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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

1.4.3. Tipi project finance

The participants of the investment project to extend their views for realizing. The basis of such a foundation is the step of investing, which is to take that chi side. The sound of the project is different from the type of project financing :

  • without regress to the steward;
  • with partial regress on the clerk;
  • with the regress on the steward;
  • in consortium ambushes.

Regres - the right of the creditor visuvati financial loans to the clerk. The right to register the regulation є vidnosini mіzh sub'єktami іinvestitsіynogo process. Zbіlshennya (strength) regress to bring up before the deadline some of the Borg, yogo cover and vіdpovіdno to change the security of the Borg. Strengthening the regression on investment and riziki on the side of the clerk and the change of character;

Financing without a regress for the clerk of the loan for all realizations for the implementation of the project for the financial and credit institution. Because the bank will take care of all the investment and the performance of any kind of small vimog (regression) with the drive of the driver’s complete identification.

Generation of groshovy streams in a vain manner is repaired after the introduction of the facility into operation. Positive groshiv flows vidpovidayut the graph redeemed to the borg and the payment of the insurance vidotskiv. The creditor appears to have a guarantee. At your own home, investing in an investment project (investor, project manager, as well as a project), we guarantee that the project is put into operation immediately, the project is needed and the cost is required.

Financing without regression on the clerk of the zosovochny zosovuetsya duzhe r_dko. The Bank will take care of investment in high-priority projects in viable high-performance projects and at the same time at the highest rate. A loan agreement has been submitted to a great analytical robot with a technical and economical project. The variability of such funding for the clerk є even higher: the higher bank rate, the higher rates for consulting, the engineering, and the expert examination.

Financing with a partial regress for the party leader zoom in the parity list of participants among the participants in the project. All participants take on themselves the opportunity to take advantage of the results, the results of the activities: deputies - for the appearance of the weekday, the presentation of the project documentation, and the day of presentation; fiddlers - for introducing an object into operation in a hardened manner and with additional kostoris; possessors - for their freedom, availability and completeness of supplies; lenders - for the most frequent donation of financial resources, additional payment and rozrahunkovo ​​discipline.

Vartity of this type of finance is apparently small, but it is possible to explain it more broadly. For singing minds, there is also financial support for the pose of a balance in the performance of the clerk, often the cradle of the guarantor of his / her frequent activity often.

Finance with the regress to the clerk of permission; draw up finance at the shortest line. All the type of financial support is required for projects, as well as being important, as well as guaranteeing the order for the first time. Prior to these projects, it is imperative to design the development of priority galleys, regions, viral and social infrastructures. Realizuyuchi design, posichnik, creme flow_votivki, vikoristovu нnshі dzherela for extinguished borg. The following terms and conditions, such as type of financing, are generally accepted for the economy of Ukraine, as well as the need for activity in investment and investment activities. The annual international financial and credit institute exposes the most important kind of financial investment.

Financing on the consortium ambushes to follow the scheme: “Do it — Volodya — Exploit”. Such is the scheme of allowance for the year among the participants in the project for the realization of (budvnitstva) pidprimstva, yogo aktsiononuvannya abo corporatization and exploitation of sharers on share minds. It’s not just for the brains of the consortium bank, but for the bank’s bank (syndicate) to convert the borgov’s goiter’s job into an assistant principal. Pupils, insurance companies and insurance companies will also be in charge of the project.

For realizing great projects, industrial and financial groups, participants in some banks can become involved, so that investors can become independent investors without any loss of interest and complete investment.