Money and credit - Ivanov VM

Control questions

1. What does the term "freely convertible currency" from a legal point of view?

2. Types of convertibility.

3. The conditions for the introduction of convertibility.

4. Determination of the exchange rate.

5. Types of foreign exchange rates.

6. Monetary regulation instruments.

Self-assessment tests

1. Currency convertibility - is:

a) the reversibility of the national currency;

b) the ability of the country's currency on the free exchange of the currencies of other countries;

c) the rules or restrictions on currency exchange;

g) the possibility of exchanging currencies with certain statutory purpose;

d) legal exchange the national currency into foreign;

e) answers a), c), d), e) the right;

g) all the answers wrong.

2. Types of convertibility:

a) internal;

b) current;

c) capital;

g) complete;

d) free;

e) Limited;

g) answers a), b), c), d), e) the right;

h) all answers are correct.

3. Introduction of convertibility requires these conditions:

a) the establishment of market price method;

b) tolerant inflation;

c) the absence of a universal system of subsidies on goods and services;

d) the price elasticity of demand and supply;

d) the internationalization of financial relations;

e) answers a), b), c), d) the right;

g) all answers are correct.

4. Exchange rate - is:

a) the price of the currency;

b) the exchange ratio of currency;

c) the monetary unit of the country, expressed in the currency of another country;

g) the price of the currency of one country, expressed in monetary units of another country;

e) the currency price depending on the gold content;

e) answers a), b), d) the right;

g) all the answers wrong.

5. The quotation currency is:

a) contract;

b) indirect;

c) direct;

d) answers b), c) the right;

d) all answers are correct.


1. The company "K" importing jeans from Italy in the amount of $ 32,000., The sale price of the consignment is 200,000 USD in Ukraine. At the time of signing the contract exchange rate "spot" was $ 546 USD for $ 100..

Calculate the expected financial results of the import operation. How to change the result, if the "spot" rate will make 567 UAH per $ 100 .; 379 UAH for $ 100.

2. The company "K" (Ukraine) importing jeans from Poland and sells wholesale in England, prices are fixed in the price list for 6 months. In January it bought jeans on 90000000 zlotys, and the party must pay in March, on sales revenue of £ 50,000. In drawing up the contract exchange rate of the British bank 2410-2414. In March, the lira had been bought at the rate of "spot" 2112-2116.

Compare initially expected and the actual result from the resale of the consignment. Find the margin on exchange transaction, which receives British bank. Identify the seller and the buyer rates.

'Objective 1 - a direct quote currency, task 2 - by indirect.