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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.


6.1. Resource security and investment process

The development of investment is done in two ways: through financing and investment through the dowry of capital assets. First and foremost, in the first place, the investment process will go through the stage of capitalization, at the time of the virology, you will get financial resources and technical and technical resources, and you’ll be able to learn more about activity.

Osvoєnnya іnvestitsіy Shlyakhov budіvnitstva, rekonstruktsії abo tehnіchnogo pereozbroєnnya skladaєtsya of kіlkoh poslіdovnih etapіv, obov'yazkovimi s yakih Je: fіnansuvannya budіvnitstva, zabezpechennya Budova materіalno-tehnіchnimi resources that tehnologіchnim obladnannyam, virobnitstvo budіvelno and assembly robіt, vikonannya puskonalagodzhuvalnih robіt, priymannya vikonanih robіt she finished Ob'kta investor (introduction to the operation), razrahunki for vikonanі robots.

Financing and crediting of the sovereign capital budget are recognized in the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the law. The provisions about fіnansuvannya she Reigning kredituvannya obov'yazkove for zastosuvannya pіdpriєmstvami vsіh forms vlasnostі that authorities vikonavchoї Vladi vsіh rіvnіv at zdіysnennі new budіvnitstva, rozshirennі, rekonstruktsії, tehnіchnomu pereozbroєnnі dіyuchih of companies, vikonannі Design robіt, vitrat to conduct tenders (tenderіv) konservatsії (rozkonservatsії ) ob'ktiv, as well as an extraordinary possession, I won’t require installation and don’t go in before the costoris.

For business , please , pay attention to the rachuk of the uncontrolled capital contribution , Put your recommendation in character, ale zobov'yazuє health insurance through the establishment of banks.

The financing of the sovereign budget is carried out through the upgraded banks, so that they are entitled to the servicing of the sovereign budget funds. Also, pay attention to the horned (budgetary pozichki) and irrevocable ambushes.

Budget pozichki are reckoned with on credit agreements between the state (the Ministry of Ukraine) and those senior representatives (the central and regional authorities).

The financing of the sovereign centralized capital contributions is carried out by the Ministry of Finance, the Head Office of the Sovereign Treasury with the option of overhauling the ministry, which have the central and the same state authorities (sovereign deputies of the state). The holdings of deputies for financial protection submit to the central institutions of financial banks the following documents:

  • indicators of oaths of the sovereign centralized capital contribution;
  • a list of important buddhas according to the deserts of the virobenic designation (nature protection objects), transmitted by the Sovereign Program;
  • Dovidku about pidums held competition (tender);
  • The title of Budov’s will be taken into account, but at least

For registration of financial assistance, please pay attention to the bank of the sovereign capital deposit, deputy, and also transfer to financial institutions the following documents:

  • a contract (agreement) with a contractor and a transfer form;
  • the building of the koshtorisny rozrahunok vartostі budіvnitstva;
  • internal title list;
  • decision about the completion of design-koshtorisnoї documentation and visnova bodies of experts in investment projects;
  • decision about the introduction of land land;
  • I dialed on a weekly call.

Mostly establish a bank to conduct a full-time expert examination of investment projects, at times to establish a vimogam, to complete financial projects.

For іnshih Jerel fіnansuvannya, tobto for participation Private fіrm, іnstitutsіynih іnvestorіv gromadyan abo, fіnansuvannya zdіysnyuєtsya vіdpovіdno to ukladenih mіzh іnvestorom (іnvestorami) i Bank agreed abo contract ukladenim mіzh organіzatsієyu, yakіy doruchaєtsya tsentralіzatsіya koshtіv i fіnansuvannya proektіv, that іnvestorami.

When zhereshanikh dzherelakh fіnansuvannya yogo issuance should be carried out at the order established for the financing of capital bud_vnitstva for rakhunok sovereign koshtіv.

Material and technical work of buds is a folding process, including including: visualization of prospective needs for materials, virochs and technical needs, establishment of rows of new arrival process of viral work and distribution of goods, separation of supply and demand.

