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Commercial banks - establish credit, establish healthy universal banking operations, establish and populate the head office for a grocery store, purchased from a credit card. Deposit and deposit. Commercial banks are welcome to agree on credit, rozrahunkovo-kasova and more banking services to legal and physical osb. Accept and distribute penniless contributions of your clients, keep bank raisers of correspondent correspondents, and also can complete all of these operations:

- financial investment contribution for the assignment of the owner, but the order officer in the capital, which are invested;

- the issue of payment documents and the most important documents (checks, letters of credit, bills, shares, certificates, regional documents);

- purchases, sales and purchases of state power servers, as well as valuable servers and services;

- a kind of handrail, a guarantee of the third goiter’s liability for the third year, as well as the transfer of the Holy See to the groshy form;

- Kasov the vicar of the sovereign budget;

- downdown rights of vimogs from posting goods and nadannya of servants, accepting risikіv vikonannya of such vimog that ikh of іnkasuvannya (factoring);

- Buying from enterprises and traders and selling foreign currency;

- purchases and sales from the state and beyond the cordon of precious metals, natural expensive stones, as well as viro;

- Dovіrchy operations зал (acquired and received money; management of valuable folders to the skin) for commissioned customers;

- Advance of advisory services, which are due to the Bank and the Bank of Commerce and the Government of Ukraine.

Komertsіynim banks Ukraїnі zaboronyaєtsya zaymatisya dіyalnіstyu in sferі materіalnogo virobnitstva i torgіvlі materіalnimi tsіnnostyami and takozh dіyalnіstyu of usіh vidіv strahuvannya, їm zaboronyaєtsya vikoristovuvati svoї Union that INSHI ob'єdnannya for dosyagnennya Zgoda, spryamovanoї on monopolіzatsіyu bankіvskih poslug market analysis, setting monopolistically rates i komіsіynih Vinigorod, obmezhennya competition from the bank reference.

Commercial banks are classified according to different criteria: the form of moisture, the organisation form, the capitals; filial measure; with a range of operations, they can get a glimpse of them, that sector of the market, de-funk funktsionyut.

Behind the form of power of commercial banks are subscribed to unified and collective.

Unitary banks may have one hairline in a particular power of a private individual. In Ukraine, there are two functional commercial banks with a sovereign form of government: Oschadbank and Eximbank. Statutory funds of bank banks on behalf of budget money and budget funds. There are more commercial banks - there are banks with a collective form of moisture; moreover, a large portion of the skin capital has been legally allocated 35% of the statutory fund to the bank, however, there are no other reasons for this.

Dependently on the organization of the formation of commercial banks with a collective form of power presented on the bank market by the private partnerships of closed and closed type (registered banks) and by partnerships with the intermediated banks.

Akcіernernі banks vidkritogo and closed type (the stench to become 84% of the foreign banks in Ukraine) form the capital for the share of the banknote and the banknote for the additional banknote. Vlasnik kapitalu vistupaє itself a joint-stock partnership, a bank. Aktsioneri, as a rule, do not have the right to vimagati to a bank of their own. Besides, Aktsionerny banks get involved in more and more. In Ukraine, there are a large number of commercial banks, which have a type of registered partnership (59%). The most prominent joint-stock company of the closed type (ix of the part becomes 25% of the foreign capital) є Prominvestbank.

Payov banks form a capital for the rashunok of out-of-pocket money (shares) at the statutory fund. For the skin participant, the right of ownership to the second part of the capital is taken into account, because the bank is not the owner of the capital. Payovі commercial banks are organized on the principles of partnerships with an intermediated vidpovidnalstyu. Here vidovdalnost skin participant is obmeshcheno rozmіrom yogo outside the capital bank. Commercial banks in the form of partnerships with an encumbered business identity in Ukraine become about 16% of all foreign banks.

Deposited with rozmіru assets of commercial banks are small, medium and large. For the bank market of Ukraine, the majority of banks are average (assets are 10 million hryvnias). The bank’s largest banks (assets of UAH 1 billion) include: Prominvestbank, AKB Ukraina, Ukrsotsbank, Privatbank, Aval Bank, Oschadbank. There are half of the banks in Ukraine that have assets in Ukraine’s banking system, which can be used to concentrate on the concentration of bank capital.

Dependently on evidence of bankruptcy of commercial banks, it is possible to qualify for bagatofilin, malofilin, befilin. To a large extent, I’m filiy narakhovu Oschadbank (about 15,000 alone), a kind of small business in all administrative districts of the country. Before bagatofilnyh banks to introduce the JSCB "Ukraine" (ponad 500 units), "Aval" (ponad 200 units), Ukrsotsbank (ponad 100 units). Most of banking banks є small and non-bank.

Depends on the range of operations, which will help to understand the commercial banks, the sectors of the market, the business functions, the different banks: universal banks; banks with a special specialization; banks with galuzevoy special_alizatsіyu; banks with functional specialization.

Universal banks can understand a wide range of operations and offer different services to their customers. In Ukraine, the majority of commercial banks can be considered universal, even though they can have the potential to provide legal services for all banking products and services to service customers.

Prior to the bank іz clinics specializing in co-operative banks, in some of the main descendants важ and re-customers кл cooperatives. The process of establishing such banks in Ukraine is especially mindful of the period from 1990-1993rr. Because of the greater number of cooperative banks, however, they kicked up their business, but they have lost their specialization.

At the borders of the country with widespread market economy, details and differentiation of banks are always available for special types of services. Sokrema, funktsionuyut birzhovі banks, yakі service maintenance operational bіrzhovih structures; insurance - insurance institute; cooperative - cooperative skinny. At the banknote market, remember the bank representatives from the specialty bank (small and medium-sized businesses) є Pravexbank, Albank, Alliance Bank and that. It is possible to respect, scho subscription of specialty specialization є we do not reserve the reserve for developing the system of commercial banks in Ukraine.

Banks of the Galois special service are highly interchangeable legal and physical features at the borders of the song hall of the statehood. There are a lot of special deposits of significant number of deposits in a wide range of areas, as well as special features of the state-of-the-art galician class, which can be combined with seasonal chores. Representative representatives of banks with a galuze specialization є AKB Ukraina, Prominvestbank, Ukrsotsbank, Legbank, Energobank, Bank Nadra, Avtozazbank, Ukr-Naftogazbank and Deyakі іnshi.

The functionality of the specialty of the test is that the commercial banks can be more important than the number of specialty operations. Це, for example, investment, investment, protection, mortgage and investment banks. Functional specialization is fundamentally influenced by the nature of the bank’s character, the characteristic features of the bank’s assets and the bank’s assets, as well as the specifics of the robot’s nature. In Ukraine, the functional specialization of commercial banks has not been developed yet. That is why the func- tion of the банкDiniy Bank with the Investment Specialization. Tse Ukrіnbank, a є First-Ukrainian National Bank of the new type. Even more relevant is the problem of investing, investing, and mortgage banks.

Representatives of banks with a functional specialization є Oschadbank, Eximbank. Passive Oschadbank has approximately 90% of the total cost, while the most active operations are mainly hidden in the presence of credit. Eximbank service team is overwhelmingly interested in service. The functional specialization of the names of the banks is not possible to verify the operations and operations of the banks, which are attached to the universal banks.

At the system of commercial banks there is a process of acquiring foreign capital. Most banks, the target for the share of foreign capital on an ear of 2000 rubles, reached 18% of all foreign banks, of which at least one third become banks with 100% foreign capital.