyyachіv, promislovtsov, zemlevlasnikiv, trades, officials, lawyers, government officials and the priest. Pіznіsh aresht zagrozhuv skin, who ototozhnuvavsya with Ukrainian nationalism. At prikintsevuyu etapi, hinged 1941 p., The regime has already deported people without analysis. All were deported - I am quiet, who are you kindred for the cordon, who listened to them, I am quiet, who are zayishov and my friends at the moment of a fresh warning, and who I have, for special reasons, had to don’t worry. in an unhappy hour. “Nihto, literally not at all the urge to be honest with the fact that Good night isn’t the last devil,” he wrote a testimony.

Behind the tributes of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, only one Galichini Radyanska Vlad deported about 400 thousand. Ukrainian More often the Poles suffered, especially the colonies, - the Polish detachment in Vygnanny Sherdzhuvav, the first hour of the Radyansky occupation of the Polish territories in the Radyansky Union. Blvd. The insidious victim of the catastrophe became the recession of the political capital of the pan-Polish nation, a yak, having lost the mark of his own ordinance, the rap of the gnoblyacho was turned into slander.

Inclusion of Western Ukraine to the warehouse of the Ukrainian RSR, without summing up, it’s worth the great historical vagi, fragments of the top for the bagato table of Ukraine have been recognized within the boundaries of one sovereign structure. Ale, through her disjointed triviality, forcibly forcibly didn’t inflict glorious revenues in Zakhidny, nor in Radyansky Ukraine. I still have very little singing enthusiasm: first, knowing the Radyansky system appeared for the most recent Ukrainians in the main negative dostvidom, the result of a kind of bagato came out of them, which means that they’re very unique.

Ukrainian pid nimetskoy payback. Yakshcho is magnificent the most Ukrainian people spent on the period 1939-1941 rr. If I’m glad I’m in, then the deyak ikh of the part is backed up by the right of occupation. Nearly 550 yew. Ukrainian Lemkivschina and Kholmshchins, who are in the outskirts of Poland, have reached the German occupation zone.

Volodimir Kubіyovich

Volodimir Kubіyovich

The Poles have clarified that the center of Ukraine’s nationalities, the sights of these regions, and the middle of Ukraine are economically, culturally and politically united. Proteus between 1939 and 1940 rr., Ridyuyuschih vіd perelіduvan bіlshovikіv, syudy flowed in from Galicini 20-30 yew. ukrainian n olitichnyh bіzhentsіv . Actors from them dispersed in the middle of their fellow countrymen, they fell in love with Krakow, the center of the activity of Ukrainian benevolents, who were nearby, active in the Ukrainian community in the majority of the cities and towns of the General Region.

The Governor-General Hans Frank, having rejected Hitler’s special order to respect the territory of the colony of the highest population, has less than minimal rights.

Although, theoretically, all the power was dominated at the hands of Frank, some of whom followed the orders of Hitler, and in practice the Gestapo (Nazi police) in the control of the region often appeared to be the same, as Frank himself.

In an unfortunate way, when I came to meet the main economic and social needs of the Ukrainian population of the General Governor’s office, dozens of self-help committees won’t come to the warehouse, and members of the OUN’s fenders went away. Hinged 1940 p. From the frivolous sights of Frank, these committees have approved a coordinating body in Krakow under the name of the Ukrainian Central Committee, having turned around the head of the famous geographer Volodimir Kubіyovich. The UCC is the Ukrainian mortgage of social care, the obligations of which are clearly seen in the hands of ill, literate people, homeless children, and in the organization of the huge public health service, They secured clarity because they were given zooms, but the UCC is not matched by any political prerogatives.

Alya, visually appreciative of the functions, the UCC also frightened one of the most powerful programs in Ukraine and the last day of national holidays. The Nazis marveled at a neutral-singing world in Russia, which would increase Ukrainian national resistance to the influx of the number of Poles. Because of the reasons for the fact that they often skipped the sign of the appointment of the Ukrainians to another place in the administrative part of the city in ethnically small communities. If, for an hour, the Ukrainians bored their new campsite, so that they could take revenge on the Poles for a bunch of old rockies, they didn’t give significance to them.

Nearly 800 Kubinovich Kubіyovych’s clerks were at home with an overwhelming organisation of Ukrainian schools, co-operative and young groups, who lived in large numbers, who lived in Galicia. The stinks also clogged up in Krakow for some time. They have closed the circulation of the Ukrainian press in the region. Thanks to the committee, the Ukrainian side helped Ukraine to compensate for it three times, they stumbled upon the stinks of Polish gnoblennya, and often felt sick about it, trying to win the night time and the occupation. Pislya attack nimtsіv on the SRSR and included Galichini to the warehouse of the General Governor of the UCC by expanding the duty of i Galicia. By extending the initiative to one organization, I could, if I wanted to, even with a secured peace, the struggle for social and economic interests of the Ukrainian Governor.

