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Zvit about nadhodzhennya i vikoristannya nadshih nadhozhdeny special fund (posters of international financial organizations)

Table 4.20


for _____________________ 200__ p.


Form No. 4-3 km.1 per DKUD

____________________________________ for ЄДРПОУ

Territory ____________________________________ for KOATUU

Galuz (view of dyalnostі) _________________________ for ZKGNG

Code that is the name of the classification of the head office of the Koshtiv head

The code is the name of the program classifications of the state budget

Periodicity: ____________________________

One vimіru: hryvnia ____________________________



Row code

Hardened by koshtoris on rik

Koshtiv cove on the ear of rock

Overreacted surplus

Nadijshlo koshtіv for the starter period

Курсова Різниця

Kasovі vidatki

Actual vidatki

Zashok koshtіv on kіnets zvіtnogo perіoda

foreign currency


foreign currency


foreign currency



foreign currency


foreign currency


foreign currency



















Vidatki - total



at that number:

Doslіzhennya і rozrobki, sovereign programs






Head Accountant

"___" _____________________ 200__ p.


The columns “Fill on the ear of rock” and “Fill on the end of a great period” have the form number 4-3 cd and number 4-3 km, the excess of grocery bills are affixed to the codes for the most frequent income. roster of budget koshtіv). The sum is guilty of indemnity for the surpluses for the given lists of special and registration (current) rakhunіv, vіdkritih in the organs of the Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine (bank establishments) on the date of the date.

The “Excess balance is over” picture shows a sum of money of a special dzherela, the special fund of the past radio rock, and the previous code of Ukraine, are redundant with the necessary laws and regulations of Ukraine. to the budget; turned to install, scho put the price koshti, skinny).

The count “Income received” shows the amount of income insured for other types of establishments. The column’s name has been introduced in forms No. 4-1 of the cd “Zvit pro nadzhengnya i vikoristannya koshtiv, remunerated as a fee for services, which are rewarded with budgetary units” and No. 4-1 km “Zvit about nadzhengodnya i vikoristannya koshtіv, rendered yak payment for services I’m rejoicing in budgetary attitudes. ” Set the budget budget for the amount of reinsurance 50% of the clear payment for the rent. May change income.

At the graph “Nadyshlo koshtіv” there is a picture of a vidovidny dzherelom the need for a special fund, but nadyshila to a special reinstatement (streamline) of the budget, you have to install a different price

At the designated graph form No. 4-1 cd with budgetary installations, I can see the sum of over 50% of the paid payment for rent, my rent is up to paragraph 27 of article 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2003,” as the change in income.

In grafі "Kasovі vidatki - vsogo" vіdobrazhaєtsya scrip kasovih vidatkіv spetsіalnogo Fund budget for vіdpovіdnim Jerel nadhodzhen in rozrіzі kodіv ekonomіchnoї klasifіkatsії, tobto vidatkіv scho provedenі Shlyakhov pererahuvannya koshtіv Zi spetsіalnih reєstratsіynih (in-line) rahunkіv, vіdkritih in organs Sovereign Treasury of Ukraine (set bankіv ) For forms No. 4-1 cd, No. 4-1 km, No. 4-2 cd and No. 4-2 km for all graphs, the amount is also summed over transactions carried out in natural forms and foreign currencies. Vidatki change to sums, but they went to special registration (flow) rachunks for the update of video cards spent at the flow stream.

In the graph “ Kasovi vidatki - in addition, the number is aimed at paying off the bargaining of the foreign fund”, forms No. 4-1 of the cd and number 4-1 km, the sum of the cash tickets for the special fund to the budget is displayed, as well as bullets were spent on the weekend st. 64 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2003 rik”.

In grafі "Faktichnі vidatki - usogo" vіdobrazhayutsya faktichnі vidatki byudzhetnoї Set behind zvіtny Year in rozrіzі kodіv ekonomіchnoї klasifіkatsії vidatkіv, tobto dіysnі vitrati scho oformlenі that pіdtverdzhuyutsya vіdpovіdnimi documents, in addition chislі vidatki for nesplachenimi rahunkami kreditorіv for narahovanoyu i neviplachenoyu zarobіtnoyu dress, scholarships skinny.

Actual video cards can be changed to sums, but they went to special registration cards for streaming video cards, but it’s possible to see the video on actual video cards.

