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3.3.3. Приб Yandex pributkovostі

Third, for the important method of valuation, the ratio is strictly limited to the contribution to the index of profitability, which is called the highest interest rate and income. Прибндекс утндекс прибндекс Р приб є (( ндекс ндекс є є є є є є є ндекс ндекс ндекс ндекс ндекс ндекс ндекс ндекс

Приб Yandex pributkovostі .

There is one clear gap between the current and the second most profitable index in that if you have the next NPV indicator, you can see the most important part of the week. The project is to take up the mind, that as a matter of fact more profit is for one. Most likely, I’m just following the project of Yandex for business, I’m re-distributing one unit, now I have pure positive.