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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.3.2. Internal rate of return

The rule of pure present-day wisdom is theoretically set aside for food to be accepted as soon as accepted investment. An alternative approach є a rosary of an internal norm of income. Internal rate of return ( IRR ) є rate of income, yak prіrіvnyuє ochіkuvanі clean groshі streams to the cob vitrates. For the IRR rashrahunka, you must calculate the following formula:

Internal rate of return ,

de r - rate of income, yak yes є NPV = 0.

The project is to start thinking about the importance of the internal norms of profitability for the rate of profitability, and to keep up with the project. At a given time, the value of k s is the formula of purely present vartosti, which is the rate of income needed. In the most important areas of IRR , the method of evaluating capital projects. Win yes such rishennya completely accept chi vidhilennya propositsii schodo investuvannya. Design with the positive values ​​of purely present-day vartosti matimut vartіst r more than vartost k .