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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.



Methodological foundations of classical forms and types of credit. The nutrition about the form and see the loan for a practical look is not so important, as it is the warehouse of the theory of credit. It is possible that this is explained above in the interpretation of the nutrition in the majority of loans with theorized credit. It’s important to find two handcuffs, in which they were given, in the same way, a treatment of the daily range and assortment, forms and types of credit. The first right is not only in the number of loans, but in those who have very little understanding of the same author, they call the forms of credit, and inshi - types, and Navpaki. Deyaki author speak less about the form of a loan and don’t guess about seeing. Such rznobiy can negatively put into practice the organization of credit, the security for the fragmentation of normative and preventive care.

For a scientifically primed version of the whole nutrition, we need to go ahead of the first methodology until the credit criteria are determined. In our view, such a pidkhid is guilty of vrahovuvati:

- vіdmіnnostі themselves understand the form and mind;

- vіdmіnnostі at the internal structure of the loan that її okremich elements;

- Practical dostіlnіst and zruchnіst at koristuvannі.

In the inconsistent form, there is a common sense, the most important form of the singing subject and the appearance, the desire and understanding of the inner day, but not rose. Oskіlki credit - a term for suspension (economic vidnosini), about the form of yogo you can speak with singing intelligence, like about the most important outward view, such as you can get in the process and some kind of internal structure. For criterion for incorporation of forms of credit, you can’t but a bagato.

Naybilsh zagalnym manifestation of credit, in a certain way not to break one’s day and internal structure, є forms and posessennosti vartostі, in a yakіy won collapse between the creditor and the principal. Such forms can be but two - commodity (natural-speech) and groshova. There are two forms of credit for this type of loan - commodity and groshov. C і form to denote more than the foreign contours of the loan and not to offset the internal structure. Otzhe, ikh cannot buti bagato. Matching the form can be the mother’s economic and instrumental tools - finance, trade is skinny. Prote tse does not overshoot the designated form. Adje won - less than the best, is controversial, the characteristic is that it can be better for those close to the clan’s familiar manifest.

The view taken by the rozumіnnі (practical class) has a whole range of items, a wide range of items, clues behind the saw signs and enter the storehouse of the ignorant rosacea - genus. That is the kind of characteristic that is stagnant, rather than the internal structure of the oblast dosledzhennya, our loan has a loan. Oskilki credit is significant for structural manifestations, then you can stifle bagato criteria and classify that bagaty type. Ale all stinks "fit" in one of two forms of credit, more specifically іх internal wages.

Such piddid up to classical forms and forms of credit is seen as right and due to practical practical dotsilnost. I’m going to ask you for a better loan internally by extending credit to the loan, who will be guilty of taking the shortest credit organization.

Form a loan. Commodity and groshov form a loan є equal in rights and equal in value, for days, two signs of a single form of loan - apartaments. Smell between you and yours and I’ll add one to one: pointers, put on a commodity form, can be repaid in a penny, and in advance. Moreover, the loan from the commodity form is a little bit ponderous about the appearance of a penniless loan, which will give credit to the credit card a greater degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

In the case of commodity form, credit is required at different times for the sale of goods with a quick payment (commercial loan), when renting a lane (including leasing), above-mentioned speeches are available for hire, canceled by the medium-sized deliveries of goods and goods. In the case of deceased loans, the redeemed payment is in good form, so it’s been okay. We’re okay. We’ll give docs talk about the loan form. Prote so staviti nutrition can be more than just okremo і poichki. Credit, on the other hand, is a process of continuous runtime and a view of two forms that are sufficient to characterize a loan as a process.

As a rule, at a penny form, give your own pointers to banks, set up international financial and credit loans, and arrange it. Widely vikoristovє groshovuyu form of a loan to the population - when there is a large amount of interest from banks, deposits, a borrowed money from banks are skinny. As already indicated, the groshov form is the smallest scope of concession, which is often overpriced by the grosh form of the economical economy and the reappointment of the loan itself.

You can see the loan can be classified according to different criteria.

Dependently on credit subdivisions, bank loans, state loans, international credit (commercial) credit, international, private (private) credit were accepted. Banks have a credit with sub-accounts of credit loans (one amount), a bank, while a sovereign loan has a power, but generally, it is overweight. With the intergovernmental (commercial) credit sector, the government has subordinate structures, and with the international credit - residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In a special (private) loan, one iz sub'єktіv є is a physical person.

For such a criterion of classification, one and the very same pose may be presented to credit types. For example, a banknote for family statehood can belong to a bank loan and to a special (private) one.

The following are the spheres of economy, the yacht’s ability to hide is directly visible, it’s possible to view:

- virologic loan, which will help you to get the main form of working capital at the sphere of virology and trading, that is, at virobility prices;

- a living loan, which is necessary to direct oneself to the satisfaction of the special needs of people, only to attend the sphere of special living.

