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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.


From the position of historical development of economic theory, the present monetarism has come true and its share, Keynesianism: because of strict criticism, a period of critical assessment is required, and the trial is more convenient. It is possible to clarify the point that right now it is necessary for monetarism in the most extreme manifestation (the idea of ​​the "school of Chicago") to ask for more than one local problem of economic development - to know the only way you can do it, , it seems that before that Keynesianism succumbed to one local problem, ale povyazan because of the unemployment and economic recession, before such an overwhelming capitalist suspension between the 20-30s of rock.

For Keynes and the first school, the fight against inflation was not urgent, the problem was unemployment more obvious, and I was glad to see the victory for inflation for the problem. For Fredman of the first school, it’s not at all worse than the current issue that the problem of struggling with unemployment is especially troubling, inflation and stink for the third half of the year pleased to rudely prohibit the proposition with small pennies, and we’re more confident in it problems of self-fueling.

If the economy of the 70-80-year-old community went directly to the progressive regular growth, there were some problems that were relevant for keynesians and monetarists, but there were many local problems. Inflation and unemployment are constantly “chewing” at the market economy, zagrozhuyuchi pidіrvati її mechanism in one, then in the old direct, and sometimes in both ways. Shchob to prevent such threats, to the market economy in new minds, it’s necessary to “fully understand” - this is a kind of inflection, so it’s so stagnant and stagnant. None Keynesian, nor monetized recipes in a purely clear picture were not suitable for anyone, which signified a process of interconnected identity, a form of Keynesian-monetized synthesis of a new concept in the development of coins.

I don’t go into the search for specific ideas about economy, I can imagine a new direct way, taking less advantage of the key arsenal and the monetarists, they have become widespread and widely implemented in practice.

Even more economically, they recognize the most active factor factor (M) in overloading processes in the realm of economy in short intervals and in the intervening period (that inflation) - in pre-terminology. To recognize the stench and the important role of the state in regulating the economy, there are only two ways to emphasize the importance of the regulated mechanism of regulation. One of them gives more respect to the active direct flow to the real sector of the economy through the mechanism of fiscal and budgetary policies, so that you can give me your preference to Keynesianism. Other, not vidkidayuchi roles fiscal-budgetary policies, overtake give monetary mechanisms in ekonomichnym regulation, scho to show about the greater sympathy to monetarism. During the water hour you recognize the permissible tolerance of inflation, positive energy for the development of the real economy and the flexibility of central banks to regulate the provision of pennies (M) for an adequate allocation of inflation.

Representatives of both direct monetary theory wait for the winter, so it’s important to learn more about it, it’s easier to overcome it, and then overcome it. That stink of Edin’s in that, to protect the country from violating such a strategy of monetary policy, I didn’t give the government the opportunity to control the whole world. For the whole central bank of guilty motherhood, there is a high level of self-reliance, and the priority of the other guilty party is to reach the pre-term strategic goals, rather than connecting to the stream of non-profit subdivisions of the city, we have not consumed any other structures. For the most part of such strategic goals, then the position of the highest standards is to be spent on: one is stable, one is stable, one is stable, another is stable, and the fourth is stable. And if you don’t conceive methodological ambushes, it’s a normal manifestation of a creative approach to the development of a complex economic problem.

I have a priority in terms of monetary policy and relevance of strategic goals, relevance, and the problem of challenging the global rules of conduct in the penny sphere and the fact that the government is in charge of its own operational control is widespread. Oscillations of Keynesianism are more likely to address the problems of the short term period, and monetarism - to the pre-terminology, the fragmentation of such rules makes it possible to take into account the problems of both periods. Sokrema, as such rules obmezhuvatimut dії monetary power ime to nadto to turn "the helm of an economical ship" at a glance of precise raises, yakі neridko otsіnuyutsya suto sub'єktivno. Tsey "ship" will be straightforwardly collapsed to strategic goals.

In the course of the polemic, the need for such rules of monetarism has increased in general and in order to ensure that monetary power is less than the room for maneuver in case of an operative response to deeds of non-transfer. Keynesian, from his own clerk, survived with the dividing of "ignorant rules" in such an interpretation.

Most of the economies agree on the fact that the most strategic goals and a clear “corridor” are more important for them.

Bagato spіlnogo reached even і in the incomes to vіkoristannya іnstrumentіv monetary regulation. Suchasna is a monetary practice based on advice on key words, and on monetarists. So, operations on a vidkrituyu market, which is the best way to quickly transfer money to a proposition of pennies (M), run on monetaristic recipes, the implementation of pennies and credit policies, and the percentage of policy is well known. There are only one, so many friends to get used to the practical activities of the central banks in regulating the monetary sphere. Percentage policies and operations of the open market are involved in classic instruments of credit and credit policies and in general status they are included in large numbers of publications, in addition to those in the beginning.

Spirayuchis on rekomendatsії scho sintezuyut іdeї monetarist-skoї that keynsіanskoї shkіl, Suchasna regulatory practices dosit efektivnosti poєdnuє his prihilnіst dovgostrokovim tsіlyam ekonomіchnogo rozvitku scho s like monetaristskih іdey, of oberezhnim zastosuvannyam regulyuyuyuchih zahodіv powers on korotkotermіnovih іntervalah, zokrema in furrows ekonomіchnogo cycle. Yakraz that Sunset went into the depths of unleashing great economic shocks at the cob of the 80s of the 20th century.