The graph “Actual video cards - that’s the number spent behind the video cards of the zagal fund” of forms No. 4-1 of the cd and the number 4-1 km shows the total number of actual video cards of the special fund, like boules conducted on the weekend st. 64 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2003 rik”.

For a total of money, such as boules, it was re-allocated to the special fund for the budget last year and I turn around at the special fund for the special budget for the special special fund

rakhunok, carried away zmіni to koshtorisіv. Zmіni are paid at different times to the special fund to the budget, to the hereditary fund, to the whole fund to the budget

surplus of budgetary expenses on the cob of the current budget period, not the size of the front budget period, due to the need to be paid to the budget for the latest period.

The order of budgetary expenses for direct expenses and payments for payment of bills, payment of fees, utility bills and energy bills. At times of such disorder, the order of budgetary expenses is direct:

  • 50% of the cost - come in, so be sure to pay for the rahunok vidpovidnyh nadhodzhen;
  • 50% of the money - go in, if you need to get basic functions, and don’t have to worry about the funds of the foreign fund in the budget for the regular budget program (functions).

As a rule, in the current budget period there is no transfer of budgetary funds for the special budget from the special fund budget, then the cost of the special fund to the budget in the front budget period and the additional budget is 300 times higher nadhodzhennya ”) for one day, with the order of the Law“ On the Sovereign Budget of Ukraine ”for the flow of resources.

The count "Fill for the end of a great period" induces surpluses of pennies.

If you overpriced a special fund (except for excess cash), install the lower level, set the number, the number of rubles, the number of times, the number of income changes is 4, 1 .

By setting, we will deny koshtіv steni vidobrazuyatsya yak udobhodhennya income and vikoristannya zdіdno with koshtorisom for form number 4-1 cd abo number 4-1 km.

A leather budget installation of a warehouse and a gift to a warehouse with a financial guarantee of the name of the form # 4 of the form and number of 4 km for the special fund for the special dzherelys is necessary, as a rule.

Forms No. 4-3 cd. 1 and No. 4-3 km. 1 “Sound about the need and the need for the special fund (posits of the international financial organizations)” Development of Ukraine.

Recall okremich count zvіtіv tsikh forms zdіjsnyuєtsya for this order.

At graph 4 “Confirmed by koshtoris on the river”, a sum of planned asigned is affixed, hardened by koshtoris. As long as you stretch the rock to koshtoris boules, you’ve added the money, then in the column “Confirmed by koshtoris on the river”, the sum of the specified asigned is put down.

At graph 5, “Cash deposit on the cob of rock - foreign currency”, a sum of surplus cash on the flow groceries on the cob of golden rock in foreign currency will be recorded.

At graph 6, “Cash deposit on the ear of rock - UAH”, an amount of cash surplus on the cash flow to the ear of rock in foreign currency is recorded, which is re-converted to the national currency at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the ear of rock.

At graph 7 “The surplus is overdone - the foreign currency”, the sum of the money of the past year is reflected in the foreign currency, the buhl is reinserted in the free currency and not the cash registers, and you cannot change them the same way.

At graph 8 “Excess surplus - UAH”, the sum of the money of the past year in foreign currency is displayed, the national currency is revalued at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, the bank is re-licensed at the same time as it is not required. rock.

At graph 9 “Overnight money for foreign currency - foreign currency”, the total amount of money is reflected, the currency is denominated in foreign currency.

Column 10 “Overhead for the first period - UAH” shows the total amount of foreign currency denominated in foreign currencies, which is re-converted to the national currency at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of the current transaction.

Count 11 “Exchange rate hryvnia - UAH” has a sum of exchange rate hint, which was approved at the same rate and at the same time at national rate at the foreign exchange rates.

At graph 12 “Cash vidatki - foreign currency” you can see the sum of cash vidatki budget install, spent in foreign currency with a hat overhauled koshtіv in-line with all kinds of operations.

Count 13, “Viewable cards - UAH”, shows a total of different types of codes for economical classifications, spent in foreign currencies with a change in cost of overdue rates, and overridden the national currency.

Count 14 “Actual currency cards - foreign currency” has a sum of actual budget cards that can be used to register, issued and verified documents and conducted in foreign currencies.

Column 15 “Actual video cards - UAH” shows the total amount of actual video cards (issued documents, issued and certified documents), conducted in foreign currencies, and is overdue to the national currency of the year.

Count 16 has a “Cash deposit for foreign exchange period - foreign currency” amount to a surplus cash account for in-line cash flow for foreign currency in foreign currency.