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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.


2.1. Investment riziki

2.1.1. Concept і vimіryuvannya rizikіv

Usya zhittєdіyalіst people are shy to the quietest of the last risings, but to the sacrifice. Prior to that, there is a lack of humor among the Maybut. That rzikovanist be-yak pidpriemstva є alternative yogo dokhidnostі. Ale Rizik is the best choice for “without a rosary, a kotra p_dlyagaє vipadkovosti”.

Forecasting is possible with the maximum degree of opportunity and opportunity in May when permissions are granted in the plans and forecasts of the strategy of prototyping. The step-by-step approach to understanding and understanding of statistical methods, permissions to allow characterization of characteristics. So, ymovirnist nastannya (chi not nastannya) tiєї chi іnshії podії, as a rule, it is possible to numerically vimiryat in wotdsotoko even the most recent values.

Variation analysis and prediction of Maybut’s forecast is strictly limited to allowing you to rank all alternatives step by step and pay attention. Vibir alternatives can be seen in the minds of the signification and non-signification. For example, ochkuvani payments in the region of the order obov'yazkovo v_dbudutsya, ale rozmіr tsikh viplat zalezhatim vid of the actual rivnya іnflatsії, which is not є signified. Thus, the rishennya about the dandy of the sovereign valuables for the minds of rhyme is more than the desire to pay them for them. I’m close to one. One hundred percent rozmiru viplat rizik p_dlyagaє vizneschennyu. In the future, go with the dividends and the shares of the company’s registered partners. Here risik zumovlyuetsya unintentionally nastannya samoy podії (fact viplat) that rozmiru viplat. Yakshcho investor form є portfolio of valuable folders, so that you can buy paprika іzіznyh ііміntentіv і at іzіzіkі kіlkostі, then fall into the whole structure of the whole portfolio іn pіdpadaє pіd іzіnі іnі іn rіziku (Fig. 2.1).

What is more valuable folders with undetectable riziks, and lower є ymovіrnіst rimimannya income in the whole portfolio. In addition, when you accept the decision, the investor is guilty of the risk of gaining the result.

Існує кілька Methods of Vimіryuvannya Rizikіv, Yakі vikoristovuyutsya for the vibration of the variator investment.

Portfolio Type Step by Step

Fig. 2.1. Portfolio Type Step by Step :

1 - minimal;

2 - middle;

3 - maximum;

4 - adventurous.

1. The method of analogy is to add up to investment investment, estimates of the results of the realized projects and extrapolation for the future.

2. The method of modeling ґruntєєє on theories igor. Hypothetical investment project (model) “to bargain” with the help of a recognized reaction of competitors.

3. Demonstration method of allowing you to sign up a huge amount of ideas for the complete investment project and the number of potential investors.

4. Methods of mathematical statistics allow you to do this. Oskіlki rizik є the fellow traveler of any variant invested, the razrahunka carried out by the method of ministry, so that I can understand the fact that I have to remember that I don’t have to say it anymore According to the methods of mathematical statistics, they are mathematically secure by the analogy method.