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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

6.3. Rosrachunks in the investment sphere

Financial and credit lending between subinvestments and investment activities is becoming an important organizational and legal form of regulation of the investment process. We want to vindicate the drain for the drive to drive mobile resources, which are necessary for healthy investment projects.

The financial security project is available on an irrevocable basis. Financing on an irrevocable basis - on the other hand , a large amount of money (a healthy Vitrat) by non-deductible investors for an hour at a time when a project is completed to cancel a real-life project in May, I want to buy it again. Financing on a rotary basis - as an investment by an investor of pennies for the song hour from the goiters, turn them into a line with numbers.

With the first method of financing, budgetary funds, state subsidies, budget funds, investor funds, as well as money (financial resources for a weekly share). According to another method, national credit, loans of international financial and credit institutions, commercial banks and financial and credit institutions.

Dedal is of greater importance, such as financial commitment to buy money: commercial credit, mortgage loans, credit card loans, state-of-the-art sales, state-of-the-art operations.

The basic principles of financial and credit lending between sub-investment and investment agreements are direct, direct, continuous and uninterrupted nature of financing, the principle of mutual financial control.

Finance projects are based on agreements (contracts) for the whole week. One of the most important principle is that payment of the chit of the services is carried out on a weekly basis in the whole world by passing the okremich etapiv. Project-related robots are paid at random for the project as a whole, but for the Viconana for the project-related documentation, which is necessary for the first week of Budva. Wake-up and installation robots can be paid: for an object in general, for an okremiy constructive stage (for example, a zero cycle), the ground part, ordering robots. At the same time, for the minds of the inflated rosemary, they can be carried out monthly, for actually completing the oath of the oath of the alarm installation and assembly robots. Technological installation can be paid for, however, for complete delivery, and for a direct contract, for the installation of the first comprehensive test, or even for the first time to be paid.

The direct and tsilovy nature of the financial situation makes it possible to ensure that the clothes are always available to the deputy and those on that site, for the equipment of a certain smell.

Rhythm and non- interruption of weekly virology in advance and non-interruption of financial financing , timely payment of holidays.

Financial control over the entire and regional visions of the bank is in good shape in the form of the investor’s power and the project’s financial resources. For example, with budgetary funding, financial control is the highest state financial and state control, with pre-credit credit - commercial banks. The control of the capital of the investor and the property of the investor is free of charge, but on an agreed basis by the trading company and the commercial bank.

The financial security of the investment process - by the day, the fate of the financial security of the main capital. In economical theory, there are different principles of understanding and investing.

The process of visualization of jerel і vidіlennya (healed pozichki) groshovyh koshtіv for іinvestitsіy zvetsya fіnansuvannyam . The process of victorious grocery bills as a pre-row contribution means investment , investment financing before investment (Fig. 6.3).

Scheme of capital growth

Fig. 6.3. Scheme of capital growth

When you write about the financial and financial structure, the executed financial contract (loan agreement), the process of investing is repaired, and then re-creating the small form of capital for the productive. We spent more money on the process of repairing the income from the big grocery chains (a little more depreciation) and more often than not (through liquidity), more precisely by the fact that we are completely free of charge.

In addition to depreciation, before the bank financed the adoption of the idea of ​​mobility of internal resources (MVR). In the case of first-hand methods of working with them, keep them in place to realize real-time installation, normal vibration, non-existent materials, tools, equipment; koshti vіd lіkvіdatsіі timochovih budinkіv і equipment, realizatsії cinnamon kopalin, scho along the way video footage (for a vignette of vitrat on іх realizatsії). In the case of the government’s ability to work out to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is planned to accumulate planned savings and save work and installation costs, amortization due to utility costs, and then work out in business hours.

The financing of the sovereign budgets can be better if you are in good order, and so can the Lord’s way for the razhnik jerel.

In case of regular private financing for budgetary round-robin racks, for the preparation of financial support, the following documents are required: capital business plan, financial plan, weekly contract, inclusive contract, public contract ( koshtorizny rosahunku. The financing of such budgets is welcome by the bank upon examination by the investor (deputy) of the requested documents and the completed design-koshtorisno documentation.

Financing for a budget of budgetary budgets, which will be approved in a state-owned way, I will not need to submit a contract, but a bank can arrange a contract with a design agency to pay for work through it.

After the registration of the financial bank, the investor (deputy), okremiy rakhunok, pay such a fee, pay the deadline and pay the required payment.

In case of financial services of the sovereign entities, you can get the most important benefits: credit cards, bank loans, and small poems.

We are important to Jerel і finance є credit, which can be reckoned with by the investor, irrespective of form of ownership, for real investment. As a rule, there is a central government loan (on lines of 1 loan), which can be applied by commercial banks for contracting ambushes, a state power (national credit) from the state budget, and a national bank for a loan of central credit resources, and interest-bearing loans.

