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Investment credit - Peresada A.A.

8.4. Investment credit in Ukraine by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Among the wide range of participants in foreign investment credit in Ukraine today is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bank (роз RBR) . The main goal of credit is the development of business, the privatization of privatization, the financial performance of the small and medium-sized private business.

Bank vidigra the role of a catalyst for economical payments, spriyuchennyu foreign and international investments in the operation of the country, as well as assisting in the latest installations of the sovereign and private sectors. Behind the statute is no less than 60% of the oath of financial support for direct implementation of projects in the private sector.

Ukraine became a member of the RBD at the sickle 1992 p. At the leaf fall of the same city, the Rada of directors grabbed the strategy of business in Ukraine. We are committed to continuing to rely on financial reforms in the financial sector, the privatization process, the public transport project, and the public transport industry.

The main strains of the bank in Ukraine є:

  • nadannya direct credits and the fate of the financiers (with the best lenders);
  • investing in private equity capital of the private sector;
  • Guaranteed distribution of valuable folders, granted by private and sovereign enterprises;
  • ease of access to households to domestic and international markets to capital with a guarantee on financial guarantees, financial advice and assistance in the latest forms;
  • nadannya abo fate at pozikov and nadannya technical technology for the reconstruction of infrastructure development.

At your dyalnostі in Ukraine Bank, wait for the following basic principles:

a) is not guilty of competition with the орган шими орган орган орган орган organizations;

b) specialize in taking into account the reforms that have been carried out by the countries, which are not enough for a planned economy;

c) the contribution of koshi by the leading role in the private sector.

At this year’s RBD, having signed up the strategy for cooperation with Ukraine and having decided on a plan for supporting the reforms, which are supposedly different hassle, scho vidіlyayutsya, fits to credit, - on the helper technical assistance.

Koshti vid ЄBRD should be accessed in Ukraine through the National Bank of Ukraine with a credit line.

International design of the National Bank of Ukraine on a daily basis, from the foreign countries and the development of the Ukrainian market middleware, the establishment of commercial products for the consumer goods industry. For the NBU, the project is not ут profitable: for the NBU to be cleaned up, 2% rally for the credit line servicing (0.5%), and 1.5% go to the open storage room for copying the vitrate transferred with the text.

The variability of investment loans, as well as the need for ЄBRD for loans, should not be lower: the rate of ЄBDR (LIVOR + 1) plus 2% of NBU (of which: 0.5% - management fee and 1.5% - loan-to-credit margin participant) plus 1% up to 5% (margin of the commercial bank); one-time commission of RBDF for loan repayments - 1% (Font-Private to private enterprises through banks in Ukraine). In general, I don’t outnumber the rate of 14%, with the maximum loan being extended, I need to rely on the client to become $ 2,500,000. USA, the maximum term is 5 rock and winter, 2 rock.

Povnovazhennya vіdboru proektіv pid otrimannya pozik zgіdno of Credit lands vіdnosyatsya to kompetentsії komertsіynih bankіv-uchasnikіv, SSMSC take on itself rizik bankrutstva klієnta, Ale in grupі upravlіnnya projects NBU application for otrimannya kreditіv for Malih that serednіh of companies perevіryayutsya for viznachennya їh priynyatnostі for kriterіyami ЄBRR.