Ukrainian pid of the Ugric payback . Pislya yak y Bereznі 1939 p. Ugorska army seized Karpatska Ukraine threw the third detachment, Zakarpattya entered the warehouse Ugreschiny stretched out the war for one part of the country. Through a bad memory of memory of Vіkove Madyarske Panuvannya, Kіnets yakom priyshov in 1918, about 550 yew. Ukrainians in the region didn’t have a turn of the Madar. Reluctantly at first celebrate the good of hostility, the Ugrian detachment after giving an autonomy to Transcarpathia. Ale nevdovzі it became clear that there was no goiter, no need to see it, that’s why for the population of Transcarpathia, I’m going to do Madarization.

At once, the Magyars made an all-inclusive attack on Ukrainofilov at once. Hundreds of houses were built, thousands were reposted, about 30 thousand. flowed to the Galichini sushidno (de Bilshoviks, in their own way, bagatokh iz from them deported to Siberia). Bulo is blocked by all Ukrainian views and organizations, including “Enlightenment”. Of the recollections of the higher education in Transcarpathia, the growing Ukrainian ruch, the Ugric detachment, however, not having been ready for the completion of the second year of marching (I would like to take care of my cultural needs, especially at school). The nature of winnings has changed, but is Russian-speaking, variant, everywhere, about those who are most of the population is okremiy, the people of Russia, who are like a stretch of music in the name of the madars. The main providers of this approach were the police and the longtime agents of the Budapest detachment Andriy Brody and Stepan Fenzik . The czarized Greek-Catholic clergy entered upon the main social base.

Ugorska’s Vlad didn’t only spread rot in Ukraine politically, but called to the dead before the end of the economy and exploitation of the region. The one positive aspect of the sixth Ugric occupation of Transcarpathia was that those who overlooked the edge of the Nazi bulk were in sight, and that’s the same as the last part of the great part of Ukraine. However, she didn’t vryatyvat ponad 100 yew. On the edge of the country, most of them were cast into Nazi death camps.

Andriy Melnik Stepan Bandera

Andriy Melnik Stepan Bandera

Rozkol in the OUN. With the vibe of the vinyi the superechki, who’d got an hour to go to the OUN, they burst into the name. Among the veterans of the Borotbi 1917-1920 pp. From the transcendental wire of the OUN and the young Galician radicals, who entered before the organization of 30 rakas, the wines of the state of super-extremeness. A group of radicals led in the terens of Western Ukraine an active fight against the Polish order, and the members often fell into contact with vyaznitsy. Обидва табори не мали розбіжностей у принципових питаннях, бо підтримували основні догмати українського інтегрального націоналізму, проте їх розділяли вікова різниця, особисті сутички щодо питань тактики. Після вбивства Коновальця у 1938 р . його наступником бачили його близького соратника Андрія Мельника , людину культурну й стриману. Молоді радикали зі свого боку доводили, що для керівництва ОУН у тяжкі часи, які наближалися, більше підходить їхній діяльний і вольовий товариш Степан Бандера , нещодавно звільнений із польської в'язниці.

Ще до виходу Бандери та його товаришів з ув'язнення їхні прибічники спрямували на закордонний провід ОУН справжній шквал критики. Бандеру засуджували за те, що він занадто спирався на підтримку чужоземних держав і особливо Німеччини, нехтуючи потребою розвивати «органічні» зв'язки з народом Західної України, за повільність і пасивність дій на політичній сцені, за дозвіл «політичним спекулянтам і опортуністам» займати керівні посади. У вересні 1939 р. Бандера зажадав, щоб ОУН утворила підпільну армію, готову боротися з кожним, хто стоятиме на шляху до української незалежності,— навіть якщо це будуть німці. Він вимагав, щоб ОУН зав'язала із західними союзниками такі ж контакти, як з Німеччиною. Але Мельник та його прибічники вперто боронили свої позиції, доводячи необхідність збереження пріоритетної орієнтації на Німеччину, оскільки західні держави не виявили заінтересованості в підтримці українських прагнень, і тому створення підпільної армії лише призведе до каральних заходів німців, а не забезпечить якихось військових чи політичних переваг.

Найсильніші пристрасті розгорілися навколо питання про новий провід ОУН. У серпні 1939 р., коли багато суперників фракції Мельника ще перебували в ув'язненні, вона скликала в Римі конференцію, на якій офіційно проголосила Андрія Мельника вождем ОУН. Проте 10 лютого 1940 р. Степан Бандера зібрав конференцію в Кракові, на якій його фракція відкинула рішення Римської конференції. Не в змозі досягти компромісу, кожне угруповання оголосило себе єдиним законним проводом ОУН. Ті, що стали на бік Бандери, а це була молодіжна більшість організації, стали називатися ОУН-Б чи ОУН-Р (революційна) , або просто бандерівцями: прибічників Мельника, що складалися з поміркованих інтегральних націоналістів, називали ОУН-М, або мельниківцями .

Ця схизма в лавах ОУН, без сумніву, завдала великої шкоди справі інтегрального націоналізму. Ворожнеча між двома фракціями сягала такої гостроти, що вони нерідко боролися одна проти одної з не меншою жорстокістю, ніж з ворогами української незалежності. Таким чином, українські інтегральні націоналісти виявилися глибоко розмежованими напередодні великих випробувань війни. До того ж запеклі чвари між ними завдали шкоди всьому рухові українського інтегрального націоналізму й послабили його моральний авторитет.