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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.



It’s not a good idea to call a special market a groshim market, for which you like buying and selling pennies for a specific product, forming a drink, proposition and price for the whole product.

At first glance, we can see hostility, purchase and sale of pennies, and the very peculiar penny rinok — price nonsense, pennies of pennies to serve with the foreign equivalent and exchange of pennies for pennies and nonsense. As a matter of fact, buying and selling at the form of exchange for sound comrade, then for the whole region of markets the market is not demanding, since such exchange is systematically implemented on great commodity markets. Protein pennies aren’t here є we’ve received an object of market intelligence. They can take advantage of material goods - products and resources, which can be sold to one sub-market, and buy for those who aren’t. Penniless here to supplement, instructive role, service staff about all benefits. When buying goods, you’ll be penniless for them, increase the right to own them, grant them the right to have the equivalent ownership of the goods. From the side where sellers of goods are selling their goods to others, they have the right to equip an amount of pennies and dispose of it without any kind of clue about the goods sold. That’s the reason the markets are rightly called commodity, not penny.

The specifics of the pennies are absolutely exclusive to the product; I’m sure that they are specific; they’re changing between sub-items of a penny market, and also there’s a tool and the same function. Traditions of understanding "sales" and "buying", which were stored on commodity markets, are unacceptable for a penny market. It’s penniless that it is here that we are in constant status with all our marketable products. The first place for us is to inculcate such and such appearances, as a price, drink, proposition.

The transfer of pennies from one sub-item of a penniless market to the highest demand for more than one, if one of them stinks, they need to consume money to buy material goods, and in case of money, they can buy and sell something more. You can have a bullet. Zdіsnyuyutsya such a transfer, but in the form of straight pozichki pіd zobov'yazannya turn koshti at line breaks, but at the form of buying special financial instruments (regional, equity, bills, certificates of deposit, etc.) Such a transfer of pennies is intellectually possible to buy and sell.

For the sake of understanding, we can convey the fact that the owner of the pennies (seller), when transferring their own counterparties and not losing the right of ownership of the sum of the pennies (and only have the right to dispose of them, must be left to redeem them. Moreover, at the time of the transfer of pennies to the counterparty, the seller does not possess real equivalents, since the sale of pennies is not equivalent to the operation, as in commodity markets. Vidovnno buyer of pennies I do not hold them the right to power, and only the right to order them as a liquid, or just a few hours, for the song period. For those who buy pennies, I don’t want to buy the equivalent of the amount of wartost in commodity form.

Fundamentally, the status of pennies and prices is bought and sold on a penny market. Due to the additional problem of goods on commodity markets, penny will be reconfigured here at the main objective of the marketplace of identity, at self-interest. On a penniless market, a penny whistler wants to pass the ix on the worse directly, and not in exchange for the real good, but the buyer wants to keep the xx on his order on the same ambushes. In addition to the whole market, the desire to move between the sub-sectors is less in a groshy form, in a one-sided manner with turning up to the hairline. And by the method of such a transfer of pennies, the old gain of income is increased, and not the purchase-sale of commodity wartosti. I’m a seller of pennies to gain pre-paid income, which is called interest (percentage income), as a payment for Timchov’s widow’s income, and this transfer of privilege is required. The buyer of the pennies is the mother of the holder to obtain the pre-paid income of the virology and commercial commerce, who have been victorious and have been freed from their order of the add-on pennies.

The managers will tell you the peculiarities of the penniless market for the sale of pennies here in the form of transferring their pennies to their counterparties in the time of commerce in exchange for such instruments, in order to protect them from the right of law and order. Individual purchase of pennies є the form of gaining a sub-account of the market for their own order of singing sum of pennies in exchange for instructions on the instruments.

Such a mechanism for buying and selling pennies zumovlyuє important role of special tools in the functions of pennies. Stink poklikanі safety in the whole market rukh viznachalnogo ob'єkt - pennies. Let me take a look at the role of the meaning of tools similar to the role of pennies on commodity markets.

Due to their character, there are tools for a penny market ними singing goiters and purchasers in front of sellers of pennies. Falling into view of the goiter, it’s possible to go to non-trading and trading. Prior to non-commercial use of goiters, the right to participate in the management of the purchase of pennies is in the second income, which, apart from the seller of pennies, does not require only the right to possess them, but the right to dispose of them. Takі zobov'yazannya majut form accents. To the group you can bring the same derivative tools, advanced functionalities (for example, insurance).

Before the merchants to introduce usa goiter'yazannya, for some purchasers of pennies goiters'yazuetsya turn sellers and gain a new bag and pay for the latest income. Such goiters are drawn up for the operation of buying and selling pennies by transferring the right to dispose of them to the song strings. Shchob vidnoviti tse the right for the seller of pennies, tidy turn the vidpov_dnu bag of pennies in the first order (Gotvkoy chi pererahuvannyu on yogo wheeled rakhunok) with an immediate repayment of the trading goiter'yazannya.

