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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

2.3. Before investment

2.3.1. Investment Strategy

Priority investments are repaired from the investment and strategic sub-project of the state grant. Investment strategy before the transfer of the front end investment project. The investor is based on all of the strategy for the entire life cycle of the investment project, which can be stored in the pre-investment phase, the investment phase and the operational phase.

Understanding the "investment strategy" in the current economic and literary language is as clear as the form of the system of pre-contracted goals of the investment and the vibe of the most effective gambling. The investment strategy is the key to the results of the state grant for the additional investment, which will be brightened up by investing with the help of a gain and the benefit of the most active assets. In addition to a strategic investment investor, alternative investment, design, technical, economic, selection, and more information are available.

Such a strategy is called “active” agressively , maximally straightened to the side. I have a strong active strategy, for a kind investor I want to take care of investing with a whip, I have a short time, I have no good indications of my own state-owned activities.

The investment strategy of the state donation should be randomly formed in a special writing document, such as avenues for investments and investment managers for a complete sale and a quiet investment in the market, portfolio structure.

Investment strategy of the investor: main goals of investment policy, profitability, liquidity, capitalization and capitalization; vіdpovіdalnyh for the conduct of the policy and іх obov'yazki; the recommendation is strictly in the warehouse of assets of the investment portfolio, types of valued folders, of investment valuables; think of the sale and sale of assets, lines of assets and the transfer of one portfolio to the previous one; rules for the region, pre-existing standards, soundness, computer security; Ways to manage the investment portfolio and the profitability of the first and second proportions of the first folders (assets), and the current year of suvoro for the designated purposes.

Depends on the type of investor - financial and credit institution (institutional investor) or investment (company) - form the investment and priority investment strategy. So, an investment strategy of a company transferring us ahead of schedule of real investment projects and form a portfolio of this type. Owing to the form of investing, I would like to receive more information and learn about new types of products and more wide range of products. Financial investment in high school development. Such a company formє a portfolio of valuable folders from trading instruments and tools with a wide range of methods to fill the market, competitive competitiveness.

Set up a financial and credit loan, as a rule, manage a portfolio of valuable servers, as a rule, you can choose a strategy for real investment projects and go to a warehouse of industrial consignments.

The investment strategy of the institutional investor guilty of buti is fixed on the basis of the primary proportions of the first and second reserves of assets in the portfolio warehouse. Thus, the investment strategy is to transfer the minimum assets of the secondary and, moreover, the primary reserves for shortening the financial camp, as well as the sales of these servers, the number is lower than the nominal one.

With a detailed strategy, the investor pragne optimize your portfolio with such an order that you can ensure that you reach all strategic goals with the opportunity to find the right officials.