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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

2.3.4. Visa Consumption in Investment and Development

The investor is looking forward to transferring the maximum amount of income and interest to get posici cards for the highest price. Creditor, to his own mercy, as hairdoes, but the rookies of capitals to strike at selling poshchikov koshti yakomoga more expensive. That is the necessary retalny analysis of the possible dzherel fіnansuvannya vartostі.

It’s good, the shortest way is to get the best of investors (legal and legal entities) through the mailing list and by such order form the cob capital. Ale Tse can’t wait forever, especially for young (venture) companies, through a marriage through the marriage of their investor. The support of subsidized kind of power, especially with a state-financed budget, and that of foreign investment is also problematic. Zalishaksya инеdine dzherelo - rinok pozichkovih capіtalіv. The investor, who is virus-free at the market, is guilty of vivchity and analysis of the interest on the capital, as well as at the interest rates.

With the most headworthy bets, scho p_dlyagayut analysis, mayu buti: real; z urakhuvannyam ochіkuvanogo rivnі інфляції; Vіlna vіd riziku; basic; with urakhuvannyam rizik unapproved Borg; bar'єrna; internal norm of income and that.

Real vidotskova rate vidzzerkalyє normal development of stable economy of the country. Vaughn is characterizing a normal increase in the quality of suspension.

The rate of interest, the price of the guarantee of the investment , is designated for the presentation of the investment to the investor, the contribution to the deposit is available at the end of the week.

The rate is dividend rate (state); the rate is dividend rate; otherwise, rate , rate as a percentage shall be repaid to the owners of the sovereign value folders. Calling a bid, call on a point of visha v_d och_kuvanogo rivnі інфляції.

The base rate of invoices to be imposed is the lowest rate of commercial banks, and the stinker is designated for their own keynote clients. The bid is, as a rule, a small amount of points for the rate of interest.

The bar rate is to be invested as an investor is the minimum rate of return, as much as one can achieve their new investment. Revenues, which may be used to make up for the normal rate of return, lower bar rates, do not make sense for the investor through those, which are the only ones to curry vitrati and video cards.

Internal rate of return - the norm is a margin of a new investment, for a positive investment and a positive supply flow one to one. The norm is that of the investor’s contentment. In the district of Vimadka for streaming investment activities and education of big pennies, you can noticeably notice it. For a stable economy, the rate is only one for the rate of sovereign valuable papermen.

In this way, you can learn to get more information on the subject of safety and security, investor analysis of all the changes and shortcomings of the project due to the optimization of the project structure.