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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.3.4. Period payback

The NPV Rule for Kernivs can accept the right decision. Prote іsnu kіlka іnshih priіomіv otsіnki capital projects, vikoristannya yakhe can bring up to sum rіshny rіshny wholly accept and reject projects. Prior to broader adherence, to lay down the period for the project, discounts for the period, the amount of capital earned and the indicator of the profitability of the project. Period of occupation є the industrial hour, which is necessary in order to have the opportunity to enter the investment market. You can use the payback method if you look at those that include including the submission of the term, payback time doesn’t need to be informative, because the project can be rugged, and you can choose to do it more often. Wanting to practice the value of the indicator during the payback period, I can help the clerk of society, stretching out for an hour, can be found near the room.

3.3.5. Discounting period

Discounting period payback period of time payback period , pay attention to discounting of groshy streams. In this way, we’ll wait for you to give us a lower payback period, a kind of discount. So itself is the period of payback, discounts the period of payoffs of such shortcomings, as it is impossible to accurately recognize the most important period of paybacks. I don’t show discounts, I don’t show how often to bring in pennies, I am satisfied to consume them well at competitive markets.