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Penny-credit systems and foreign countries - Ivanov V.M.


6.1. Groshovy obig. Zmіni u groshіі systems

Bank of Japan for the law of 1888 p. Having gained the right to health banknote (Federal banknote banknote - the legislation establishes the procedure for issuing banknotes (various banknote signs, as well as central bank notes), bank notes are guaranteed by the banknote. deprived of 1897 p.

With the stretch of the First World War and Offensive Rock (1914–1920), the groshova masa against Japan was 3 times stronger, which increased the inflation rate and 64% increase.

I wrote about the time-consuming stability of a penny about inflation I liked the sound of a new economic crisis 1929-1933 pp. Japanese aggression (the Manchurian seizure from 1931, aggressive operations in China, preparation for other holy events). Zі skasuvannyam gold standard in 1931 p. groshova masa obigu in 1937 p. zbіlshilsya 1.6 times, and wholesale prices - by 68%.

On the cob of Japanese aggression in China at 1937 p. до Until the end of the Other World Report, inflation in Japan has been strengthened. The real pay of Japanese robots in 1945 is real. became 41.2% of the rivne of 1934-1936 pp.

Legal legislation, take from the regular period, transferred fiscal notes to the banknote. Schob to get out of budget financing for groceries of grokny pennies, a squad of overlooking the limity emis. Groshov’s regulation is not due to additional obmezhzhennya, but to the policies of the penny-credit regulation, investment, exchange rates and international prices.

By the stretch of Other svitovoj vinyi, if the inflation reached the most attractive level, the part of the goth pennies was much better (from 30 to 56%), and the deposit - it passed. At a regular period, independent of inflation, the structure of the penniless money started to feel more and more, the fraud of the state gift was higher, the trade and payment turnover was overshadowed, including the wholesale trade.

If you want to dominate deposit money in the structure of a penny, for another important money pennies, the Bank of Japan come and go, hide it for a penny, cash, credit, credit regulation.

In 1945-1951 pp. Inflation in Japan has been settled. Masa of pennies was sold 15 times more, wholesale prices were 343 times more. In the minds of commodity starvation, he drank to the comrade by overreaching his proposition and stimulating his half-price. The purchase rate of sales was 99% faster.

3 1952 p., If the economic recovery of the Bulo is completed, the inflation is improved. The basis of this process was the technical reconstruction and the consolidation of commodity and virological goods turnover, the quickening of the parts of the sovereign budget to the national income, the equally low level of the cost of the war and the sovereign credit system. For 50-year-old rooks, the average pace of average price has become 0.65%, for the first half of the 60s rocky - 1.8, for the other half - 2.1%. Newly purchased, but they didn’t go far.

In the 70s of the Rocks, the inflation in the country has settled. 3 1965 p. to finance the vitrata of the central budget I reiterate my victorious state poses, as a whole, I have come to the Bank of Japan. At 1981 p. 98% of banknote emissi prototype against 22% from 1973 p. The price tag of the bully is viscous with the monopoly policy, as well as the price tag of the import is hot, syrovin, food comrade. 3bilshennyu groshovoemisії having taken a great surge at the edge of foreign currency at the expense of an active balance of payments to balance. Інфляція nabula galloping character. As a rule, in the 60s of the Yandex Index, wholesale prices were 13.6% higher, and the distribution list was 76.4%, then in 1973–1980 pp. the stench has grown more than 102% and 139.6%. Інфляція called up to lower material incentives to pracі, cogging population.

In such minds, Vlad directed Zusill to control the penny and the penny stab. As a result, in 1981 - 1986 pp. the average priority price became 0.2%, while the number of wholesale prices decreased by 2.2%, while the distribution of prices decreased by 1.6%. Structural rebuilding economics, increased productivity, reduced vitality and stimulated economic expansion springs were realized in 80s.

The country is almost sure to lay down the water-blue resources, so that the lower price for the naphtha and the main one sees the syringes, I have taken a look at the inflation processes: from 1981 - 1986 pp. prices on import comrades fell by 43%. Of course, the financial and administrative reform is small, as a result of superconducting changes to the state power positions, it was an ambition for budget financing. Rosemary perekredituvannya also passed away (from 30% of assets to the Bank of Japan from 1980 to 19% from 1990). The water hour is at the beginning of the weekly food prices for food comrades and the other servants (the direct indirect contributions, the clean clean vitrines) and the distributed prices. Oskіlki іnflyatsіya znetsіnyuє groshovy capital and otrimanі incomes, disorganizuyutsya be reckoned on the whole process of certification, then the course on the imeženennya and stabilization of the penniless indemnity.