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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.2.6. Vrahuvannya material and non-material groshih streams

When assessing investment, from one side, you can crash non-materially and financially, so that you can squeeze into the business. Analysis of costs and benefits (IAS), from the widest side, to the safety of global analysis, to lower investment estimates, and to direct cost fixing and suspension, for all of them, for all

Non-material expenditures and benefits include the supply of bezpeki, the abbreviation of cruelty, morality and morality. Їx you can go to two categories: you can be for singing, you can be converted from groshy equivalent, it’s impossible to look at them in nature.

Material and non-material costs and benefits

Fig. 3.6. Material and non-material costs and benefits

The conversion of groshov’s wartiness . Reduced brightness of the product, but a shortened hour of delivery can be converted into groshov’s wart. So, to invest in the dowry of the new possessions, in the future a kind of prized to change the sobvartostі. And here I’m heading over here є abbreviation of the product, so as to secure it. As a rule, do not include this benefit in the analysis, so you can bring the project to a serious lack of appreciation. At the end of May, there is a rosum, with a kind of abbreviation, to bring up to penniless benefits. For example, if you want to zoom in and out, if you don’t want to change your marriage, take care of your work, and if it’s an hour, it’s necessary to change the skin product. I will look at those who have shrunken yakіst, pidprimstvo Mogu ochkuvati on winnings an insignificant view of pennies for a jingle change of need for pennies in the form of guarantee services. Proteas of maintenance and maintenance are insignificant; a part of the products of the consumer will be repaired by the extension of the guarantee period. All the same, you can bring up sales for sale, fewer purchases, so that the product is shorter.

When evaluating a project, you will need to have more information, so that I will be able to accept a round-robin decision as a part of the project, which is important because it is important to evaluate it. For example, investing in new possessions, giving them the opportunity to expand their areas of activity, we can bring them to economy on the basis of viola Have singing vipados varto of razglyadateli design yak so, what to bring some benefits.

Yakisni Vitrati I blessings . Naichastishe to value categories to enforce vitality and blessings, but may have an idea until suspension in the whole. With the help of the appli- cation, there is a possibility of servicing the investment, yaklivanie on the yakіst іvіtrya, but іn іnvestitsіya, tied up with vigoda, scho may have a good idea before working (as such, as well as a shortage of sports equipment, shops, restaurants). For these furnishings, Varto Vikoristovuvati analysis, which is why you should take a look at the indicator of purely present-day vartosti. Allowing the company to incentivize the "price", as a rally for the price of the element. For example, if you want to, now you can have a Vitrat at investing and appreciating the benefits of such vitrats.

From now on, it is possible to come up with such visions for the fact that there are grocery streams that may be presented before the analysis of investment projects:

  • I understand that there are criteria, which means that you can make a lot of money before analyzing the investment projects and to do so respectfully while evaluating the investment. Stink the guilty buti at the groshovy i tіlki the groshovі form; May you demonstrate the money and enable the material costs and the costs, so the material costs and the costs, you can convert the money to the groshov.
  • When assessing investment, it is necessary to respect the information and the transfer of completely penniless streams, and not the information about the benefit of the viral business. Groshovi streams vniznachayutsya, if koshti should come to pіdprimstvo abo if too much yogi; if a profit is paid for sale; if vin refusals (neobov'yazkovo, if klіnt intently pay). Vitrati stand up, if you stink viduvayutsya (it doesn’t matter if the post-scholars reject payments, but if the donations are rallying). The shock absorbers reach the operating windows, do not take up respect when looking at the groshih streams.
  • To fly less than groshy streams, which may be without a prior view before the investment project. In this way, the distribution of invoiced assets, for example, not guilty of joining, but alternative practices, such as inducing the possibility of an alternative asset activity, which has been completed prior to the investment project, may be included.
  • In case of significant flow of flows, it is necessary to submit to an investment project, to respect, take less money from vitrats. Nezvorotny Vitrati and Vitrati, even the smallest minor, do not have to be victorious in the investment analysis. As a result of the implementation of the investment project, I can make it easier for me to save money, such as saving money due to the increase in the benefit and the benefit of the mother is damaged during the regular investment analysis.
  • Non-material costs and benefits to be insured in an investment analysis in case you think that you can convert a penny into a form that is generally accepted.