Money and credit - Ivanov V.М.

Control questions

1. The content of the concept of "insurance".

2. Insurance system, which prevails in modern conditions.

3. Give as many insurance-related terms as possible.

4. The meaning of credit insurance.

5. The borrower's insurance liability for non-repayment of a loan.

Tests for self-control

1. Insurance is:

A) a system of economic relations, including the creation, at the expense of legal entities and the population, of a special fund of funds;

B) use of the funds of a special fund for compensation of losses, as well as for the provision of other types of assistance;

C) relations involving the obligatory presence of two parties - the insurer and the policyholder;

D) economic relations for the creation of funds for compensation of losses;

E) a universal way of protecting all forms of property, income and other interests of enterprises, organizations, tenants, farmers, citizens;

E) the answers a), b) are correct;

G) all answers are incorrect.

2. Indicate the signs of insurance as a redistribution ratio:

A) the purpose of the created fund of funds;

B) the use of the resources of the fund of funds only in pre-specified cases;

C) the probabilistic nature of the relationship;

D) recoverability of funds;

E) the answers a), c), d) are correct;

F) all the answers are correct.

3. Insurance can be:

A) property;

B) personal;

C) liability insurance;

D) voluntary;

E) mandatory;

E) the answers d), e) are correct;

G) all the answers are correct.

4. Part of the losses not reimbursed by the insurer under the insurance contract is:

A) insurance payment;

B) the sum insured;

C) a franchise;

D) insurance premium;

E) insurance premium;

E) all answers are incorrect.

5. Credit insurance is a type of insurance, the meaning of which is as follows:

A) in reducing credit risk;

B) in eliminating credit risk;

C) in the insurance of commercial loans;

D) in export credit insurance;

E) in insurance of exporter's expenses associated with its entry into a new market;

E) the answers a), b) are correct;

G) all the answers are correct.