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Perelik pilg, transferred to the legislation for payment, helped the individuals who suffered from the inheritance of the Chernobyl disaster to columns 5-6

Pilgi z viplati help the people who have suffered from heirs to the Chornobil disaster

Vplati help on zagalnyh pidstav, transferred by law

P_dlyagayut v_obrazheneniyu in columns 5 and 6 stars

Individuals who have suffered as a result of an accident in the ChNPP and activities of up to 1–4 categories, helped with timeless independence; I helped, according to one father or another, who won’t be able to catch up with a sick child of up to 14 years, who suffered from the Chornobil disaster — paying 100% of the average cost is paid (37%). Law No. 2240)

I was able to help insured individuals with insured persons in the long-term insurance coverage in the following cases: 60% of average salary (income) - insured persons who may have an insurance record of up to 5 times; 80% - to insured persons, who may have an insurance period of 5 to 8 years; 100% - to insured persons who want to have an insurance period of 8 ponies (art. 37 of Law No. 2240)

For example, if a victim suffers from an accident at the Chaes 3 rd category at the time of acquiring insurance insurance, become 4 years and 6 months, then you need to pay a fee for non-payment of 60% for payment, and you will have to pay 100%. The very same amount of money to pay in the form of a leaflet (40%) is required to be displayed at the column 6 times. IV Sound, The upper limit is available for assistance in days, the next columns are shown in 3 and 4. At the same time, there are more than 5 columns, of which 3 are indicated.

Zhinkam, who is informed of categories 1–4, who have suffered as a result of the Chornobil disaster, have helped pay for 180 calendar days (90 - up to 40 and 40 - 40 of them) (Law 40).

I have been able to help you with insurance and canopy to insure you for the entire period of start-up and letting you pay for calls and cancellations; Article 38 of Law No. 2240)

At columns 5 and 6, Section IV, I’ll need to imagine the number of days in a row and the amount of help (paid for the full amount of the day) and the lower part of the weekly allowance, the extra time, accidents at ChAES and activities up to 1–4 categories (in columns 3 and 4, I mean zagalnuyu sum help and days)

For persons who have been granted up to the 1st category who have suffered injuries on the ChAES, a form of impairment for the entire period of granting in sanatoriums and special indemnities has been sent to them for the most part for whose groceries a path is seen (clause 16, article 20 of Law No. 796)

I helped with time-and-night indifference at times of the sanatorium resort and resort to insured persons, as well as the protection of basic (basic and additional) allowances for deficiency for passage to sanatorium-resort law No. 40 of the Law No. 10.

Columns 5 and 6 of Section IV I’m imagining some kind of help, paid on the sheet of impartiality, seen on the period of the sanatorium and resort for persons who are presented on the 1st category suffered from an emergency. Tsі samі dnі ta suma vіdobrazovayutsya in columns 3 і 4

A child has a viaduct of children of up to 14 years of age, a victim of industrial injuries on the ChAES, a sheet of impairment can be seen only one day, however, for the entire period, including the health resort, I have to go to the apartment. Likarskogo consultation komisisi medical contribution, in a certain way, like to interrupt to the dispensary area. I helped to pay 100% of the wages in the rozmiri, I have the right to have the insurance experience (paragraph 2 of article 30 of the Law No. 796)

I was able to help with timeless indigestion according to the pretext for a sick child of up to 14 days to pay the insured person for the first day for the period, the stretch of a good child for the visitor’s car would need to be watched, but not more than 14 calendars. I was able to help with the timeless indiscretion, according to the estimate for the illness of up to 14 people, as well as the need for permanent insurance, the insured person is guaranteed to pay for the first day for the entire hour of stay for the whole time. I was able to help with insured persons who were insured for a long time, such as children and children with disabilities up to 16 years of age; after her (Art. Law No. 2240)

Columns 5 and 4 of the IV Sound of the Image of the Mother of God day and that sum of paid support on the basis of minds and transmitted by law on the ignorant letters. The sum of money was averted for assistance and was imagined in columns 3 and 4. For example, with an outpatient child of up to 14 years, the victim suffered an accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, a leaflet of independance was seen from it, from April 21, 2003. inclusively. A sheet of non-compliance with payment for 15 working days (for five working days). For their minds in columns 5 and 6, the summa helped. paid for the period from 17 to 21 fierce. tobto for 5 working days, which are paid for by the legislation on foreign letters. In columns 3 and 4, I mean the final amount of time spent working days (15) and help

Note: The Law of Ukraine vid 18.01.01. No. 2240-ІІІ. About zagaloobov'yazkova state social insurance at the time of the hour and a half second precedence and vitrats of the populations of the people and the oaths.

Ways to do so, while you are not visible to the insured, but to members of your family and friends who are at the quarter, get involved in such a way that you’re okay, and you’ll be shown in the column 23-24).

According to the type of put_vok to reab_l_tatsіynyh v_dd_len sanatorіїv (row code 2) it sounds like being stored in a lacquer setting, and I repudiated the work of the working organ to the Putivka Fund to professional v_dd_len reab_lіtatsії sanatorium.

Before children’s health pawns (row code 6), you need to enter child’s health-friendly pawn and that child’s health pledge to the sanatorium type.

