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Money and credit - Ivanov V.M.

test questions

1. What are the meanings of the concept of "currency"?

2. The definition of the monetary system.

3. A characteristic feature of the monetary system.

4. What do elements of currency systems have in common? What is the difference?

5. The content of the aspects of monetary policy.

Tests for self-control

1. Currency is:

a) any money;

b) gold;

c) banknotes of foreign states;

d) the monetary unit used to measure the value of the goods;

e) any paper money exchanged for gold;

e) answers b), c), e) are correct;

g) all answers are correct.

2. The currency in the broad sense is:

a) the monetary unit of a particular country;

b) banknotes of foreign states;

c) international (regional) monetary unit of account;

d) credit and means of payment, expressed in monetary units of foreign states, exchanged for gold;

e) the currency of securities (bills, stocks, etc.);

e) the answers a), b), c) are correct;

g) all answers are correct.

3. The currency system is:

a) the state legal form of organization of international monetary (monetary) relations of states;

b) a mechanism linking individual national economic systems into a single world economy;

c) a mechanism for moving economic resources from one country to another;

d) national, international and global forms of settlements;

e) any contractual form of settlement;

e) answers b), c), d), e) are correct;

g) all answers are correct.

4. Indicate the reason for the constant change and development of the currency system:

a) changes in the development of commodity production;

b) a gradual change in the mechanisms of commodity production;

c) strengthening the social orientation of commodity production;

d) the influence of multidirectional processes in the field of state intervention in the economy;

e) constantly occurring single and universal currency crises;

e) the answers a), b), c), d) are correct;

g) all answers are correct.

5. You can highlight the elemental of these types of monetary system:

a) national;

b) national, regional, international;

c) international (regional);

d) world;

e) the answers a), c), d) are correct;

e) all answers are incorrect.