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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.1.6. Will hear

Be-a-kind control system will require a ring-tune, a kind of display, as a kind of a functional system. Fasting, as well as design, audit is to be designated as being active and independent. Evaluation of the success of the project in the process of realizing the project for the design plan. Estimation is guilty of including the implementation of the project before it is fully operational, as well as the technical and financial functions of the project are accepted for operation.

Statistical data, conducted in the United Kingdom, to conduct a meeting, will be regularly auditioned for more than 48% of the projects. A quick analysis of the demonstration of the demo, especially for a lot of companies, as well as requiring a post-audit, in order to intermittent ones in factual vitra with planned and extra insignificant respect to keep in mind for operating pennile streams.

Tsіlі postaudita

Three basic functions will be audited by Vicon: (1) I will reduce the availability of investment and investment decisions; (2) polіpshuє yakіst maybutnіkh іinvestitsіynih rіshen; (3) to find the reasons for the initiation of the duty by introducing a correction to the previous project.

Abbreviation of iakostі ісnoyuchih іinvestitsіynih rіshen . The ability to do so, method and approval, such as the manager, may be able to give audits to maybutny, we can take into account a stimulating factor, a kind of sponuka manager to reduce the lack of inconvenience and optimism. An optimistic forecast for a realizational project is often taken care of by the top goal of setting unrealistically high benchmarks for the effectiveness of an investment project. It’s possible that such a pardon in the transmission will be manifested by an auditor’s peremptory, we can go ahead and change the pardon.

It’s possible that such changes take place, such as changing productivity, that it’s almost impossible to lower underestimated forecast estimates for thinking, but for a successful city, changing less favorable, and lowering oneself for failure. All the same, you can turn around at the small number of projects, as well as take high steps and high prices. It’s important to consider it yourself that it’s not a kind of intrusive control, but a tool that stimulates the flexibility and design analysis.

Polypresence of maybutnich investment . Post-audit vіdіgraє important role, giving cherivniks the opportunity to deny maturity iz from admission at the last mercy. On the other hand, there’s more control over the situation, almost too much rock, and if you fail, the failure to invest will become more visible. Nadal should be accelerated due to lack and lack of information in the realizing of the investment project, so as to be rejected through the process of accounting, and that the possibility of the managers not to have the opportunity to work on the project. It will be audible, one way through one or two rockies, on the cob for a realizatsii project, to protect the curious people, as well as for the practicality, take as a basis, the necessary ringing. I can help you to get ahead of time positive positive negative negative and save some ones and silent pardons when you look at the investment propositions of the Maybut. He is guilty of securing his own goodbye and understanding of information, which is due to the fact that the project has not been able to reach the clear range and, with such a rank, the change in failure during the implementation of the project. For example: do you have enough tribute for a healthy assessment? What specific bulletin pardons were allowed in the proclamations and forecasts? chi bullets otsіnenі vіdpovіdnim rank riziki? How do you come in? But what is the best way to accept the process?

It can’t be audited simply by associating with financial analysis. The investment project is guilty of buthes of fragmentation in such a way that they can play strategic singing vimogam. Audit of additional assistance, insights on the results of the implementation of the investment project, due to strategic goals, as well as realizability. As a matter of fact, the project, for its day of straightening to the most frequent parts of the market, then the first audit of the project, is different from the project, which is intended, for example, for the first time.

One of the problems posed to Victoria is to audit as a tool for assessing the level of systemic pardons in the auspices of analitics. Vaughn is clothed with tim, which models will be judged є by trends for their nature. Brown means, the whole range of propositions, as a whole, by managers, by looking at each other through the method of evaluating whether there are any things near the auspices. It is permissible that the manager has scored a selection of propositions, with a stretch of one rock, to bring penniless flows at –2000, –1000, 1000 and 2000 hryvnias. Ochkuvana is clean now. The art of this project is to become zero in the heading. Now it is permissible, however, that the value of the pure current temperature for the skin project should be set to zero, so that it’s the same as the default appearance of the appearance of the clauses at the transfers. Vishche kerivnitsvo, victorious criterion of purely present warmth, let’s take a look at the project with a positive clean present warmth on the back cover of 3,000 hryvnias. If the process of postaudit is manifested, now it’s clean now, there’s no need to stink, naturally, you can go on a walk, the manager will systematically pardon each other, go along with it. In practice, the result of a natural vibration audit, which is є gracious, ’is that it’s not possible to see what kind of proposition (because I’m not aware of this). Vishch kerіvnitstvo guilty of unforgiving pardon pardons in the number of systematic pardons at transmission and make sure that you have everything to make sure that you have more robust remuneration than you can do before you can. The problem is є especially relevant for rizikovyh projects, de riven otostіnost otsіnok є high.

The basis for incorrigible dіy . The third method is postaudit є review of the project from the point of view of perspectives on Maybutnє. If the actual number is significant, since the number of keys is no longer so important, the MayBank investment project in its first form is the subject of discussion. Much can you see that the project is rich in business and planning. Then, to my own home, sponuka to the expansion of the investment project, or even to the early transition to the offensive phase of the implementation of the project. There, de м zmіni є unfriendly, you can bring to the eye of the project because of the fears of the quickest of any kind of project.