Row 9 has an insurance insurer for travel arrangements to sanatorium-profilactors, which have been recognized to be excluded from working bodies to the Fund and attached organs to the Fund vidpovidno until n. 2.1.10 and 2.1.12 Instructions on the plan of planning, region, type of travel for the sanatorium and resort and health improvement of the insured and the members of the family, paying for the Fund for Social Insurance, 24 hours a day. R. Number 5.

Row 12 “Inshit Vitrati” is a reserve row, which can be used for making changes at the same time as legislative acts, but if the insurance was carried out, then there are social insurance at the foundation of the Fund.

Row 13 “Suma vitrata of the insurance cover is irrelevant for the fundraising of the Fund, insured at the best period (on the cob of rock)” (sum of rows 7, 11, 12). Tribute to row 13 of Chapter IV.

Rozdil V. Bargaining for the insurer. The ranks of the entire distributor are rejuvenated at the time of the manifestation of the bargaining for the insurer at the end of the period. Suma Danish row 1–5 of the Row V of Dorivnyє Let’s give row 17 of Razdil III Zvit. At times the reserve-no table V table VI is not forgotten.

Row 1 "Negotiations on insurance off-hours, payback lines without notice (on-line denial)". A hint is given about the amount of insurance coverage that was insured for the last month, the amount of insurance paid, and the amount of insurance indemnity paid to the Fund in the first place.

Row 2 “Trade is tied up with unpaid salary”. A hint is given about the amount of insurance outside insurance (for the minus the insurance fee, the insurance for the salary, the yak is not paid. When tsyomu not to be insured outside of the remaining month, as if in a row of 1 table. V. This row cannot be overdone by the number of people who need to pay a lot of bills for paying bills (row 2 of Table IIa) for the insurance rate of the individual period. Such a stumbling block with the basic Law is not to be brought to a backlog.

Row 3 "Restructuring is reorganized." A hint is given about the surplus at the end of the period of restructuring of the Fund’s restructuring. Restructuring of shortages in cats was transferred to the Fund by the procedure for the authorities of the Social Insurance Fund to reduce the hours and hours of written-off and deregistration of the income tax (underestimated) to the legal basis. The Law of Ukraine “On the procedure for repaying goiter’s pay-per-month payroll in front of budgets and sovereign wealth funds”.

At the time of the completion of the roster contract, give the borg for money to the Foundation Fund (clause 8 of the proposed Order), the sum of the letters, I’m going to pay extra attention to the Order, I’m guilty of the booty, it’s shown in row 3 of Section III.

Row 4 “Stamping is stitched, including for in kind payments”. A hint is given about a sum of money to the Fund, not rallying in the terms established by the basic Law of Terminology (immediately pay monthly wages for the next day when the wage is paid in kind), pitched at the end of the payday period.

Row 5 "Insha zaborganіst". A hint is given about the amount of insurance bargain insured, such as a winnings for a donor, donated by the Fund’s special sanctions (sums of fines, penalties, extra donations, but not paid in advance), in those countries.

Rozdil VI. Bargaining for the fund. The ranks of the entire distributor will be rejuvenated at the time of manifestation of the bargaining for the Fund at the end of the period (row 11 of the distributor III Zvitu). At times the tab. VI tab. V do not get lost.

Row 1 "Bargaining, which will be paid off by the offspring of the offensive quarter". As a rule, conducted by a robotic insurer, for the first quarter to re-insure the amount of insurance premiums and the default payments, then redeem the sum of insurance sums and the sum of insurance premiums to pay the insurance fee for the last quarter. Navigation has been given in a whole row, the insurer is responsible for the Fund’s work on the need for re-arranging the first recession of the money in the Fund at the Viglyad grants.

Row 2 "Bargaining, Yaku guilty buti rallied by the Foundation for the Acceptance of Sound." As a matter of fact, viti cannot be covered by insurance offspring in the offensive quarter, then the amount of redistribution, due to the result of the offensive quarter, should be insured by the robotic insurer by the third party. 6.9 Instructions No. 16). Bringing them in the first row means that the Fund’s body is guilty of overreacting the amount of money on the insurer bed for the purpose of conducting the vitrate inspection to the basic Law.

When there is a whole lot of insight, you should go ahead and insure the robotic insurer sumi over the sum of insurance outside the hips, as long as you have a sum of insurance outside the box, you can go to the bank to sign up for an emergency payment order. , chief accountant, certified printing company (third paragraph, paragraph 6.9 of Instructions No. 16). Vidshkoduvannya zdіsynuyutsya body Fund slut pererahuvannya vidpov_d-them sum on the line rakhunok insurance.

Suma Dani row 1 and 2 tab. VI dorіvnyuє give row 12 table. 3.

The information series 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 are of a supplementary nature and are necessary for the bodies of the Fund to accept management decisions. The total sum of these rows can not be summed up for the Fund (row 12 of Table 3).

Row 3.1 "Not codified with a blame on the Fund." I am reminded that the insured is at times broken by the body of the Fund for any furnishings, including the lord of the unsecured financial camp, established by clause 6.9 of Instructions No. 16 on the order of the completion of the legal framework once and for all.

At times, if sums were insured, support was provided in section IV “Vitrati for insurance partners”, not actually paid by the insured (shown in column 7 of section IV), but they won’t overrun the amount of insurance insured; winikaє in such vipadok, not guilty repaid by the Fund and may be but imagined in row 3.2 Rozdilu VI.

Row 3.3 "Bargaining is bound up with excess overframes." Suma inflicted, pardoning (nadlishkovo) reinsured to the Funda.