At first glance, there is hostility, which means that the loan is violated, all the laws are in place for the loan, the fragments of the result of a new victory are being changed, and a new approach and a change of mind for a new turn of the loan to the creditor. In the realm of special living, there is a bit of interest in knowing, "going through," and there is no reason to change your mind about a good name for a key sign of credit. Otozh, a living loan, is available, you can respect the anomaly. Prote is not so. Specialist living, "knowledgeable" variety of things, saving, paying attention to the increase of sales, sales of a certain market for sales, and the loan to the lender. In addition, a good credit as a whole is guaranteed by the laws of credit.

For terminology, to a certain creditor, I transfer the interest to the clerk to the clergyman, I can see short-lines (up to one rock), mid-lines (up to five rockets) and half-lines (ponad five rockets) loans. Yak was meant as a basis, in the basis of such a credit for seeing you see a trivial circulation of capital, at the form of a certain fate there is a certainty.

For galuzevoy direct credit is seen as you see it:

- loans in promislovіst;

- credits in sylsk statehood;

- loans to trade;

- loans in business, especially in business life;

- loans in English galuzi.

Classification of credit for galuzovoy straightening is more practical. It seems to be manifested in the fact that in the leather galaxy there is only a specificity to the capital turnover, I think it over adequately to the organization of the credit process itself.

If the loan is assigned in full, the following may be seen:

- a loan for the form of viral stocks (syrovini, materials, hardening and mating materials, tariffs);

- a loan from Vitrati Vírobnitstva (seasonal Vitráti at Rostlínníčstva and Tvárnínníství in the city government);

- a loan for stocking ready-made products (surpluses in warehouses of virological enterprises, stocks in warehouses of trading organizations);

- Credits, due to winnings of timical hours of payments, payments, if there are economical payments, but not much has been allocated for this cost (payable, wage and salary payments).

Behind the organizational and legal signs and minds, the above-mentioned little sign can be seen and see the loan:

- failures and non-failures;

- direct and interleaving;

- string and stitches, prolongations;

- real, total, hopeless;

- paid, free.

The leather loan type characterizes the singular verge of the internal day, and in the quality of the loan, give a clear notice about the folding structure of the loan and the process of goods between product lines and penniless forms.

Bigger in detail see what the loan will be seen in retail 9.2.

Functions credit. Credit is an economic category, not only a small number of days, but is manifested in its structure, regularities, forms and types, and actively involved in a medium, which is due to a non-creditable interest. Basically, directly and mechanically, you can recognize the environment of functions.

Understanding the functions of agreeing to loan zagagali, and not like being surrounded by a clean look. Functions may be more than such an attraction to the middleware, such as good form and type of credit. To such a functional loan, take the first consolidation of the full manifestation and the renewal of the second most effective manifestations of the self category.

Being a manifestation of an overflow of credit on a third-party economic medium, the functions characterize the suspension of the loan, that "robot", the Yakut Vykonu in suspension, that is the role. Yak and the very day of credit, its functionality is a manifestation of an active and dynamic one. The skin of them is formed verbatim, developed in the world of self-development of credit and economic means, in a kind of funcion. Nav'yazati chi amuse the loan of a singing function in a voluptuous manner is impotent. To that end, having given a significant amount of credit to the average number of loan functions: one name is two functions, the other three, and the third - more, more, and more.

The middle of the loan is that it’s better if you want to be more inclusive of func tions, obviously, you’ll need to go to the very best loan, so that you can get the most out of it, sectors lean on ambushes. The functionality of the pole is redundant due to the fact that material and small resources, as well as redistributed and transferred to the power of more specific sub-accounts, through credit are redistributed and more explicitly, the right is not right. Such reincarnation is not merely a mechanic apparition, but the most economically significant, and itself:

- koshti, vivilneni in some lunches to process vvdvorennya, straighten in іnshі lanki, which will accelerate the turnover of capital, spryє expansion of virobnitzva

- vilny koshti through a direct loan from t_ lanka of a suspended virobnitz, the products of which are transferred to grow more and more, and later - the gain of other things. In order to meet the needs of the new technology of progressive correlation of the entire structure of the virology, the effectiveness of its effectiveness.

The development of func- tional functions, the practicality of the practical mechanism of realizing the key value for the loan, for the quick economic crisis and the protection of the economy in Ukraine.

As long as there is a func- tioning loan, due to the need for care, the turnover in payment needs is not clear for literary education. One author says that it’s just an essential function (B.S. Ivasyv), another is a function approved in circulation of additional purchases (A.S. Galchinsky), and a third is a function of credit operations. Such rznobіy in zagaglі razhuzhє sumnіv at that, chi vikonuє credit for more functions. There is also a function of pennies right to the right bank banking system. And the fact that the bank’s system of health and credit is not available, but it’s impossible to extend the functionality of a credit to an economy category. Those same hesitate and formulated A.S. The Galchinsky function "the implementation of supplementary to implicitly in the economy of buying and selling". Ajce tseta itself emisyna funktsiya, tilki formulated in the words.

