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Credit rozrahunkovі operations - Milay A.O.

Rozdil 2 Organization of credit process to the bank

2.1. Principles of Credit

It is more important for an efficient organization of credit loans by banks and clients to have the principle of bank credit. Bank credit for the following principles:

• rotation;

• string;

• whole character;

• security;

• loan repayment.

The principle of rotation is represented by the diurnal poses. Realization of the whole principle means that you have to wear shirts and poles for more hours. Here are the most common items, but the most important thing is that I’m able to pay more attention to them. I have my own cherk, the whole principle of this principle, like string. Pozika maє buti is turned into a late date for term term speculation, and is more likely to be assigned to goiter’s mandate. These terms are denoted by the actual lines of credit card billing on financial instruments, as they repudiated the position. Turnaround and stringency of credit. Stimulate the race. The need to pay off poses for terminology terms is the most effective for a repaid loan and I can help a commercial bank to get my own credit to clients, since I have a resource.

View the pre-loan line principle and the credit line to cover the availability of new loans, one or more credit resources to turn over the loan earlier. Decreased these principles of credit should lead to rewriting line bargaining for stitches on stitches. If the terminology is violated and when the severity of the stitch is open, then new credits, as a rule, are not reassured.

The whole nature of the credit allowance of allowance є insertion of poshikovyh koshty at a particular state process, design, come in. Loan to be credited to the clerk, speak to a specific meta, and not to the one who has the most impudent need for cats in his new wines. According to the principle of bagato, where to lay down your own turn of poses, that’s why you only need to get a loan, you can save some money to pay off the borg.

The principle of security is posic to save money for the bank, to prevent zbitk_vid unapproved to the boss and not to pay for the posichnik. In other words, to avoid being bogged down by posiks, you can visualize yourself in the passive balance of a class-bourgeois, have a small singing time (comrade), keep your active balance, but you’ll be able to pay a third party (you’ll be redeemed) . Security on the bank’s bank, the position is changed, the bits are removed, the bits are finished, the principle of the guarantee is changed by the value of points. The rosemary and see the security of bedding in the financial camp of the steward, the minds of the steward, the business of the steward.

Decent loans can be pressed and without security, as if the bank is on the road for its benefit.

Such loans in bank practice are called blank. The absence of security may be due to more than justifiable reasons, as long as the nature of the loan is not transferred, the cost of money is paid to the parents (for example, extra loans, payable loans, the same is paid) insured svіy pіdvishcheniy rizik high posikovymi vіdsotkami.

In the process of crediting a client’s bank vimaga, they don’t only have to turn up their poses, but pay off the loan for receiving it. Realization of the value of loans means the principle of paid credit. In the minds of the market-oriented business bank loan, the warehouse, the credit transaction is an act of commercial sale of clothes for the song hour. For rahunok vidsotkіv banks to curry their Vitrati and gain a little extra. Vidotok є also one of the reasons for managing the most penniless turnover, which is to register with the central bank of the country. Vidsotok - the price of poses, which can take shape with the offer and propositions, was laid down on a groshny market for posici.

Interest rates are terminated by the term posiki, the protector of the unpaid poser, the nature of the required care, the best payback to the project, the need for credit, the best interest rates and the necessary credit.

Vidotkovі rates posiki can be fixed and floating, which may also be indicated by the minds of the loan agreement. Fixed rates are guaranteed to be fixed for the entire period of time. Floating bets are swaying stubbornly due to the waste of the penny market and, as a rule, to lie down from the regional bank rate of the Central Bank. In addition, on the other hand, to absorb the flow of deposits, drink and offer credit resources , as well as the economy and financial position. Fall asleep in your warehouse bank, you can rethink your credit for obov'yazkovym povidomelennyam posichnika.

At times of unpaid bills payable for a loan over the past few days, through bank cards for a flowing credit card of a bank clerk, the bank has the right to steal a fine for leather day payment in arrears, which is denoted by credit.