Posting of weekdays is carried out with a hat as a pride of material and technical resources without interruption in the workplace through the company intermediaries. Technical resources are available for the viewer, I will need installation, I will be able to work at the virobnik plants, as well as the installation supervision. In case of a comprehensive post-owned possession of a virobonic vekon, there are also start-up and juvenile robots and take part in the commission for the introduction of facilities in the operation.

A large part of the material resources of the post for Budіvnitstva Pіdryadna Budіvelnaya Firma; subcontractors generally secure themselves. Deaky special materials for which he was guilty of contracting, put the deputy on the subject. Materials, construction and virobi lay the foundation of the material base of business.

After two tretins, consume material resources to keep safe industrial materials, wood-working materials and metallurgy. To the warehouse of the material and technical base of business include: a thousand of industrial products, as well as to the system of corporations and industrial components, 5500 industrial units, virological business, ordering of business organizations fold the statehood and the base of the virological and technological kit of alarming organizations; repair and maintenance of the base of technical services and alarm vehicles and technological vehicles; Energetic state thanks to the installation and assembly organizations.

The material and technical base of the business is characterized by the features of the third function in the investment process: first, the resources are needed to pay the most, the cost to stay alive at the time of transfer (re-run); in other words, for the minds of the transition to the market, the need for the highest intermediate prices for the production of goods and equipment for the base for the fast and reliable installation is necessary.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine today, the number of products of the base was faster than the previous one, the weekly companies have the opportunity to buy and import the goods and the prices for the cordon, they are much cheaper, but they are less expensive. In the remains of rock with a short industrial and civil holiday (cottages in the city at the city and the city, gardens, garages).

The investment process , which is normally functional, will be required for the development of viral reserves in the non-resident viral resources. As a base for new and resource-saving technologies it is possible to use a wide range of cement machines, a dry method of effective cement and a non-porous concrete, a non-volcanic method of thermal molding slabs with natural stone, possessed for vidrodzhenniya virobnitstva ceramic pottery shingles.

The head of the system of material and technical care in Ukraine є The State Joint-Stock Company “Ukrresursi”, set in the chest of 1994 p. By decree of the President of Ukraine. The main lank of the provision of budding resources is to set up in the middle of the commodity-sirovinnі companies, companies iz zagotіvlі that zbutu udivnyh materіalіv і virobіv. It’s stinky to save money, to the top of the house, object, to be awake for a sovereign contract and to be financed from the state budget. The staging of the best budgets of health is independent of the deputies and the contractors through non-repetitive calls with wholesalers and wholesale trade.

Wholesale trade will require the establishment of industrial elements of infrastructure: comrades of birzh, trading houses, auctions, fairs, warehouses and wholesale shops. Commodity exchange - specializing in universal multi-functional market, which is functional and wholesale and wholesale of all goods. Stink mayily singing service staff - brokers and rozrakhunkovy center. Wholesale and middle-sized companies (brokers) to greet the servants with the above-mentioned commercial and informational services for both the living and the public, to secure the arrangement and the purchase and sale agreement.

The provision of material resources of the infinitely great alarming organizations (trust and obedience) until recently was realized through the management of virological and technological equipment (UVTK). Owing to the form of posting, I’ve provided a bagatolankovy scheme of managing the Galusian statehood. To the trust, as a matter of fact, it was a lot of fun to order the alarm and installation controls and the order with them - one of the UVTK, as a rule, it was safe to set up their own control kits for the necessary materials, construction and parts. Complimentary sets of guilty kits are carried out all the way up to the technological last and first lines of the weekly wiring and assembly robots. In practice, such interaction between the weekly management and the UHTC reached the goal of getting rid of the shreds of the UHTC, although I have little to do with my own balance and small workloads due to the large number of rooms and the room for the rest.

For the sake of the new year’s business structures - the concern, corporations and holdings - have saved in their own warehouse, the fair, with the truth, with the abovementioned remaining self-sufficiency. The water hour for market minds of such a company is unlimited use of commercial products, specialization is provided for the types of business hours, posters, sets of resources and structural services, as well as service regions.