Іstotno vіdrіznyaitsya positsіya O. І. Lavrushin schodo tsoy nutrition. The value of the loan function is to grow up to replace the remaining pennies with credit operations. Such a formula cannot function. Adje reference (gold) pennies were left unchanged for a long time (70 rocky), in a one-time order and free-willpower powers and that of middle powers, and not credit. Tse bula is sooner powerful function, and not credit. What chilled out "field" for such a function loan at a time, since gold has long been silent in circulation? Ninety percent of the turnover of disparate pennies can be secured by the powers, not the credit, and the victory, if not the only credit operation, but the first treasury goiter (pennies). For this, a loan function will require a greater degree of vivchenny, and a formal form of loan will require a more precise clarification.

In our view, the function of credit, which is to be realized in the bad spheres, is advantageous in the fact that credit is protected by changing your mind for effective regulation of the circulation of pennies in the interests of the consumer, in order to ensure that there is more room for good. Credit mechanism gives us the opportunity to expand the amount of payable loans in circulation, if they need more money: through the purchase of money from commercial bills and the amount of bank depositors, I’ll accelerate a small bank loan and multi-bank loaner, bank agent. With a short-term demand, the turnover of all the warehouses and masters of paid services is also possible. But it’s not a loan in itself, but a powerful organization of monetary management. And what if you want to stink out of the way, hunched over by the abilities of the credit mechanism, to lie down not in credit, but in the form of monetary policy.

Okremі oslіdniki also recognize the control function of the loan, including the fact that “in the process of lending security, control over the other minds and the principle of credit is provided on the side of the sub-loan facility”. I simply would not allow you to overlook the availability of such a functional loan, I rely on those who have control of the authorities not only credit credit, but the credit to the latter - financial, insurance, trade, because it is not a generic loan.

Mostly, the receivers of a control functional loan can rightly insure on the specificity of a control and warehouse skin economic tool. So, control of a warehouse loan is meant to be a high stimulating effect and an intermediation of administrative-voluntary supply to the counterparty, as well as at the control warehouse of the most efficient, non-compliant, non-compliant tools. Moreover, the Credit Control itself is not limited to being reconciled by counteragents of the minds, but it’s largely accepted, and including the on-going economic analysis and the estimation of the counterparty, I’ll reconsider the forecast. On the whole ground, I can see that you need to think about loans, then you’ll be included for the sake of it; I want to give you the name of the function - call the control-stimulating one. Such a name is a higher priority for the loan of a functional loan and more for a loan of a secondary control function of the tool.

The control-stimulating function of the loan is not disregarded by the vidovidnyh visits of the creditor vidno posichnika. Control and stimulative inflow v_dchuvaє to your own and lender. Vivility in terms of turnover and power of the highest income incentives of the lender to accelerate the turnover of capital, increase resources, more resources, more and more resources. When mothers are fully respected, they will have a stimulating warehouse, and they will be able to pass over the control. Even in the baggage wagons of sub-credit loans, there is no need to formally control formal counterparties. For example, the clerk cannot control the bank. And in a sovereign credit, a creditor (population, commercial banks) is amused by the power to control his own bourgeois. But stimulating the flow of credit constantly, on your own entire sub-account - like those who owe money, as well as lenders.

Merit for respect is one more function of credit, formulated by A.S. Гальчинським,- функція капіталізації вільних грошових доходів. Вона полягає в трансформації завдяки кредиту грошових нагромаджень та заощаджень юридичних і фізичних осіб у вартість, що дає дохід, тобто в позичковий капітал. Така трансформація забезпечується через зворотний рух та платність кредиту. Будь-яка маса вільної вартості, будучи переданою в позичку, не змінюючи власника, приносить йому дохід, тобто набуває форми позичкового капіталу.

Цей напрям зв'язку кредиту з економічним оточенням має родові ознаки функції: поширюється на кредит у цілому, на всі його види; притаманний переважно лише кредиту; виражає сутнісні ознаки кредиту - зворотність і платність. Отже, є достатньо підстав для визнання і цієї функції кредиту.

Свої функції кредит може успішно виконувати лише в умовах розвинутої ринкової економіки, коли сутність кредиту і закономірності його руху можуть проявитися найбільш повно. В умовах перехідної економіки України таких можливостей не було. Це негативно впливало як на рівень їх реалізації, що проявилося в низькій ролі кредиту в соціально-економічному житті суспільства, так і на стан теоретичного осмислення цього складного питання. І сьогодні питання про функції кредиту залишається дискусійним, вимагає до себе більш пильної уваги дослідників, особливо визначення загальноприйнятої методологічної основи вирішення цього питання. Без вироблення єдиного методологічного підходу у нас і надалі у кожному підручнику буде "своя" кількість функцій кредиту.