The basis of the mutual investment of the investor and the bank (credit lender) є loan agreement, to a certain extent, are contemplated by a loan, who should be reckoned with, security, guaranty, line of duty, main loan.

A loan agreement will be arranged before submitting a number of documents for the loan, in which there is a need for a loan for an investment project. Quite naturally, the need for credit should be identified as an interlocutor with an overwhelming obedience, investment and wealth. If you can and don’t have financial security for a project for a credit card. From now on, on the loan transfer before the assessment by the bank of the loan facility of the clerk abo self, otherwise, for his commission, an audit firm.

The state loan is granted to investors for financing reconstruction, technical re-selection and new work of viral compulsory guarantees for the guarantee of ministry and industry. Credits for the centralized resources of the National Bank are hoped for by the majority of the Supreme Republic for the sake of Ukraine and the government and the government on new programs and modern technology.

To get close to the loan is such a form of investment in the investment sphere, like leasing, which is a pre-rental rental agreement for the machines and equipment, viral and technical complexes, and the main lane. Three people can take advantage of the leasing flow, the leasing can take three more sub-accounts: a post-student (virobnik owner), a leasing company (bank of a leasing company), and a leasing company (tenant).

Leasing operation is at the same postity. Leasing holders to find a company, which allows you to sell and to sell the necessary possessions, to offer them the ability to sell. Potimi, at different times the possession of vimogam svogo virobnitstva, you can get lost to the bank or a leasing company with a proposition to pay in possession of the virobnik (seller) by transferring them to your mind.

Rzrіznyayut financial (capital) and operational (service) leasing . The financial leasing is characterized by the fact that the agreement is laid out on lines, the more expensive the shock-absorbing period of the machines and the setting. As a rule, a leasing contract at the end of the line, transferred by the land, to Wikup’s all the leasing company’s companies and that way, for the sake of renting the whole mine.

Operational leasing, in the form of financial and financial transfer, transferring bagatorazmu to the leasing contract containing the service line of the car service. The object of operational leasing я, as a rule, is machine and installation, which is especially moral and physically stuck. Leasing the owner himself, it’s very nice to repair and to service the service, we’ll be clear when the whole amount of depreciation is paid out.

Thus, leasing is a specific form of acquiring virobiotic capital, for such a leasing loan to a leasing lender. The postmaster Maya will pay a fee for one-time one-time payment that will immediately be displayed to the leasing company to the bank to the bank once the payment has been arranged. Neridko funktsіі lіzingodavtsya vikonuyut also insurance companies and investment funds. In fact, financial leasing is a way of capital investment, which is a way of capital investment. In addition, it seems, the whole form of material and technical production with an overnight loan and rent.

Inodi lizodavodets vіdpovіdno before the contract please get the crawls ’pressures and consultancy services from the building on lease of technical services. At this time, the leasing company є not only a passive lender, ale y vikonє funktsії servants and control over the victorians of the building for rent. Upon completion of the leasing agreement, the object of leasing will turn into a leasing holder, we will lease a contract for a new rental contract, and if you rent a mine for rent, you’ll be a tenant for an extra charge for leasing.

Dependently on the particularities of the completion of the leasing agreement, the form of the leasing contract is as follows:

  • without the right to subscribe to a line please that dandy lane;
  • right wikupu lane;
  • From the right line, go to the rental lane.

As if in the leasing land to take the fate of the sub-bank, then, as a rule, the contractual agreement is issued for the second leaseholder, the second is the lender and the third is the lender, the third is the lender and the loan.

I have a contract with a leading viewer for leasing, speak up, set up like that, please tell me: ob'єkt leasing; yo delivery strings; triviality of rent; Main right of power of leasing rights to leasing; umov ekspluatatsії (vikoristannya) ob'єkta leasing; possible riziki, zbitka, repair and technical service; vіdpovіdalnіst; special features of insurance; leasing and payment, interest at the time of stitching; power and change your mind; please, turn that lane; Zalyshkova warted rented lane; rights sub'єktіv leasing; help them with a super little; guarantor nadanny (for example, a jar); the need for information and information about the line of leasing support (for example, accounting, accounting); Addresses Firm - sub'єktіv please; the meaning of the right-handedness and understanding that they are realizing their rights to leasing to skinny.

Zarubіzhna practice real lіzingovih іnvestitsіy svіdchit about dotsіlnіst wide vikoristannya at tsіy formі іnvestuvannya sistemi rіznomanіtnih pіlg scho stimulyuyut іnvestitsіyny lіzing yak at rozrіzі regіonіv, so i for specific areas dіyalnostі i Galuzo Economy, Especially zaohochuyuchi lіzing in Galuzo Zi digit vіdstavannyam tehnіchnoї bazi od svіtovogo ( anyway, the average in the country), as well as quietly, I especially want to have a particularly important, technically folded production, and need a comrade of national living.