Money and credit - Ivanov VM

Control questions

1. What are the values ​​used the term "currency"?

2. Determination of the monetary system.

3. A characteristic feature of the monetary system.

4. What do the elements of monetary systems? What is the difference?

5. Content aspects of monetary policy.

Self-assessment tests

1. Currency - is:

a) any money;

b) gold;

c) banknotes of foreign states;

g) monetary unit used to measure the value of the goods;

d) any paper money, small change for gold;

e) Answer b), c), d) the right;

g) all answers are correct.

2. Currency in the broadest sense - is:

a) The currency of a particular country;

b) banknotes of foreign states;

c) international (regional) monetary unit of account;

d) credit and payment instruments expressed in monetary units of foreign countries, small change for gold;

d) currency securities (promissory notes, shares, etc.)..;

e) answers a), b), c) the right;

g) all answers are correct.

3. Currency system - is:

a) state-legal form of organization of the international currency (cash) relations between states;

b) a mechanism linking the individual national economies into a single global economy;

c) a mechanism for moving the economic resources from one country to another;

g) national, international and global forms of payment;

e) Any form of contract payments;

e) Answer b), c), d), e) the right;

g) all answers are correct.

4. Choose the reason for the constant change and development of the monetary system:

a) changes in the development of commodity production;

b) gradual change in commodity production mechanisms;

c) strengthening the social orientation of commodity production;

g) the effect of divergent processes in the sector in the economy of government intervention;

d) continuously emerging individual and universal currency crises;

e) answers a), b), c), d) the right;

g) all answers are correct.

5. You can select the currency-element such species are systemic:

a) national;

b) national, regional, international;

c) international (regional);

g) the world;

d) Answers a), c), d) the right;

e) all of the answers are wrong.