Borgovy zobov'yazannya yak tools of a penniless market, at your own home, you can sign up for a quick look in the world and know how the seller sells the rights to order the sum of pennies:


^ Deposit goiter, for any sellers to transfer pennies to the top of the order for the buyers for the mind of their turnaround (with the indicated number without the fixed term) and the repayment (the amount without payment) of interest income. Such goiters are drawn up overtly acquired by pennies by banks of all kinds of banks. It’s stinky to change the form of land on the way of more accurate and stringed assets, deposits of deposit and private contributions (certificates), trust deposits in total;

^ positivist goblets, for any sellers, transferring pennies to purchasers, introducing singular rights to the remaining rights to dispose of these pennies: signify, you can be more inclusive, you can have a better project scho financed for rahunok poshichnyh koshtіv. So zobov'yazannya mayuyut the form of credit facilities, regions, bonds, bonds, payables.

Instruments of a penniless market, servicemailing of transferring pennies to other sub-accounts, they themselves can buy singing cards and they can be purchased for sale at the form of official folders. You can talk about the specific language of the specific market, the one and the same form of the penny market. Potentially in price, you can retake the same tool for a penny market. In addition, it is possible to economically transform the transformation of tools for tools in the middle of the pre-construction period. Yakraz ’owners, who sold their pennies on trivial lines, often sold them on the market without daughters, didn’t want to turn a penny on their turnover, lower’ owners had tools for a short period. All prices, secrecy, stock, state and corporate regions, treasury bills, derivatives, pre-term deposit certificates, mortgage goors and skinny.

You can see the tools of a penny market with three groups: pay attention, including deposit, on the other hand, you can enter your bank account with your credit card form and credit; Valued papery, with the help of some sort of realizability, it’s very important to directly enter the list of sellers and buyers of pennies; currency valuables, similar to those of vzaimovidnosah among the middle hairs of two different currencies.

The scheme for interchange between the objects and instruments of the penniless market in zagalnyh rice is shown in Fig. 3.1.

From the above diagram, it’s clear that you need to stream flow of pennies, you’ll be able to straighten out the sellers to the buyers, change the money for the penny market.

Interconnection between objects and tools of a penny market

small fifteen

The yak was meant as a tool, tools of a penny market themselves to acquire health to life. The most significant world government power is for the major papers and currency values, so that you can see the current value of the penniless market in the independent markets - the main pawns of those currencies. Buying sales of bank-owned posichek vimogs and zobov'yazan is also widespread in the widespread market economy, so let them talk about the market for the pozichkovyh land and the self-contained form of a penny market.

The mental nature of the mother’s price on a penny market. The price is small in the form of interest (interest income) on the basis of fixed income, which is clearly the highest price on commodity markets. The percentage increase is not shown to be the value of interest, but revenues from purchases (of which there are no loans) are pennies, and that of good living - to bring good value to the buyer, there is no need for them to be satisfied. What more will you have to do and what is the most successful buyer to get hold of pennies, and what will be more interest-bearing payments.

I will show the foldable form on a penny market. May drink on pennies and their offerings, so that they will be primed in soil 3.4 and 3.5.

Independently on the most important items of the penny and commodity markets, mechanical interactions, the view of food, the offer and price, the skin price of the same. On a penny market, like on a commodity market, you have to pay and offer, and the mechanism of safety is important because of the stability of a percentage of pennies. This gave you a chance to call a penny market that specific area of ​​pennies, and don’t need to transfer pennies on an unqualified basis.

For the rosy day of the penny market, the more important is the smaller sub-item. Sub'єktami of the whole market є legal and physical individuals, as well as operating operations of buying and selling pennies. We can expand our operations into three groups: for the sale of pennies, for the purchase of pennies and for the middle. In operations for the sale of pennies, take the share of family sponsorship, company and structure of the sovereign government, in operations with purchase of pennies - the same economic sub-sector: company, family state, structure of the government. Intermediate operations have key sub-accounts є so called financial intermediaries - banks, investment and financial companies, insurance companies, pension funds, credit partnerships and so on. Make sure that you have a good idea to accumulate money for yourselves, buy them from sellers, and then see them for sale, they will buy them. Especially the middle banks of the penniless market occupy central banks. Being banks of banks, they can take care of servicing bank loans for a penny market, for example, healthy refinancing, regulating small banks, foreign currency transactions.

Pidsumuyuchi review of the daily worth of the penny market, respect for respect, nutrition and discus- sion and lack of literature. At the Radyansky Literature, the groshyn rinok was redeemed abo with the market for short-term capitals, and even with the market for short-term financial assets. Zakhіdnіy literatury groshovy rinok is difficult to separate from the financial market. With such an approach, you can wait, as a rule, the financial market itself is widely interpreted - as a special sector of the market, for which you can form and balance and have a position and offer for all financial assets, which means, for pennies. The very same point of zor is to be taken into account by the English economist L. Harris, who can put a mark on the middle of the penny and the financial market and on the basis of the classic model of the penny market. Цей підхід steadfastly affirm th at literary literature. So, A. Galchinsky rozglyadє a groshny rinok as an independent mechanism, for the help of a certain urine to drink and offer for pennies. Yak і L. Harrіs, A. Galchynskyi the main respect came from mehanizmu formvannya popit and propositions on pennies.

Fundamental American pidruchnik F. S. Mish-kin “The economy of pennies, bank reference and financial risks” understand a penny not think about the penny. The author is more aware of the understanding of the financial market, which is more precise with the market of valuable folders. Podbniy piddіd of power for the Ukrainian fiduciary "Investment", the author of which is M. Mertens - the ototozhnyu ри financial market with the market of valuable folders. With this approach, the groovy market is self-sufficient in analyzing the knowledge of the field, and I can certainly distinguish between the laws of the functioning of the monetary sphere.