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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

The order of folding the sound of victorious koshtis with unapproachable attitudes

I have a call for officiality with the Budget Code of Ukraine on June 21, 01, the Laws of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2002”, No. 2005.0111, December 20, 0129-111, and the Law on Budget Box, November 29, 2866 -IIІ that Keruyutsya Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State of Paternal Service in Ukraine” and that clause 7.11.12 para. 7.11 art. 7 The Law of Ukraine “On the Suppression of Benefits” (hereinafter referred to as the Law) establishes the procedure for folding calls for non-admission organizations and organizations (dali - Sound). Tsey Zvit stock up establish that organization, which is included before the Register of non-adolescent establishments (organizations) with the appropriated signs of non-adherence (give - non-adolescents install) in the established order, 97 No. 232, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 08/06/97 for No. 291/2095, і “About Confirmation The procedure for identifying the structure of the sign of non-adolescent attitudes (organization) ” is dated 03.07.00 No. 355, registered about in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 07.27.00 for No. 451/4672.

Sounds to be folded up for the form, to be handed over, and to be handed over to the sovereign and patronage inspectors for the miscalculations of unprincipled establishments in terms established by the Law of Ukraine "On the procedure for repaying goiters' wages and salaries of 21 funds.

Urakhovuchi, scho n / a 7.11.2-7.11.7 p. 7.11 Art. 7 The law is authorized for the income of non-adolescent attitudes, which stipulate that there is a separate option, such establishments need to maintain a payable region of significant income and vitality, plus income and wisdom, which may be different from 11.11. . 7 of the Law.

As a matter of fact, I’m denying that I want to return your income and bring them to you, if you owe it to you to get such income, then go ahead and see how much you need to pay, I’ll need to pay extra for it another paragraph and third paragraph 7.11.9 para. 7.11 article 7 of the Law). Termini repay the insured surcharge to the budget is established by the dignified legislation of Ukraine.

Payers of the donation may change the right not to be received 10 days before the termination date. Let the sound of the donation to the payroll authority be received by the hand of the award. The procedure for registering the value of postal instructions is established by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On closing”. The procedure for registering the value of postal directions of the enclosed materials, the documents and declarations is No.

At Zvіtі affixed a tribute for all transmitted by Zvit indicators for the Zvіtny quarter and an out-of-date pid bag with a cob of rock (pathetic) rock. Yakshko indicators v_dsutnі, qya stattya (row, count) to be worn.

Zvіti has an innocent buti of daily cleaning and blots. Virpravlennya pardon zdіysnyuєtsya with pre-criminal law of Ukraine.

Indicators of sound are induced in thousands of hryvnias with one decimal place of the letter of the Komi, the canopy of the handle and the handle, for the help of other machines, printers, the need for technical protection, and the absence of the need to be recorded .

For the creation of a voice, this is a given accounting account and the first documents.

The credit is due, given to Zvіtі, pіvdtverzhuyutsya pіdpisyty kerіvnik і the chief accountant, and for the vіdneshnostі і establish the organization of accounting services - special service, such as the publication, and the publication.

The title part shall be given the following name: establish, state identification number, telephone number, identification code, authority form, identification order, name of the state registration authority, registration number, identification number, registration number, registration number

Sounds to be stored in two parts.

Part I Zvitu means all the income of an unprincipled install, I’ll be able to see the other words (rows 1 through 7), and then directly from Victoria (rows 8 through 9).

At Zvіtі at times, the unapproved installation (organization) of the lane was acknowledged, but it was free of charge, but at the sight of voluntary donations (rows, 2.1.2, 6.1.2), the presentation of such a lane was presented to me again.

As long as it’s not unprofitable, set to deny income from the largest dzherel, then profitable vitriety, without any delay, you can get rid of such incomes, I can see in row 11 I have the same income period, which means income.

For retraining, the reinsertion of the skin of the Nepributkov’s position in row 14 is the sum of the income, which is more than the amount of recession for the front ring (the second), and the number 4 of the second and the next door.

For row 15, a sum is meant for a gain in income for those who have lost dzherel, a change in the amount of the insured surcharge, a fee for the front starter (lender) rick, which means that you are marked by the fourth row 12 that ____.

For row 17, I mean the sum of vitrats for the front zvitny (patronymic) river and the first quarter of stream rock, which means the sum of the next row of 9 counts 4 The name of the front row of the next row of 9 counts 3 of the 3 stars for the first quarter of stream rock.

In the row of 22 sums, a surcharge was awarded for the amount of money to pay for the results of the first quarter of flow rock and budget for the budget in terms established by the law of Ukraine.