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Remember the goat’s lottery, pay it to the zobra on the Obovyazka state pension insurance insurance payers for the month

In zagolovnіy chastinі rozrahunku zobov'yazannya Zi Splat Zborov on obov'yazkove Reigning pensіyne strahuvannya vіdobrazhaєtsya pіdporyadkovanіst paysite mіnіsterstvu, komіtetu abo іnshomu central authority vikonavchoї Vladi, Povny Hosting Project paysite (vіdpovіdno to ustanovchih dokumentіv) mіstseznahodzhennya paysite i phone form vlasnostі, іdentifіkatsіyny code , the subscription system has been set up, as well as the registration number of the payer to the bank, the number of the current market, the name of the bank, the MFI bank, the average number of people.

Rozrahunok zapovnitsya zabotnikov zboru on obov'yazkovo state pension insurance insurance, with the signified paragraphs. 1 that 2 tbsp. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “ On the Protection of the Government of the Republic of Belarus ”.

The rosrahunk is filled with the platinum by the root, the paste of the pens of the handles, but without the marks and the direction. At a row, not like a payer, put dashes. All primaries rokrahunku pidpisyuyutsya kerіvnikom, chief accountant і zavіryayutsya typewriter.

Payers to the bank, in order to pay the advance payment, but they can be banned from paying the salary, pay an additional payment before the raffle to pay the sum deducted prior to the payment of sums, which should be assigned to row 7 of the raffle. In the line “Sum of bargaining with the payment of the salary payable for the winnings of the month”, the loan balance of 661 for the winnings of the bill for the minus is paid.

Row 1 “The sum of the insured fund to pay pratsi is irrelevant.” Imagine the amount of insured pay for the month.

Row 2 “The sum of bills is irrelevant, on the other hand, for the average month”. I’m imagining that the sum of vitrats for the payment of legal fees is irrelevant, in addition, in natural form, as a rule, we shall value it to the head payers for the payment, minus the amount for payment, but not to pay the cost of the other expenses. 5 to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On a side-by-side tribute to the people”, as well as the sum of the winery, who want to pay the people for the weekend robots (service) for the benefit of the civil legal nature, which is 32% and 4%.

Row 3 "Frustrated." The image is overwhelmingly summed up to a total of 32% and 4% for the first month.

Row 4 “The sum of bills is invisible, for those who want to extinguish zbir in rosemary 1-5%.” Imagine the amount of a thousand sums of the total income that was paid off, accrued more than once before the law, so as to extinguish the bill at the rate of 1, 2, 1-5% of the bill before the Law of Ukraine “On insurance against pension”.

Row 5 "1–5% is insured." It seems like a big deal, but I’m better paid off because of physical reasons, so I have to get paid from labor paid by the payer insured for other rates (1-5%) from the full subsidized income, of which there is a deductible income.

Row 6 "Detention fund to pay the money for the month". Vidobrazhaetsya wage earned at the pay period, reduced to insured for another corrected kofіtsіnta (NZP: VZP). When a advance is paid, a sum is advanced.

Row 7 "Lay down to pay." It seems that the sum of the bill is obsolete on the Oblast’s state pension, the insurance is payable to the third party, but the payment is due to the correct amount:

  • "32 %, 4   % ” - 32% (the sum is paid to the payer, the subsection 1, 2, clause 1 of the Law of Ukraine“ On zbir on obov'yazkov state pension insurance ”); 4% (total amount of funds, installation, organization, deceitful invalid (for practical invalid) and for general alluvial organizations, 50%)
  • “1-5%” - 1-2% (the sum is paid to the payer, indicated in clause 4 of article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the provision of insurance for state pension insurance”); 1-5% (the sum is paid to the payer, the clause 4, Art. 1, as prescribed by the Law, including the number of special cases of civil aviation, as well as special robots in use); 1-5% (the sum is paid to the payer, the subsection 4, clause 1 of the Law as set forth in the Law, as well as the status of the sovereign service, as well as the privilege of the plots, the robot is insured for a long period of employment, which grants you the right to be granted statutory pension) service ”,“ About the prosecutor’s office ”,“ About the state’s report of interests in mass information and social security journalism ”,“ About science and science and technology ”,“ About the status of People’s Deputy of Ukraine ”,“ About the National Bank of Ukraine, ”about the National Bank of Ukraine Position about the commemorative cons Ultanta People's Deputy of Ukraine).

Row 8 "Zbir u rozmіrі 32% of the minimum wage pay". I’m able to summarize the payment from the payee, so I can hire the most important people who didn’t pay the money for the third month, but I have the right to pay the next day pracі).

