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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

Dodatok 2

Form of permission for the weekend

Inspection of the sovereign architecture and alarm control __________ ________________________________________________________

(name of administrative district, addresses, phone number)

I dialed on the weekend of weekly work number __ type "___" ________ 2001

Visions _____________________________________________________

(name of the zamovnik (deputy), address, telephone)

on the weekend of the weekly work ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

(designation of a robot, the name of the address, the address of the public)

Vidovdno to design documents, recognized and registered for No. ___ form "___" ___________ 20_____ p. ______________________________


(name of the body to the right on the right side of the arch and architecture)

Work robots to conduct ____________________________________

(naymenuvannya general contractor,


yogo address, phone number, Posada, industrial name, іnіtsіali vikonroba appointed)

Author's review zdіysnyu ____________________________________

(Name of design organization,


її addresses, phone number, posada, business name, іnіtsіali the designated clerical look)

Technical overview zdіysnyu ______________________________________

(name of organization, address,


telephone, ambush, business name, initiation of the appointed official)

Basic etapi ____________________________________________

(say etapi robit, about the end of yakih


zapovinnik povіdomlya іnspektsіy Derzharchbudkontrolu)

Lines of permission ________________________

Head of Inspection

Derzharchbudkontrol ____________________