It’s supernaturally important etap - the security of the buds of technological possessions. It so happened that the project of the technological part of the building is specialized (galus) of the design institute, and on the basis of the ownership, the investor (deputy) is responsible. Such a scheme was saved in Ukraine today. But at a very close hour, I’m talking about activating the investment process of new and reconstructing the business through the lines of the whole month, and working madly on the complete delivery of work.

I would like to classify for such signs: virobniche appointed; peculiarities of construction and drainage; think over installation, installation and installation; lines of operation and know how to do virology (liquidation). If you want to see the signs, it’s obvious that you have complete supply of equipment for all the necessary constructions, nodes and parts, you need to get more information about the special needs, and you need to install together with them the marketing link.

From the beginning to the next day, there is a form of complete sets of buds. For the brains of Ukraine to the whole process, the parties are involved - the parties to the main contracts: deputy, general contractor, subcontractors, backwaters, owner-in-chief, general supervision, start-up and commissioning. In the recent past, the function of the skin participant in the investment process was to allocate material and technical resources to Budova boulevard and are regulated by the Rules for the agreement on contracting in the capital weekly. One of these rules, the deputy was obliged to ensure that I would be safe to use practically all kinds of possessions, black and white metallurgical viral products, industrial and ventilation equipment, and information and technical equipment. At their house, the general contractor and the subcontractors posted all the necessary materials for themselves, and the virobi, for a vignette of components, the post was the assistant.

For nowadays, the rules about the contract for the first time have a recommendation character, and the requirements for the posting of the necessary products for the future are covered in the contract for the first time, it’s possible to keep the minimum interest for the participants. Rosrachunks for deliveries are considered in contracts, as a rule, for a bundle, they can be transferred as well as advance payments. It’s okay to save yourself the same direct gospodarskі zv'yazki, so that without the participation of intermediaries - territorial organizations of material and technical postachannya.

As a rule, a complete set of health for such a scheme. The deputy representative shall acknowledge the possession of the contract for the supply of secure sowing in high-volume warehouses, the form of the delivery set and the transfer to the contractor for acts at the line, transferred by contract to the contract. Rozrahunki among them are welcome for the kit by the cover at agreed upon prices with the urachuvanni vitrat of the deputy for procurement, procurement, and transportation. Previously, the storage and warehouse vitrati were strictly regulated (7% of the total number of owners). Infectious rate is the norm of recommendation. Rozmіr tsikh vitratum to be considered in contracts. When I understand the normative lines of storage in the warehouse, I am not guilty of ruining the deputy.

For ordinary minds, it is possible that the form of completeness is possessed. The assistant and the general contractor may be in possession of a contract for those who have the right to deliver the weekly services (general contractor and subcontractors). One-time contract for a given time, no transfer of funds to the financial project and delivery schedules.

Behind the cordon to complete with a progressive form of a set of facilities for the owners to enter into the package to complete deliveries of middle-sized developers, as well as sort out for themselves, including the last, the servants with the complete set, installation or technical supervision.

Deyaki osoblivostі maє komplektatsiya budov іmpportnim possessions. Such deliveries may also be identical before the contract for the sale and purchase of a contract. With these agreements, the installation supervision of the owner and that of the guarantor of the servicing service is given in a logical manner. The procedure for arranging agreements with foreign post-overs is governed by low singing legislative acts.

Naybilsh in the manual form of the import of import possession complete delivery of woodworkers, workshops, completion of virobnitsv or okremich p_dpriemstv. Owing to the form, delivery, ownership, transfer as well as completing of the singing stages of the investment process: transfer of investments, project planning, alarm and installation work, beginning of work to the personnel, further guarantee of servicing. Such deliveries and robots can be used in accordance with a new contract, for a foreign post hacker, you can immediately become an investor, so that you can start your own company in Ukraine, representative of any company.

The law of Ukraine permits all sub-laws to declare independent signatures on a separate basis, as well as the international rules, to establish bank loans for the purpose of free lending. Rosrachunks for deliveries of ownership are important for the other letters of credit and for the most intelligent mind for the post-master and the holder of the import of possessions. At the same time, we will pay the overpayment and the credit crunch to the exporter at a number of VIPs.