Row 9 “Pidlyagak vidshkoduvannu de facto vitrats for bills and delivery of pensions to members of lesser exibitions”. I’m imagining the sum of actual bills for payment and delivery to pensioners on the basis of the number of employees who have been appointed by the authorities, who are willing to receive a pension (if there is a total amount of them, there’s a change in price of 5%).

Row 10 "Lay down to pay back with re-run." I’m imagining a total fee for bets, a double loan, and a loan (-) as a result of a redundancy one time before the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 7, 01 No. 225 “On the maximum amount of actual expenses for paying the right to pay (more than once) I’m bordering the sum of the salary (income), for which I can cope with extranet insurance (social insurance) to social funds ”at different times I accept the procedure for the re-election.

Row 11 “Actual Vitrati management of the NBU for the payment of pension to pensioners of the NBU (-)”. I’m imagining the actual Vitrati management of the NBU for the payment of pension to pensioners of the NBU, as well as insuring on the flow of money with the sign “-”.

Row 12, "Suma, goiter-yazannya is replaced by yak." Don’t forget, shreds at that time, as long as the maybutny period has a payer, it’s self-evidently having a pardon, I’ll have a look at an earlier submitted rosette, such a payer will have a new rozraunok, I’ll have a look at the directed indicators.

Row 13 "Suma, for yak zbіlshuєtsya zobov'yazannya." Don’t forget, shreds at that time, as long as the maybutny period has a payer, it’s self-evidently having a pardon, I’ll have a look at an earlier submitted rosette, such a payer will have a new rozraunok, I’ll have a look at the directed indicators.

Row 14 “The sum of goiters is obscured.” Suma rows 7-13.

Row 15 "Penalty". Narakhovan self-paid plaintiff penalty on Sumi Borg.

Row 16 “Penalty sanction 10%”. It is self-insured by the payer that the penalty is sanctioned to self-manifestly show the sum of understated goiters at the rate of 10% of the amount of such underpayment.

Row 17 "Pidlyagaє pay back to the collection for additional rates". I’m imagining summing up the fee for extra rates, paying taxes at the regular period, okremo in the form of state-owned operations:

  • buying and selling currencies;
  • buying and selling jewelry virobіv;
  • h vіdchuzhennya avtomіlіv;
  • z virobnikіv that іmporterіv tyutyunovih virobіv;
  • at the time of the rest of the indestructible lane;
  • From the servant of the old-fashioned, worn zv'yazku.

Payers to the bank, who signify goiter ’employment in row 7 Rozrahunku of goats’ obligation to pay to the government ’Obovyazkov state pension insurance, pay a monthly fee, pay less, pay a monthly fee, pay more, pay less, pay a monthly fee. yazany submit sums, which should be assigned to row 7 of the goiter’s payroll pay back to the Obov'yazkov state pension insurance for the first month.

Box 1 dodatku "Name month". Be named for the month, for which the fee is paid for the month.

Column 2 dodatku "Contents fund payment in praznichnomu month_ for a month". The image shows that the payment fund is paid to the third month at the same time as the payment fund, and the payment fund itself is paid to pay the same rate for 32% and for 4%.

Column 3 add-on "Koefitsіnt K = NZP: VZP". See corrections for the leather month with the hat for the duration of the insured monthly pay (for the values ​​in the first row of Count 1) for the monthly fee (be sure to pay at hand). Koefіtsітnt not be paid for, as a rule, a fee is paid at once, if the advance is not accepted.

Box 4 "Lay down to the pay of all." The sum of columns 5, 6 and 7 is for the most recent months, as indicated in column 1.

Column 5 "Lay down to pay 32%." Become familiar with the rosrahunkov’s skin for a month plurality: column 2 • column 3 • 32% (for the razrakhunka, rows iz from column 2 and 3, whichever is 32%).

Column 6 "Lay down to pay 4%." Become aware of the month’s cutthroat with a plurality of flavors: column 2 • column 3 • 4% (for the razrakhunka, rows iz from column 2 and 3, whichever is 4%).

Column 7 "Lay down to pay 1-5%." See the rosrahunkov by the skin month and the okrug for tariffs with a plurality of flats: column 2 • column 3 • 1–5% (for the razrakhunka, rows iz from column 2 and 3, which should be used for excessively earned income, will be smoothed out). The payer can at all counts the sum of the goiters, the amount at the time of de facto use of the sum of goiters, without having to get the amount of money.

In the event of a residual draw for the payable monthly fee for columns 4, 5, 6, 7, the amount of money shall be indicated by the amount of money insured by the sum and the sums which shall be placed at the front of the drawers in row 7 “Lay down to the bottom.