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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.3. Sub'єkti іinvestitsіyno dіyalnostі

1.3.1. Power yak sub'єkt investuvannya

Power of government by investment through its own institutes, state partnerships (companies) and corporations, financial and credit establishments, established functional participants. The State shall take part in the investment process without delay through the state sector of the economy, as well as through its own institution, the organization of the vested authority and the state self-government, the National Bank, the State Fund, the State Government. As a whole, the state is investing in the environment and the products, the products are of a small national character and cannot be privatized for a very short time: defense, surround the environment,

The transition period of the investor’s functions in the social sphere also entails surrender of the power. Deacs of virology of the state gratitude (especially zbitkov) those who are guilty of investing with the state budget. Tsei antirinkovy zhid may be more than a few hassles with the privatization privatization at the state gratitude and at the present market of its products.

The foreign aspects of the sovereign regulation of investment in Ukraine are included in the Law of Ukraine “On Investment in Ukraine” (1991 p.). Article 11 of the Law stipulates that the sovereign regulation of investment and social protection is implemented through the implementation of economic, science and technology and social policies. Zgіdno zі statteyu 12th law:

  • state regulation of investment and investment management, including management of government investment, as well as regulation of investment and monitoring of investment by investors and participants in investment;
  • regulation of the minds of investment and health
  • zatosuvannya system of taxes with different subcategories that are subject to discounts, tax rates and pay;
  • credit and depreciation policies, including the accelerated depreciation of fixed assets;
  • nadannya financial support for the support of subsidies, subsidies, subventions;
  • in compliance with sovereign norms and standards;
  • living antitrust visits;
  • privatization and privatization of power;
  • Conducted policy;
  • Incoming calls.

For the future: one before the other day I can understand such methods of the sovereign stimulation of the investment dyalnosti (table 1.1):

Table 1.1




Podatkov Stimulation

Lower discount rates

Investitsіna podatkova znizhka

Відміна converter for reinvestment

Podatkovі ugody іnshimi kraїmi

Subjective loans

Financial stimulus

Accelerated depreciation

Pіlgovі loans

Investment guarantees

Bezvidotkovі loans

Infrastructure care

The repudiation of land dilyanok at the unpaid koristuvannya abo for the bank price

Nadannya neobhodimnogo primen_shchina u besplatnoy koristuvannya abo for the bank price

Stimulating specific projects

Tsilove financial resources and nature conservation possessions

Tsіlove financial projects, opening hours for advanced training, retraining, half-time training, practical training

Respect for a technical and economic project

Often cross-border forms of the power of the country are invested in classically direct and indirect. The type of market system visnazhno є і в м м м м between them. Svitova practice to formulate the market ambushes to bring, what is the fateless state’s fate in the investment process є actively zoomed out neobkhidnistyu. With all the respect, please state power for brainwashing is not д by the silicon-free Dzherel financialsuvannya. To pay direct subsidies and subsidies to the side of the country, they have brought their own efficiency, and they are guilty of coming to new methods of state investment policy.

The main criterion for the sovereign contribution to the economy is the article of priority, effectiveness and efficiency and profitability.

In Ukraine, on a daily basis, there is an organization system and a control system for centralized state-owned investment funds. The mechanism of the distribution of funds from budgetary and independent state funds (the Fund for the Development of Industrial Property Fund, the State Innovative Fund and the International Fund) is indefinitely, is not complicated, and it is not a problem for a small business

Obviously, there was a need for fundamentally new organizational structures for a successful functional economic mechanism of the state investment policy.

The lack of institutional care is not enough for efficiently realizing powerful investments. Viklikє zakonokonnya lack of understanding of the status of sovereign preferences in investuvannya, middle of those promising to get rid of zbitkimi, low-profitable spheres, as well as before we demand yakіsnyh zmіn from the principles of state donation. The State is guilty of concentrating on the sharing of financial resources in the galleys, what is the most important products, the most significant export potential, and the more secure capital costs and the more stable budgetary costs.

It’s relevant for Ukraine to lose food and to establish the rights and conditions of the state as a sub-investment investment. With a stretch of 4–5 stays in Ukraine, you need to make macroeconomic decisions for formulating a cohesive investment middle ground, laying the foundation for an investment infrastructure, and singing out the legal framework. However, there’s a sign of value, which is an accumulation of capital investment potential of victories in a different way.